A Carnival in Darkness: Part 48

Raven was now sure of what he was feeling and hearing from his hidden spot inside of the palace, shaking in fear as he didn't wanna get taken away by the senshi and be forced to put on a dress against his will.

"Please...Ladies...I cannot give you my employee, he's a free individual and there's no reason that you cannot find someone else...Am I right?" And now that Sailor Pluto joined him, he felt that she might be able to talk some sense into them.

"Yes, Sailor Pluto is correct, Raven is not here. I have sent him far off to another dimension where he might be safe." He'd say to them as he really wanted no fighting to happen as he saw now that so many people were coming and backing him up.

"Please everyone, we don't need any violence, I'm sure we can all settle this like normal people and not end up fighting." That Man was starting to get a bit nervous, not from being weak amongst these people, but because he hated having to get his hands dirty with fighting unless he felt he absolutely had to.


Oxnard stares at Sephiroth and was happy to see that he looks like Axl. He waits for the music and singing to begin. "Sing us all a song." Hamtaro hisses angrily for Sephiroth to sing and he better sing good like Axl.


Sailor Moon cries so loud that she was sure it would hurt That Man's ear. "I want the Vega slave Raven! I want to see him singing! I want to see him in this dress as we each take turns putting on makeup and adding bowties in his hair to make him look pretty!"

"You say that Raven is not here? Then I guess you won't mind if we take a look for ourselves." Sailor Neptune and the senshis slowly walk towards That Man's palace, they were going to search the entire palace for Raven and will leave no stone unturned. "Get the dress and makeup ready, girls. I got a good feeling about this." The senshis charge and runs over Charlie they search the palace looking for the Vega slave.

Sailor Pluto was ignored by the other senshis who passed by her and entered the palace searching for Raven. She decided to run off inside the golden palace hoping to find Raven before the other senshis do.

"Raven, where are you? Come out from hiding." Sailor Saturn and Sailor Chibi Moon shout loudly for Raven as they searched together inside the palace. There were lots of people here and maybe they can help the senshis find Raven too.

"I can't and I won't sing!" But the hamsters did not seem to listen to Sephiroth. They walked closer and Sephiroth got more scared. "No. Stay back!" Sephiroth summons all his strength and ran through the wall to break it down, he ran in fear all over the castle as he was being chased by mad hamsters who want him to sing like Axl. Sephiroth desperately looks for a portal where he can escape. He turned a sharp corner and when a hamster with a time key followed, he grabbed the key and used it to teleport out of the castle at That Man's castle where he yells at Sailor Pluto demanding that she call off the hamsters. "Look at what your hamsters have done to me! They made me look like Axl!"

Hamtaro chases after Sephiroth and before he could bother Sailor Pluto, the angry hamster along with help from many hamster friends began dragging the human back to the portal back home to the castle.


That Man was pretty annoyed with the crying from Sailor Moon, dropping to his knees at first and covering his ears. "Ahhh! Such a voice! I think my ears are going to bleed!" he'd end up screaming in pain softly to himself as he tried to will himself back up to his feet.

This was hurting him so bad that he couldn't tell them otherwise when they brought up the fact they were going to make a search for themselves, hoping now that they weren't going to be able to discover the hidden rooms that had to be accessed through other doors.

Knowing that he had hidden Raven deep inside of the castle though he said Raven was in an entirely different place. Hopefully the dimensional warps he had put in place as a safeguard would be enough.

"Oh god! They know I'm in here!" He'd scream and it was going to be loud enough to echo through the halls, that's when he shut his mouth and covered it, "Oh no...Please don't let them have heard me...If there's any good in this world, please do not have let them have heard me." He was softly going to pray to himself.