A Carnival in Darkness: Part 70

Sailor Pluto shakes her head as she knew how many people were being killed and how many dimensions were being destroyed by Shadowlaw. Sailor Pluto could understand Sol's anger towards That Man but she too would protect That Man when Sol will act on his anger and try to kill the hero. "I will help Sephiroth and Raven protect That Man too. That Man is needed to be a hero, to fight and to save the many innocent lives of this time period. If That Man is successful then there will be a much different and better future to go back to. The thing is that the people have grown too attached and dependant on That Man and it may be impossible for him to return back to his own time....."

Unfortunately once Sailor Moon saw the dead evil Shadowlaw Raven clone and heard how dangerous the mission was. She began crying, she was too scared now. "I can't do it. I'm too scared."

Oxnard stands with Axl, there was now an army of thousands of hamsters holding small sticks and rocks as weapons. Every hamster in the world has been contacted to come and help out. Hamtaro holds a small knife and puts on a thumbtack as a helmet. He was properly armed for battle and so was the rest of the hamster army that was going to support Axl to victory all the way to the very end.

"Sailor Pluto, can you use any of your time magic to send Sol, those senshis and pokemons out of here because they are of no help! They either refuse to respect the great hero That Man or are too cowardly to be of any help." Sephiroth could not stand the crying senshis and pokemons, he didn't want them near That Man and interfering with the mission. The longer he was here the more he couldn't stand Sol as he eyed him closely showing the hatred in his green eyes. Sephiroth stands close and bows again to That Man waiting for his orders.


Bison has set up his hideout with security and traps. He was ready for That Man and was looking forward to fighting and destroying him. Bison knows that if he could get rid of That Man, the whole Universe will be his to rule and destroy. Bison smiles some more as his Shadowlaw Raven army report back of more deaths and worlds being wiped out.


Sol only stared at Sailor Pluto as he heard her talking as to how the people were dependant on That Man. Being the usual cold badass, Sol'd just turn the other way and slide his Fireseal along the ground, lighting a small line of the ground aflame with lava.

"Tch...I don't need no more preachin', all of ya are startin' to sound like that Boy Scout...Kiske, with all your preaching and self-esteem filled speeches." Sol said as he looks to That Man's portal.

Axl was going to stay back and talk with those who were afraid and console them just a little. "Everyone...You don't have to fight, me and all the hamsters, Chief, That Man, Raven, I-No, Sephiroth and Sailor Pluto...I think we might be enough with all the help from the Pokemon and Duel Monsters too. So if anyone doesn't wanna fight...Just stay back and wait for us."

Axl was going to keep a happy smile on his face now as he looks toward the portal and he immediately looked to all of the hamsters and tries to get them to line up in rows of one-hundred, so they could charge through the portal properly like an army.

I-no floated on her guitar to stand beside Sephiroth and just patted him on the shoulder. "Don't worry about That Man, he can handle Sol. Sol's just all b*tchy cause That Man messed up some stuff in the future for him. We just gotta look forward to all the bloodshed, and the death, and all the f*ckin' carnage as we kill Bison and all those f*ckin' Ravens!" I-no screamed at the top of her lungs joyously.

She loved bloodshed, pain, and carnage and they were going to have a lot of it soon.

Raven bows toward That Man and immediately hundreds of glowing green needles began to float around him, preparing to use Slow Fields upon the moment he entered the portal to try and paralyze his clones to make them easy pickings.

"That Man, are you ready?" Raven asked as he floated near the portal and looked toward Sol for the time being.

"Yes...And I really do think that we have it in ourselves to win this war..." That Man said proudly as he began to walk toward the portal and Raven and I-no would follow him through it as they immediately would begin to fly toward the base of Shadowlaw's operations, prepared for all of the Raven clones to come their way.

That Man creating dozens of eruptions of holy magic along the ground where Raven clones stood to burn their bodies to a crisp as they had to get past the first wave now in order to get inside of the base.

"Come on hamsters, let's do this!" Axl'd scream to his small furry friends as he holds up his chained sickles and turned to run straight through the portal and get in on the action.

Sol was going to slowly make his way into the portal after the four before him, his entire body starting to glow red as he was literally on fire now and he'd charge into the battle with like a shooting comet on fire as he would tackle and burn up as many clones as he could with just one single Tyrant Rave, before he quickly started to chop the many clones down with his Fireseal.