A Carnival in Darkness: Part 63

"EKANS!" Ekans saw That Man create a Raven clone and got really excited. Maybe That Man could create a Raven clone for the pokemons too! Ekans slithered as fast as a snake pokemon can and bounced up and down in front of That Man begging for a Raven clone to sing for pokemons.

Dan shouts loudly and rolls over to That Man. Dan cries and begs with tears in his eyes. Dan begs and bows on the ground at That Man's feet. "Oh please oh great and majestic hero. Please make me a Raven clone that I can have as my student. I want a Raven to sing in my dojo to attract students."

Kaiba agreed to take the Raven clone back home to Kaiba Corp where he could sing in his office but he was mad at being so rudely handled by Sephiroth to force him to bow down to the ground to That Man. Kaiba stood back up and straightened up his coat. "I bow to no one. I ought to lay charges but I will take this Raven clone back home with me instead."

Wobbuffet jumps wildly in front of That Man trying to communicate with That Man, the pokemons just had to have their very own Raven to sing too. Wobbuffet also wanted a Raven that could sing well and could wear a pretty dress. Lucario starts bowing with the other pokemons at That Man, since they can't communicate they hope that That Man will understand their request for a Raven clone.

Hamtaro stands next to Axl on guard, making sure no one would want to harm the hero of the hamsters. He just watches the Raven clone and wonders how many will they be.

Sailor Pluto senses something and quickly walks over and bows at That Man. "I think you should know that the senshis and duelists are coming over here now for Raven."

Sephiroth was very angry but he decided to obey That Man's orders and let Kaiba live. He grabs the collar on his neck and tries pulling it off but it still wouldn't break. Sephiroth sighs and then bows slightly next to Sailor Pluto at That Man to show respect to the hero before speaking. "What will happen if soon everyone in the world will want a Raven clone? Will you allow millions of Ravens in pink puffed up dresses singing all over the world? What would happen if the Raven clones develop a mind of their own and end up revolting?"


With all the requests now from many fans of Raven, That Man was going to have his hands full, having to take somemore hair from Raven and begin to perform the rituals over and over again, it was most likely going to end up draining him of much of his magical power...For an hour or so.

"Please, everyone, just be patient, I shall make for you all a Raven." That Man would say, knowing that the real Raven could hardly care at this point as this simply meant his safety.

"Mister Kaiba, please, just take your Raven clone and I will hope that there shall no longer be trouble between you and I. May your musical ventures with your Raven be good." That Man would say with a slight bow, always a polite individual.

When Sailor Pluto came over him and told him the dire news, That Man would create the clones faster, giving them away to whoever wanted one and creating a perfect one of Raven, making him just stand there while shooing the other real Raven off to go and hide. So that the Senshi weren't going to take him away.

"Sephiroth, the Raven clones...Are somewhat like dolls, they will develop their own minds over time but as they are melded, they will follow. So I doubt that a revolt of clones could really occur...And...Please, will everyone just stop bowing before me? It's...Really not something I think I'm worthy of." That Man would say with a request. Not really liking how everyone and everything seemed to bow before him. Preferring to be on the same level with others rather than above them.