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Today's interview is with Night! Night, why is Ryu and Chun Li your favorite couple? What do you like most about them?

<Night> Well, ever since I started playing Street Fighter back in, I believe... 1991...? Ryu was immediately my favorite character (actually Guile was my first character since he was good and easy to use in the game), and I saw Chun as a strong minded woman, and obviously a female lead character. I wasn't considering a coupling early on, but as I continued to play more and more, around the days Turbo: Hyper Fighting and Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo came around, I saw them more and more as a couple... the male and female leads. As I learned more about their storylines, Chun-Li's father murdered by Bison, Ryu being pretty much an orphan as well, and obviously the favorite in beating Bison in the SF2 game storywise, I could think of some type of interaction between them. What also makes me favor them as a couple is because well... heh... a bit of personal interest, since I see Ryu as a pretty nice guy, not an arrogant pretty boy like Ken or Vega, just a nice guy with at least a bit of consideration for others as shown in the SF2 movie where he gave that Indian girl the money. And I saw Chun as an independent, strong-willed woman, obvious from her determination to avenge her father's death, and I like women like that heh. She seems like an aggressive woman that doesn't always take "no" as an answer and strives to get what she wants. I sometimes view her as a woman that many women wish they could be like, and a woman that many men want. So with an admiral woman like that getting together with a nice guy like Ryu, it makes them my favorite couple. I like to see a nice guy winning for once, and especially with a beautiful woman like Chun as well! What I like most is just how their personalities can be adapted into my own life sorta... I adapt a part of my own personality in my Ryu character, and Chun's character, the personality of an ideal girl, whom is not perfect by any means, but someone I'd like to be with heh.

I was just so disappointed at the disapproval of the couple by many people, and perhaps even by Capcom themselves. Early on when I believed they would make a good couple, I went to great lengths to find people that also felt the same way. Back then though, there was no Google or anything, so it was difficult, and I really couldn't find any results. There were practically no fanfics out there or anything with Ryu and Chun as a couple or anything. Perhaps it was fate, but I finally stumbled across Add-it-yourself-fanfics, which is a long defunct place now, where there were other writers I met that supported the idea of Ryu and Chun. After reading a few, it finally inspired me enough to write my own.

Where do you get your ideas for your fics? What inspires you to write? When can everyone see more of your works?

<Night> I usually get my ideas from fics from fantasizing... yeah, I'm still just a hopeless romantic, so I try to think up of romantic scenarios and such, and try to apply them with Ryu and Chun in a conceivable manner. I also try to apply personal real life experiences and thinking to everything to make it better as well. I constantly come up with things almost every day and think to myself "I should write about that in my story" and such... so I've always considered going through rewrites of my original story, even MAJOR rewrites, where I'd change the story by a BIG margin. Since I've first written it, over the years, I guess I sorta matured a bit more, improved my writing style and thinking, so I'd definitely apply that when I decide to make revisions to the story, which would include fighting and romance. What inspired me to write was just... I dunno, my extreme liking for their coupling. It's like watching the nice guy finally get the girl, so I really wanted to make a story of that for my own satisfaction since I myself am one of those nice guys heh.

My works... continuing that is still on a standstill, but not totally indefinite. It's just that I've always been swamped with work and school. By the time I get home from the office or school, I'm just too tired to do anything, or even use a computer that it's tough to rouse up the brain juices to efficiently write. It's mainly school that holds me down... the fact that I have to study and do homework just hinders the muse. What's most unfortunate is that I changed my major so it'll take a couple more years to FINALLY graduate. Once that's over with, I'll finally feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, so then I'll feel more free to finally write and write a LOT since so many ideas I've built up over the years are just waiting to come out. But sadly, it can take a couple of yes... years before I can fully write again.

Do you have anything to say to all your fans?

<Night> Wow, there's a lot to say, but it seems like I've said a lot already. Well, I've always believed in the coupling of Ryu and Chun, and I know that there are those that don't support it, find it completely inconceivable, and hey, I won't think less of them as they are entitled to their opinion, and I hope no one tries to adamantly insist upon others that they are the best or worst couple ever. It's just something done for fun, and writing about Ryu and Chun is just a hobby and something to enjoy, not something to make influence upon others. Ever since I first wrote that story, going through life and such, there's just lots I'd like to write about through that story, so when the time comes the Ryu and Chun-Li story will be back in full force with lots of changes for the better. Even though I've been told my story is great, and how the fighting and romance is very well done... well, looking back, to me, it's not enough and I know I can do more, so I'll revise many things... more detailed fighting, romantic bits pepped up, and even the infamous love scene... changes to that even, making it more sensual and erotic, tee hee! I just say all this, since all of us, writers and readers have grown up a lot, and I feel it's time to make it even more adult and mature than it already is.

Well, that was the final question, but I'm open to any others, as I had fun answering them and getting lots of things off my chest!

That's all the questions I have for you. Thank you for participating in the interview!