If you would like to be interviewed here by Vega then just send one of the staff here a message and a description about yourself in order to have suitable questions relevant to you. If Vega thinks you are an ideal candidate, he'll ask you all the interview questions.

    You don't need a site to be interviewed but it is preferred if you are a Street Fighter fan since it will be easier to ask the questions.

Today's interview is with Taylor (Saikyo.com)! Taylor, why did you decide to build a Dan site? Was there something really special about him that caught your attention?

<Taylor> The urge to build a Dan site has been with me ever since I witnessed Danís awesome taunting abilities. I thought, this is the creame of the crop when it comes to fighting games. Who else better to use than a character that can make fun of his opponents so you donít have to. As for the design of late. I plan on changing and working on it soon. Sorry for all of the down time.

Did you know that there was a rumor going around that Saikyo.com was closing down?

<Taylor> As for Saikyo.com going down. It indeed went down. And ownership was passed over to me. I have been extremely busy with work and so havenít had the time I needed to update the site as I want.

Where and how do you think Dan learned all those many different forms of taunting moves? He seems to be famous for them.

<Taylor> I believe that Dan used or learned the taunts as a way to one open up his opponents, and two because we all know his style is the best. Iím not sure exactly where he learned those awesome moves, but he sure did teach Blanka how to use them in SFA3.

How do you respond to the fact that some people think that Dan is nothing more than a joke character?

<Taylor> When I hear people saying Dan is nothing but a lame character that isnít strong and isnít worthy of playing as, I just smile and laugh at their ignorance. I then proceed to play as Dan and school their characters one by one. Some of my favorite quotes (from when I play in Japan arcades) 'Dan ha konnani tsuyokatta ke?' which means 'Was Dan really this strong?!' That my friend is worth more than all the trash talk you can send back at them.

Do you have anything to say to all your fans?

<Taylor> To all the fans of Saikyo.com, I would just like to say... Hang in there! A new site design is on the way, and it should be better than ever. Keep up the support and keep taunting!

That's all the questions I have for you. Thank you for participating in the interview!