A Carnival in Darkness: Part 67

Ken drove his car as fast as he can back to where he last saw That Man. Ken drived so fast that when he got there he almost ran over Sol, stopping just in time. Ken opens the car door and runs to That Man. "Help! You have to do something, just about everyone in my city is slaughtered. Bison must be behind this."

Sailor Pluto tells That Man what she knows and is happening in the current situation. She is glad that That Man is the hero he is and is willing to save the world again for a better future. "The one responsible for this is Bison. Bison as exponentially created a huge army of evil Raven Shadowlaw clones to use for world domination."

Sephiroth did not trust the new person Sol, some how he could feel negative energy towards That Man here but Sephiroth continued to bow at That Man, watching Sol in case he had to jump in to action with his sword to protect That Man. "If you have to fight all the evil Raven clones then I will gladly fight and stand by your side until you are victorious."

Back at the Shadowlaw base. Bison laughs as he learns that the evil Shadowlaw Raven clones that he had sent out were successful in their destructive powers. The testings were complete and Bison plans on duplicating an army of a million evil Raven clones to help him with his evil plans.


Sol only glanced at Ken in his car when he drove up like that and nearly hit him, only coughing softly to himself as his eyes remained staring at That Man.

Hearing what Ken had to say, Sol was going to stomp over toward Ken and That Man, dragging his enormous sword along with him. "The hell are you talking about? People being slaughtered? You responsible for this, That Man!?" Sol said loudly as his past experiences with That Man were quite able to bring on such unjustified assumptions.

That Man listened closely to what Ken was telling him, hearing about this Bison fellow who was probably responsible for this, so that only led That Man to have to nod toward Sol. "Yes...Unfortunately, I am responsible in some ways for this, I created clones of Raven and I believe someone may be using them for evil."

He heard soon enough what Sailor Pluto had to say, and That Man could only nod, "Thank you for this information, Sailor Pluto, I remember once reading about Shadowlaw and the clones...Seems that they'll all have to be put down in order to bring peace back to this world."

"And Sephiroth, you don't need to worry, I think our victory will be one that'll come with ease, if...Frederick over here would help us." That Man said in a coy way as he looked over to Sol who seemed to be a bit thrown off by all of this.

"Wait...You expect me...To help you?" Sol said looking at That Man with a look of annoyance on his face. "I should just Dragon Install myself right now and put you out of your misery!" Sol lifted his sword up after that, but thought about things and slowly lowered it down.

"I think you might be right though, I can kill you any time after this, because if there're a ton of those stupid-ass Raven clones going around, then this time era might be f*cked up more than the one that you f*cked up with the Gears."


Hamtaro watches Sol like a hawk making sure that Sol would not want to harm Axl like he wants to harm That Man. Hamtaro squeaks to Axl asking who Sol is.

Next to arrive was Vega in his private jet that landed next to That Man's golden palace. When the plane landed Vega leaped out and ran to That Man in a panic. "It is terrible. I was going to the stadium to put on another bullfighting show for my fans but when I arrived everyone was dead! All my fans are dead." Vega weeps slowly.

Charlie speeds in his jet as fast as he could fly landing next to Vega's plane. Charlie ran out as fast as he could and drops to his knees in front of That Man trying to catch his breath. When he could finally breathe normally again he showed That Man recent pictures that he has taken with his camera of the Shadowlaw Raven clones using nuclear attacks and destroying cities. The photos showed mushroom clouds and dead bloody corpses sending a message from Shadowlaw.

"I wish that you could take this collar off because it is preventing me from using most of my abilities." Sephiroth pulls on the collar on his neck and complains once again to Sailor Pluto until he heard what Sol had to say. Not liking Sol's attitude, Sephiroth took out his sword ready to fight and defend That Man. "You have some nerve to talk to That Man like that! That Man is a hero, he saved the world and everyone of this time and he will do so again. You should show respect and bow to the great hero."

Suddenly Espeon felt something about the great danger, he wonders if the other pokemons felt that way too. If so then Espeon suggests that the pokemons all do whatever they can to help stop the evil Shadowlaw. Wobbuffet felt the danger too and he made sure that the pokemon's Raven clone would be safe in the village. No humans know where they are located and the strongest pokemons would be guarding their Raven to make sure he is safe.

"I will think about removing the collar." Sailor Pluto said to Sephiroth but right now she was worried as the situation was getting more severe and the evil Shadowlaw Raven soldiers were being produced at an alarming rate. There was more deaths happening now then all the world wars put together. Sailor Pluto raises her time staff to quickly show That Man everything that is happening in the world from Bison's laughter in the Shadowlaw labs to the carnage and mass murders all over the world. "The message Bison is sending out is to serve Shadowlaw or suffer a terrible death. You must stop Bison before the whole world is destroyed by him."


That Man only sighed for now with the response he got from Sol, knowing that it was to be expected but he atleast had a little hope on the inside that maybe Sol would have a change of heart and agree to an alliance.

Looking now to Vega as he leapt out of a plane and ran over in a panic, "What?! The attacks have spread that far?!" That Man said as he looked right at Sol, hoping this was all sinking into his head. Looking now as even Charlie came running over, now with pictures that That Man would just stare at, before holding them up.

"Please...Frederick...You must help me..."

Axl looks down at Oxnard with a smile and starts explaining to the hamsters, "That big bloke with the sword is Sol Badguy...I know, kinda silly name, right?" He said with a joking chortle. "He's cool, I call 'im "Chief" all the time and he dun't seem ta mind at all." Axl said as he tried to keep the mood great.

"And naw, I don't think the world is doomed, I mean, I'm here, Sol's here, That Man is here, Raven's here...The World is pretty covered for safety along with the people of this time and those Sailor Scouts if they pitch in."

Sol stared at Sephiroth now as he pulled out his sword and had a lot to say in response to what Sephiroth was saying. "Oh? The hell is wrong with you? I ain't bowing to this idiot. It's all his fault that the future got so messed up and now he's messing up the past!" Sol said as he held his sword out and glared at Sephiroth.

"I had to kill Justice, I had to put up with that bitch I-no...You don't know anything about the future and how all of it is because of him and his continuation of the Gear Project!" Sol said as his sword bursts into flames.

That Man sighed, right now, it seemed like Sol might be a bit of a hard-to-turn-over individual to make into an ally. But that didn't change the things at hand right now, That Man needed to gather forces in order to combat the Raven Clones and Shadowlaw as well as the leader, Bison.

"We need to bring together as many people as possible, in order to bring all of our forces together, and prepare to go to war with the Ravens and Shadowlaw."