A Carnival in Darkness: Part 65

Hamtaro sits quietly on Axl's shoulder and as soon as all the Raven clones left he wonders where they would all go to next. What kind of fun adventures will the hamsters have with Axl, maybe Axl can introduce the hamsters to Megumi. Oxnard drops some sunflower seeds in Axl's hands. They were his favorite food, the seeds were fresh and just picked and Oxnard hopes that Axl would like them as another thank you gift from the hamsters.

After everyone left with their Raven clones, Sephiroth waves his hand to signal to Raven that it was safe for him to come out and be with That Man who saved his life yet again. Sephiroth bows at That Man once again to ask him a few more questions. "Just how many Raven clones did you make? I count over five thousand. Are you worried at what could happen if one of those clones got in the wrong hands?"


At Shadowlaw headquarters, Bison had gotten his spies to bring him a Raven clone. Bison has the Raven clone taken to the twisted science department where he tries to extract Raven's powers and use it to take over the world. Bison has his team work hard to try and brain wash the clone to create an evil Raven and make copies of the clone to be his Shadowlaw army.


All the Raven clones would be loyally obeying what they were told to do as they really didn't have the free mind that the original Raven did. Each one obeying every single order no matter how much it'd really piss the real Raven off to have to go through.

They'd help to attract students to Dan's school, help Sakura graduate, sing for those who wanted them to, as well as clean up in order to just make life easier.

The real Raven though was just happy to finally feel safe to be out in the open as people seemed to be more absorbed in his clones than for the real thing.

"You know what, I gotta introduce all of you to that nice lady who saved me and let me see Megumi a while ago." Axl said with a big smile on his face as he would lead the hamsters all over to Sailor Pluto and give her a light tap on the shoulder. Not knowing at all about the coming danger of the Shadowlaw.

But being the type of guy he was, Axl would probably join that man in a fight against the evil Shadowlaw. Blinking just a bit when some sunflower seeds were dropped into his hands. Thanking Oxnard with a smile as he'd give the sunflowers a try and find that they tasted pretty good.

"If a clone were to get into the wrong hands..." That Man went into deep thought now at the comment to be thought over. "You're right, Sephiroth. I don't really have a fail-safe in order to stop the clones in case they were to fall into the wrong hands. I made about six thousand, but I am sure that they won't be able to do too much. They've only half the powers of the real Raven and they grow tired faster than him."

That Man though was still going to be thinking to himself. Worrying in-case this was all going to blow sky-high. In the future when he began the Gear Project, it was to help mankind and make things easier, but that all back-fired, could the same happen now with all of the Raven clones?