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    You don't need a site to be interviewed but it is preferred if you are a Street Fighter fan since it will be easier to ask the questions.

Today's interview is with Marc White (Cammy's Dream House)! Marc, why did you decide to create a Cammy site?

<Marc> On the first night I ever spent on the internet I found tons of Cammy fan sites and I became obsessed. After that I decided to follow the crowd and make a Cammy site of my own. Now most of the Cammy sites have either disappeared or become inactive, so I guess it was good timing to create my site when I did because Cammy doesn't get enough attention on the internet as she deserves (and I blame Capcom because they've stopped making games with Cammy in them)!

What do you think of Cammy's dark past with Shadowlaw?

<Marc> I love it. I've always favoured Shadowloo Cammy over Delta Red Cammy because it adds depth to her character whereas many Street Fighters have almost no storyline and remain that way forever. I like Cammy's past because it's so mysterious and traumatic. After all, we don't really know what the real deal with Cammy's past is. Who is she really? Where is she from? Was she a clone? I doubt we'll ever find out Cammy's real past, but even if we never learn the whole story I think it's a great storyline anyways.

Who do you think would win in a Cammy VS Chun-Li match?

<Marc> Since it's Capcom, Chun Li would win obviously. Capcom won't stop making Chun Li the best female there is, however, most fans would agree than Cammy is superior to Chun Li as a fighter and could beat Chun Li any day of the week. My money's on Cammy!

Do you think Capcom treats Cammy fairly or do you see a lot of favoritism towards Chun-Li instead?

<Marc> Definitely. I can't deny that Chun Li is great, but I feel that Cammy is the better character. She's original, fun, unique and even though she's never gotten as much attention from Capcom as Chun Li has, Cammy has a huge fan following. Capcom is just stubborn, and Chun Li was their original fighting female so they continue to push her and treat Cammy as "the other girl." But if Chun Li was the original SF gal, than Cammy was the next step of fighting girls and proved to be way better than Chun Li. However, Capcom refuses to acknowledge Cammy and unfairly give all the attention to Chun Li. And in general Capcom treats Cammy unfairly, as so many less popular characters have made more game appearances than she has, like Sakura, Charlie, Zangief or Dhalsim.

Do you have anything to say to all your fans?

<Marc> I just want to tell everyone to keep supporting Cammy and all of Capcom fighting games because the only way Capcom will ever bring her back is if they think that fans still like her. Even if Cammy hasn't been in a new game in years all of the Cammy fans should keep supporting her and help keep her alive.

That's all the questions I have for you. Thank you for participating in the interview!