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Today's interview is with Adam Kasugano! Adam, who is Travis?

<Adam> Travis was first used as a character for the Resident Evil games. He is Leon's brother, and he basically helps out the good guys. At the start he had the no bull, Stone Cold Steve Austin or Wolverine style attitude, as he evolved all of these different facets were added to his personality. Being against killing, not wanting to offend others, being a good father to Rei, a good friend, and the difficulty is to do all of this without making him look like a copy of someone else or making him like numerous anime characters and have him have a lot of angst.

What does Travis think about how Interpol is relying on him so heavily that they can't do anything right without him?

<Adam> That was part of the reason he left, in that they do rely so heavily on him even though he feels there are people a lot better than him out there. When he was stalking around in psycho mode (when his home was destroyed) part of his anger was directed at Interpol for failing to prevent it from happening, failing to protect the people who were there and Rei, of all people, had to step in and do something. This is something that we are going to see again and again in the course of the RP, how Travis would say to get Nancy to help, or get whoever to help and yet Interpol keep going back to him, and that is something that will certainly add to his frustration and make him more problematic than if it were just the one upcoming incident that would split him and Rei apart.

Who is Nancy?

<Adam> Again Nancy was a character for Resident Evil games, she was really the bad woman in the storylines. I first had her as a clone of Rebecca, playing on people saying that Rebecca is really one of the bad guys, and then I played around with the character a little, how she looks, and changed her into how she looks today. The tough girl characters you see more of were certainly an inspiration for remodelling Nancy, but a lot I made up on my own. For example, I felt that she should be an American patriot, standing up to her country's ideals, while at the same time making her down and dirty, critical of those in power, an Army Ranger as opposed to housewife. Making her a former NSA agent I think helps too, because they are meant to be the people who cover up aliens, kill off those who try and expose secrets they are trying to protect, all the spooky vicious stuff that happens in thrillers and espionage.

What got you in to wrestling and creating your own games?

<Adam> Aside from being a dead ringer for a young Mark Calloway (The Undertaker) I, like millions of other people, was very much caught up in the wrestling craze that hit in 1998, 99, and so of course I went out and played the games of it too. One of the games allowed you to create characters in the game, and I always wanted to put my own characters in games, so I played around with it and thought that was pretty fun. I put in The Terminator and thought it was a rather decent replica of him. So I went forth and made more characters, put myself in the game, Travis I'm sure at one point or another and other video game characters. Then as the games got better and the create a wrestler mode became more advanced, I used it even more. One of the biggest thrills I get from the games is working to put in my favourite character as accurately as possible, and in the games you can make them very accurate. To see your favourite video game characters perform as well as or in some cases even better than the game they come from really is the ultimate thrill, because you loved and adored the characters from the games they are from and by creating them and putting them into a game like a wrestling game you can really continue the enjoyment of playing with your favourite characters. You could develop a lot of a character's personality with them too, how they dress, what moves they perform, I used it a lot to help with developing characters for RPGs.

How long have you been RPGing?

<Adam> I have been doing it for about three and half years now. One of the first ones I did was one I had created myself that basically put all these anime characters, all these video game characters, in a hellish city and it was a very loose, very freeform RP where anything you want to do you could. I did quite a bit of storywriting before then, something I want to try and get back into and perhaps even writing a proper novel or story. I would like to do writing for a movie or game or something along those lines, I'm sure it would be very hard work though, so with the RPs it is a forum for creativity that is a more relaxed atmosphere and is quite enjoyable.

Do you think Nancy is strong enough to defeat Ryu?

<Adam> I honestly feel that Capcom overpower him and give him too much exposure. Ryu in the older games would take your strongest attack and lose hardly any health, while being able to take half of yours away with one of his impossibly high priority jumping kicks. (priority, for those who do not know, means that someone like Vega would be able to beat Ryu if they jumped at each other with a flying kick, but Guile can't). Thankfully they powered him down a little. Also his personality, I feel at least, make him someone that you don't feel like rooting for. But that doesn't answer the question does it? Looking at things objectively, they are alike in some ways. Nancy has trained like Batman gunning for the Olympics so she could be the best like Ryu. Ryu would fight against Shadowlaw like Nancy. But looking at their attacks and how they fight, they are different. Nancy doesn't have a fireball or Hurricane Kick like Ryu does. Ryu tosses opponents in his throws. Nancy slams them into the ground with a powerbomb or hurricarana leg throw (Cammy's throw). Ryu would not use weapons. Nancy would. As far as I know Ryu wouldn't attack a downed opponent. Nancy would. And Ryu's punches and kicks are short range. Nancy throws her whole leg out in a kick, giving it distance, and her height gives her more of an advantage here. They would be in the same physical condition, with Nancy being older that might be an advantage to Ryu. Of course I would like to see Nancy defeat Ryu, I think and have faith in her doing so and with what I have said I can honestly say that she could.

Do you think Travis will be able to destroy Bison and Shadowlaw for good?

<Adam> I think that was the idea, for Travis to be the big hero who killed Bison and destroys Shadowlaw. It was certainly that way for a while, with him apparently killing Bison, dealing with Thanos, dealing with...who was it? Benimaru I think it was, dealing with Iori. The thing was Travis was being soft, part of that was admittedly because of me not having him do this and bang problem solved, I wanted to keep it open ended. Part of it was also because of Travis himself. When he had the gun pointed at Thanos for example he wasn't going to shoot him. That's going to change quite a bit though, Travis will be back to his psycho mode, not to say that he is psycho, and be less generous in that regard than he used to be. But just looking at his capabilities, then I would have to say there is no way he could, not on his own at least. He is tough, sure, but he is not Superman. He cannot do a lot of the moves Street Fighter characters do, he wouldn't beat anyone as strong as Guile or Thanos in a fight full stop, especially if they are someone like Thanos who has all the magical powers. Heck, Cammy would beat him in an arm wrestle. So no, unless it is set up so that he does do so I do not envision Travis destroying Bison and Shadowlaw. Nancy maybe, but not Travis.

Do you have anything to say to all your fans?

<Adam> What fans? Seriously, the best that springs to mind is that I hope you enjoy what I have put out and will certainly put out more of it in the future.

That's all the questions I have for you. Thank you for participating in the interview!