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    You don't need a site to be interviewed but it is preferred if you are a Street Fighter fan since it will be easier to ask the questions.

Today's interview is with David Bircham! David Bircham, your artwork is amazing. Where did you learn to draw? Is it natural talent or did you take specialized art courses in college?

<David Bircham> I have always loved drawing and this became a natural gift for me... just the enjoyment of it. I did study art for my A-levels (college) but the teacher hated the way that I made everything look realistic, isn’t that ironic?

Did you go to San Diego's famous Comic Con? What did you have planned there?

<David Bircham> Yes I did go to San Diego Comic Con and it was an incredible experience... this is my 4th Con, the first time I went I was looking for work, the second time I was showing my idea around. The third time I went I had issue one complete and was selling it at my booth (that was 2004), and this year's con saw my company (www.pulptheatre.com) launch the Brodie’s Law trade paperback which is now available to all, and you can win a free Brodie’s Law TPB if you enter the CCA competition (please see Kikouken.com for details)!!

Can you tell me about Brodie's Law?

<David Bircham> Brodie’s Law is a story about an East London (England) hired thug who gains the power to take people’s soul. The story evolves around the conflict that ensues when he gains this power. Jack is a tough guy, used to killing people without thinking or feeling, but this power means that he has to think and he has to feel... One question rings in Jack’s mind "What would the law mean, if everyday had a different face?" The question has a double meaning and hints at Jack's own fear of loosing himself.

What is this contest at the Crossover Comic Archive about?

<David Bircham> Actually glad you mentioned it! Basically I spoke to Gilgamesh (Kikouken webmaster) about doing a competition which was fan based, and we came up with the idea of choosing a winning cross over story... And then have me illustrate it. I love Manga and Superhero characters so doing this was great for me, and plus the winner of the competition also wins a free comic (as mentioned earlier)!! The problem is comic creators do not do enough to promote their work and the best people to show your work to and interact with are the everyday fans of comic books.

Have you ever thought of getting the license from Capcom and creating Street Fighter comics that you can sell to the general public?

<David Bircham> I have never looked into this but it will become a strong possibility as I come into next year. Right now is an exciting time for me and the thought of drawing the Street Fighter team would be awesome!!

Why is Chun-Li your favorite Street Fighter?

<David Bircham> Chun Li is my favourite character because she is the First Street Fighting female! Her personality has developed over the years and the character designs of her combine sexiness, charm and raw power!! A deadly combination!

What are your greatest accomplishments?

<David Bircham> My greatest accomplishments are my own personal discovery of what I can achieve if I put my mind to anything... I know deep in my mind that that we all can achieve great things with our individual talents, it is not an easy road sometimes but a truly eventful one!

What inspires you to draw? And how long have you been drawing comics?

<David Bircham> I have a long list of great inspirational artists that excite and drive me such as Minowa, Akiman, Jim Lee Travis Charest; Adam Hughes… the list goes on. I have been working professionally in comics for 12 years, and reading them a lot longer.

What are your upcoming projects?

<David Bircham> I am planning a Manga version of Brodie’s Law called Brodie’s Tales for next year and I am looking forward to developing that, the story is about Jack Brodie when he was 19 years old.

Do you have anything to say to all your fans?

<David Bircham> Yes... thank you for making my passion your passion... this is what comics is all about. I hope I inspire future artist’s to pick up their pencils and start drawing, cos you never know what’s gonna happen!!

That's all the questions I have for you. Thank you for participating in the interview!