A Carnival in Darkness: Part 51

Cappy hamster asks Sailor Pluto if they could keep James right before the spell put them all to sleep. Sephiroth rubbed his head from where he was struck and it actually was a good thing because the pain kept him awake from the Sleep spell. Sephiroth got a glimpse of Raven before he disappeared in the air, he probably could catch up to him and save Raven but he was stuck underneath a huge pile of sleeping hamsters.

"This was none of my idea. The hamsters just wanted to take James home because they love his cooking so much." Sephiroth stopped talking as he realized that he was the only one still awake, even That Man was asleep.

Howdy was asleep dreaming peacefully. The hamsters were all lucky to use Sephiroth as their pillow to sleep on. His feathers were nice and soft too.

James didn't mind going with the hamsters to their realm to cook for them for eternity, anything for his fans as long as the kitchen was big and fresh pokemons and weed could be supplied to him to create his masterpiece burgers. James began talking in his sleep about how he became Emperor of the world and how everyone would eat nothing but his famous burgers.

Hamtaro sleeps peacefully on top of the black feathers of Sephiroth's wing that the hamsters used as a pillow. Hamtaro hisses in his sleep with a warning that he would bite if the hamsters were disturbed from their pleasant sleep.

Sailor Pluto could not believe this. Raven has been captured again and she was very ashamed at what great lengths the other senshis are doing to make sure that Raven remains their Vega slave. Sailor Pluto saw That Man still asleep peacefully. She didn't want to disturb That Man so she went inside the Golden palace to find some soft golden blankets that she used to cover That Man up so he wouldn't be cold as he was sleeping. Sailor Pluto finally decide to give permission to the hamsters that they could keep James in the kitchen. Still Sailor Pluto needed help and she decided to ask Sephiroth who was being squished flat by her pet hamsters. "Perhaps there is a way for you to redeem yourself. I need you to help bring Raven back from the senshis and duelists."


The Blue Eyes White Dragon quickly carried Raven and followed the directions of the senshis. Before long they arrrived back home at the senshi palace and Raven still inside the protective ball was placed down on the ground. Sailor Mars welcomes the duelists and their duel monsters to the senshi palace. Sailor Mars taps on the outside of the ball where Raven was trapped in to say hello to Raven. "Vega, we are home sweet home. We'll roll you inside the palace because I know that you are dying to get started on the singing and cleaning. This time to make things safe you are going to stay inside that ball where you can't escape."

Sailor Saturn pushes the ball with Raven in it inside the palace. "Come one everyone it is party time and Raven will sing for us."


"No! Please...Someone...Just kill me already!" Raven cried in his ball now. He felt like a trapped rodent inside of a ball just for the amusement of others, this was so...Disrespectful in his opinion and so insulting, trying to break open the ball with his spiked body, wanting out of this thing and get to atleast some freedom.

Not wanting to sing or clean for the senshi, it wasn't like he was an indentured servant to them. It was simply that he was just the object of their admiration at this point, just like Axl Low had been previously to the women of the earth.

Slowly, That Man began to wake up from his sleep, sitting up and looking around. "Oh my...Looks like I fell asleep. Now where is Raven?" He had to softly say to himself as he looked around to try and find his servant. Yawning softly under his robes as he saw many, many others were asleep all around him.


Hassleberry couldn't wait to join the party and he made sure that all the duel monsters kept an eye on Raven as he was rolled inside. He thought this was very genous of the senshis to invite all the duelists over so they can enjoy Raven's singing. "Can your Vega sing any Country music songs?"

Sailor Neptune gets the stage and lighting inside the senshi palace ready for Raven. "Roll Raven on stage we are ready to hear him sing. Let's all be nice to our guests the duelists and their monster friends."


Oxnard starts to wake up. He wakes up in time to catch what Sailor Pluto said about keeping James. "Wake up everyone. We get to keep James!" Oxnard jumps around to wake all the other hamsters up with great news.