A Carnival in Darkness: Part 80

Vega yodels loudly to praise and congratulate Raven on such fine singing and dancing. When the duet was over, Vega took his mask off and bowed. "Senorita Raven, come with me to Broadway where we can have opening nights every day singing such beautiful music. We shall make a movie all about you and you get to choose to wear the finest dresses from around the world."

When the duet between Vega and Raven was over, Sailor Aluminum Siren dashes over to Raven holding a new dress. The dress was one that looks like Queen Serenity, a beautiful puffy white gown. "Anyone that wants to have Raven wear this dress and sing the Sailor Moon theme song say ai!"

Uria circled around Raven making sure no one would interfere or try to rescue Raven from would looks like a non stop encore concert. Raven is worth a lot of money and no one will steal him away.

"YESSSSSSS!!!!! Sing it!" Sailor Jupiter shouted yes to have Raven wear the new dress and sing a Sailor Moon song. Very soon all senshis started screaming yes in unison and they are very excited of the thought of Raven dressing up in a dress as one of them and singing their song.

Oxnard claps his paws to agree with the crowd on the choosen dress and song choice for Raven to do next. Hamtaro excitedly voted yes to have the new song sung by Raven. He was happy to see that Axl was having a great time at the party too. As long as Raven continues to sing, everyone was happy.

Ken hears Vega talk about making Raven famous and decides to join forces. "Raven, after you sing the song for the senshis I would like to be your manager. Think about it as your manager I will make you very rich. You can sing in all parts of the world as well as have designer dresses from around the world deliver to you."

Vega shook Ken's hand and quickly agrees to form a partnership when managing Raven's singing career. Together they will make sure that the whole world will know about Raven's feminine singing potential. "I will soon start looking for perfect locations around the world for Raven to star in. There are lots of great Musical numbers that Raven can sing in as the leading lady."

Sephiroth raises his sword and points in the direction Sol went so Ky would know where to go. He did not like Sol and would gladly help Ky to find him and hopefully take him far away so he would not be a danger to That Man. "There in that direction. If you go over the hills you will find Sol. If you want my opinion, Sol is a very dangerous criminal trying to harm the well being of the great hero and savior That Man." Sailor Pluto knew exactly who Ky was and nodded quietly to agree with the direction Sephiroth pointed as that would be where to find Sol. "Sol, will be easy for you to find."

Sailor Pluto wasn't going to interfere as much as she was very much distracted. She turned around to look inside to see Raven's latest drag performance which was very humorous yet very cultural.


Raven's jaw simply dropped when their duet finally stopped and he heard Vega actually speaking to him...Using feminine pronouns to refer to him. "I...I don't think my boss would appreciate me taking up...Such a role as that..Vega..." Raven would say through clenched teeth as he seemed to not entirely be the most happiest of men at this point.

With all the humiliation of course. But now as Sailor Aluminum Siren brought up that puffy white gown, Raven absolutely shrieked in horror as he feared having to put that on and sing the Sailor Moon theme song. With that, he would drop to his knees and beg. "Please...Please...I will sing...Just...No more tomatoes...No more humiliation..." He would say as he didn't want to have to put up with the hell of being subjucated to a tomato barrage again.

As even Ken started to talk, Raven felt that his life would be reduced from something involving battle to one that involved crowds of people and very feminine clothing.

"Merci beaucoup, monsieur." Ky would thank Sephiroth and hold his Thunderseal up proudly as he was prepared to fight the outlaw, Sol Badguy and talk to him for reasons that the two had to talk amongst one another involving Ky Kiske's son, Sin.

"I guess...I will have to give my resignation to That Man soon enough." Raven would say softly as he knew that his chances of resuming his past life were slim to none. So with a swallow of his pride and masculinity, Raven would stand back up and grab the dress from Sailor Aluminum Siren and begin to get himself ready for a continuation of the performance for all, with the Sailor Moon theme song next.

Axl was literally laughing his bandana off as he saw that Raven had actually given up, and the very fact he was giving in to the demands just made things all sweeter as Axl would be treated to the sight of such a fine performance soon enough.


Karin quickly presents her business card to both Ken and Vega ready to join their team as she too had great plans for Raven and could see the many dollar signs that each concert of Raven's will bring in. "Let me join. My family can make sure that Raven will have the best stadium all over the world to have concerts in. I will even have the finest perfume imported for 'Miss' Raven to use to go along with the dresses."

Charlie watches the concert. Doing his best not to laugh as he kept the crowd under control. He made sure that no one would get too close to the stage to interfere with Raven and Vega's singing.

Dan gets in line to make his request after the pokemons. He raised his hand up high so that Vega and Ken could hear his request. "After Raven sings the song for the senshis can he sing the next song in a pink dress and wearing a banner on the back to advertise for my dojo?"

Sailor Mars started singing with Raven as Raven began to sing the senshi song. She and all the Inner senshis held hands with Raven in a circle and they happily danced around a circle as if they were playing in a flower garden. It was beautiful and happy scene for senshis but not for Raven as Raven indeed looked like a girl, just like one of them. "Let's call you Sailor Raven."

Yun laughs at the sight of Raven dancing with the senshis and began whistling loudly. "I would pay any amount of money to party hardy at a Raven concert!"

Oxnard began laughing really hard with Axl as he rolled over and fell to the ground, laughing until his sides hurt. Every single hamster was enjoying the concert and laughing with Axl at the sight of Raven.

"Jee jee jee." Vega laughs as he watches Raven dance and sing with the senshis. He shakes hands with Karin and accepts her offer to help him and Ken to manage Raven's career. "We will make Senorita Raven the most famous singing sensation the world has ever seen. All requests today will be filled and sung by the love lady Raven."

Genesis waits patiently for That Man to visit his villages. The wonderful things That Man has promised to help his people just proves how much of a hero That Man is. He couldn't wait for them to go but he also didn't want to be enjoying the Raven concert that everyone is enjoying so much. "This Raven is a great entertainer. Does he always like to show off like this?"

"I'll start working on where best Raven shall be appearing. Now which city in the world is worthy of having Raven sing on stage? We can call this Miss Raven's neverending musical tour!" Ken began brain storming ideas as he was excited in being Raven's manager.

James would follow Raven and his managers to provide for the food and catering services. He is going to devote his entire career in to cooking the greatest and best food to Raven, the crew and his fans. "Anyone want a slice of cake with a figurine of Raven in a ballet dress? If so I'll bake one now."

Sephiroth, watches Ky leave and walk towards the direction Sol was in, he was pretty sure that Ky would be able to catch up with Sol soon and hopefully take him away so that there will be one less threat to That Man to worry about. Once Ky was gone, Sephiroth who was still standing at the door looks inside to see Raven dancing around in a weird dress. "My mother has some dresses that I think would look much better on Raven."


At this point as he sang whatever it was that the crowd commanded and he would dance and do as told with Ken and Vega since it was his only real choice. He felt bad for That Man, but even worse for himself as he was sure That Man would be safe and capable of living safely even though Sol was after him, since That Man had many protectors now.

As Dan spoke up and gave a request, Raven would respond to Dan himself and look down at him from the stage and sigh, "Yes, I guess I could help you and your Saikyo style by putting on a concert while in a pink dress, I'm sure it'll help you."

And when Sailor Mars spoke up about him becoming Sailor Raven, he'd only nod with an okay as he didn't feel like resisting anymore these days. As he would now begin to give in to whatever requests were asked of him.

"Raven wasn't much of a performer in the past but I guess he no longer wishes to really...Fight against the crowds of people who adore him. I am sure this will be a safer life for him." That Man would say as he slowly began to create a door from thin-air that would allow him to travel with Genesis back to his village. "Well Genesis, shall we get going? I am sure that all the others will catch up to us later, since I am sure the Raven concert will be under control quite well."

That Man would slowly reach out with one robed-obscured hand to grasp the door knob and turn it to pull the elegant, golden door that shimmered with symbols of all past events in history. "Once I finish, I think it would be fine for a Raven concert to be held in your village to bring even more prosperity, Genesis."