A Carnival in Darkness: Part 64

Sailor Jupiter sees Raven closeby but she was even more shocked to see many Ravens. What should the senshis do? There was a Raven for each senshi.

"This one is mine!" Sailor Moon arrives and grabs a Raven clone.

"And this one is mine." Sailor Mars grabs her Raven clone from the crowd of Ravens and soon each senshi had their own Raven to sing and clean for them. This was a very happy day for senshis.

James bows at That Man and then picks up his Raven clone. He will have the Raven clone sing in his restaurant for his customers. His customers will finally have music to listen to as they eat.

Dan shouts a loud thank you at That Man, bowing at least ten times before running over to a Raven clone to claim as his own. Dan puts a pink gi on the Raven clone and cries happily that he finally found a student and someone to teach Saikyo too.

Wobbuffet shouts out a very loud thank you at That Man. He bows quickly, hitting his head on the ground, almost hurting himself before running over to the Raven that was specially made and sing for the pokemons. The Raven was even in a pink dress which made Wobbuffet laugh joyously. Charizard smiles happily as he helps Wobbuffet and the other pokemons take their Raven clone back home to their village where he can sing for the pokemons. Charizard thinks that the Raven clone had a pretty dress on.


Raven was going to use a bit of his magic now as he remained hidden behind a few trees, contacting his boss by sending him a mental message. "Otoko-sama...Is it safe for me to come out yet?", Raven was going to ask in that message as he remained in hiding. Knowing that the Raven clones were proving to be quite a hit amongst everyone.

That Man remained quiet and solemn now as he watched everyone happily taking a Raven clone away for themselves. Smiling as he finally found himself a way to fix this situation with all the clones going to people who would put them to good use while leaving the real Raven alone.

When That Man got the message in his mind from Raven, he'd send out one quickly in return. "Not yet, Raven. Just remain in hiding for now." was his message in return.

When Axl saw one of the Raven clones step on Bijou, he'd run over and kick the clone away with a big boot to the mid-section. Kneeling down and picking up the little hamster. "Oy! Hamster, you okay?!" Axl'd say with concern heavy in his voice. He liked these hamsters now, and he was hoping that Bijou wasn't seriously injured.


James smiles a little at Axl knowing that Axl is such a nice person to save one of his hamster followers. "With my new singing Raven assistant, my restaurant will be world wide famous and I can one day be close to world domination! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Sailor Pluto bows down at That Man to praise him for how he handled the Raven situation to make everyone happy but at the same time to save Raven from a life of music slavery. She continues bowing to That Man giving him a lot of respect but there are things that she must tell him. "I have the ability to see all future events in time. I know of the future that you came from and how you came here to prevent such a tragedy. Your recent heroic effort to save the world has changed the future dramatically for the better but there are other events that will soon occur and you will be needed to save humanity once again. I would like to hang around your group some more to help you if that is okay."

Sephiroth knew where the real original Raven was and it was pretty easy to tell because all other Raven clones were in dresses. As the visitors left with their Raven clone and the chaos subsided, Sephiroth took a Curaga materia rock from out of one of his coat pockets and gives it to That Man while he spoke remembering to bow to That Man in a gracious manner. "Take this magic stone. It will heal you and give you a lot of energy to make up for the energy that you used up to create the Raven clones."

Bijou was so scared but she was so happy and lucky that Axl saved him. Bijou says thank you and hope Axl will understand. Hamtaro climbs up on Axl's shoulder where it is safe. Hamtaro wants to know where Axl wants to go next and how the hamsters could help him.


That Man sighed in relief now that all of the people, Pokemon and other beings who came around, were able to take a Raven Clone away for themselves in order to own that instead of having to attempt to steal away the real Raven who worked for him.

As Sailor Pluto came up to praise him, he could only shake his head in modesty, still not the type who liked to be praised but he couldn't do much about it as she continued to bow. Hearing all she had to say to him, smiling as he knew that he atleast fixed some of the events of the future. But now with what she said..."There shall be more events of tragedy in the future? Well then, please, madame, do stay with my group and I of course will be proud to remain...To protect humanity to and to stop anymore tragedy's from occuring."

That Man meant everyword, after having been a betrayer to humankind by being the main creator of Gears along with Sol Badguy (Who at the time was still Frederick), That Man was a determined individual who wanted nothing more to redeem himself as much as he possibly could, and if that meant putting his life on the line, he was prepared for it.

When Sephiroth now offered That Man a Curaga materia stone, the robed one accepted it with a slight bow in thanks. "Thank you, Sephiroth...This will help me very much." He'd say before beginning to use the power of the stone to regain his energy.

Axl could only smile to Bijou, petting her softly on the head as all the hamsters were his friends and he was going to make sure to help keep them safe, as after all, how could he deny his friendship to such nice little hamsters. Now with Hamtaro on his shoulder, Axl chuckled and smiled to him. "All of you hamsters...I'll help keep you all safe."

Raven could only peek out from behind a tree to look and see what was going on, shuddering at what his clones were being put through but he could only understand that their plight atleast meant his safety.