If you would like to be interviewed here by Vega then just send one of the staff here a message and a description about yourself in order to have suitable questions relevant to you. If Vega thinks you are an ideal candidate, he'll ask you all the interview questions.

    You don't need a site to be interviewed but it is preferred if you are a Street Fighter fan since it will be easier to ask the questions.

Today's interview is with Sanzo! Sanzo, who is your favorite Street Fighter and why?

<Sanzo> I would have to say Chun-Li. Because when I first played the game I was one of those kids who'd choose a female character because I'm a girl. But then as I grew older and learned more about her I realized what a cool character she is. When I found out that one of the main reasons she fought is to avenge her father, you see I am very close to my father as well because he's the one who practically raised me and we've seen hard times together. So I thought I'd might have done the same thing if some one had killed my father. It also showed that she valued family and family is very important to me. The fact that she's a cop is another factor to why I like her. Being a cop she's very dedicated to fight for justice and the betterment of the world. She also puts her job before personal feelings and that's very hard to do when you come up face to face with your father's killer.

Before I played I pretty much hated my chinese heritage. But then I became curious about her and where she came from and culture that I knew nothing about. From her clothes to hairstyle she made me wonder about my roots. So she pretty much made me learn to like myself a little more. Lastly her story line also questions whether her desire for revenge will consume her and how far would she get to have it and what would happen after. Like her SF3 ending had made a different feeling about her character. She choose to teach kids martial arts and to me that's as close a motherly thing to do and that revenge is not the only thing she fights for. Another example that she works hard for justice and a better future. To make a very long story short, I find her a very good role model.

Do you have any romantic interests in any of the fighters?

<Sanzo> Romantic interest? Well, sort of, yes and no. Because even though I have a character I really like I have this nasty habit of making fun and bashing them a little. Another nasty habit I have is that if the person I like, likes somebody else I kind of try to help that person win the heart of whom THEY like. "Whom" do I have romantic interest with? Well it's kind of a tie between Yang and Remy. There are other "hot" fighters like Charlie and Ryu, but I guess I really can't like them enough that way.

You are a very good artist. What inspires you to draw?

<Sanzo> There are many things that inspire me. It first started when I first saw some beautiful anime paintings and I thought if I could ever be that good. So I did some practice until I'm at my current level. So I can say that other people's work inspires me because it gives me a goal to reach, other things that inspire me are music and good stories. Lately though they've been coming from how I feel. If I'm sad then my drawings turn out depressing, if I'm happy then they turn out more cheerful, etc.

Your site has a blend of Saiyuki, Street Fighter and Breath of Fire. Which one of these three is your favorite?

<Sanzo> I can't really choose which of the three games is my favorite since they are different genres. Street Fighter is my favorite fighting game, Breath of Fire is my favorite RPG (with Final Fantasy close behind), and Saiyuki has always been my favorite strategy game, anime, and chinese legend. I try to focus on them equaly if I can. There are times where I'll lean more on BOF or SF, depending on the update. Sometimes when I invite my friends to help me in a project we tend to stray away from those games altogether and just act goofy, those will happen from time to time.

Do you have anything to say to all your fans?

<Sanzo> Thank you for your support and I'll try to do my best as a webmistress. If you yourself want to make a website then PLAN what you want to do, don't do what I did. I didn't plan and it's costing me! lol. Fanfic writers just have fun and be patient, for those suffering from writer's block, take some time to relax and maybe the writing juices will flow. Fanartists, keep trying and work hard. Most of us don't start out as DiVincci's, I know I didn't in fact before I could hardly draw crap when I first started about 4 years ago. Your skills will improve with time and be creative. Most of all work hard, have patience, and don't give up!

That's all the questions I have for you. Thank you for participating in the interview!