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    You don't need a site to be interviewed but it is preferred if you are a Street Fighter fan since it will be easier to ask the questions.

Today's interview is with Sakura! Why did you build a site based on Sakura? What is it about Sakura that makes her so special?

<Sakura> Well, I was first introduced to the concept of fanlistings by my good friend Angel Tifa of cloti-aikou.net, and thefanlistings.org, and organization that manages them. They're a lot of fun (and rather addictive), because it's a way to show your love and fandom, and it can be about almost anything. You feel good when you know that there are other people as obsessive as you are. Basically, it all started when the Sakura fanlisting already approved by tfl.org wasn't following their rules and was about to be removed from the network. It seems anal sometimes to have to follow other people's rules on your site, but they're so simple, and a fanlisting needs good management. Being a part of the largest fanlisting network on the web is essential for success. I was just horrified that the other owner could let their fanlisting slip! They must not have loved her enough. Anyway, I got really excited that I might get the chance to apply, and started to work on the site right away. I bothered them with like three applications when it did finally come up for grabs. And of course, they gave me the approval! I'm very happy about the way the site is now. I knew that I wanted to put in lots of content besides just the list, and worked for about a month to complete all the extras. My first year of college as a graphic design student has dramatically changed the way I do web design, and I hope that the site is not just a fan hub but something people can enjoy experiencing.

I think that Sakura definitely deserves a site like "Extraordinary Schoolgirl". When I was just a shy middle school kid with a Playstation and a copy of Street Fighter Alpha II, games were a way for me to at least pretend I was strong and brave. Sakura was like me, a kid who no one took seriously. But she has real enthusiasm and talent, and the abilities to back up her talk. She has unbounding confidence in the face of adversity and doesn't give a crap if the other fighters think she's just a little girl. Yet, she still tries to learn to be a better fighter in every way she can, and she's still essentially a fun-loving schoolgirl. I didn't want to think of her as a Ryu copycat (was he that cool at 16? XD), but as an up-and-coming master who rightly admired the world's greatest street fighter. She must have had to work twice as hard as all the other fighters not just to be good enough to compete, but to really be taken seriously! I suppose that naming myself after her was a wish for myself to have her qualities, especially her confidence. The identity has stuck with me since SFA2, so she will always be a very important character for me.

Any comments on the Ryu and Sakura pairing? Do you like or hate to see them paired together romantically?

<Sakura> I honestly never thought of them as a couple while I was playing the games. Maybe I was too young. My brother used to make fun of her when he played me as Ryu ("eeew, don't touch me, I don't do little girls!" and such). Yes, I am aware of the strong hintage in many of the various endings, but it wasn't enough for me to think of them romantically; I guess I thought they had more of a "big brother, big sister" thing going on. That kind of relationship always appealed to me the most. Nowadays, fandom having evolved, I wouldn't call myself a fan of the couple, but I do think they would be good together. Ryu basically lives to fight and train; it's the only thing that seems to be important to him. He's not a mean guy, just not very emotional. I think that having Sakura, an enthusiastic youth, as his companion would help him to find joy in much simpler things. She would just have a hell of a time softening him up. But hey, there's nothing that girl can't do! XD.

Do you think that one day Sakura will be even stronger than her teacher Ryu?

<Sakura> I think that Sakura has all the potential in the world to surpass Ryu. She's amazing for her age, is extremely dedicated to learning about fighting, and will tough out any situation. I believe that with the right training and guidance she can take herself as far as she wants.

Are you in any way like Sakura?

<Sakura> Ha ha, well, I suppose I've always tried to be. I'm generally not as energetic as she is (what with work, school, and minimal amounts of sleep), but this changes when I'm in a happy situation, being with my friends and having fun. I probably wouldn't have the confidence to kick someone's ass or tell them how much they suck, even though I know many people who would deserve that. I've always wanted to take a martial art (SHOTOKAN!!), but I never got the chance as a kid and as an adult I don't have the time, but it's definitely something I want to pursue at some time in my life. I also love to learn and improve myself. But her most important quality is dedication and passion for what she loves to do, fight, and I have dedication and passion for what I love to do, design websites!!

Do you have anything to say to all your fans?

<Sakura> Hey, thanks for reading my pointless rambles. ^^;; And for keeping the Street Fighter fandom alive on the net. If you haven't, please visit "Extraordinary Schoolgirl" and show your love by joining the fanlisting! Thanks to the webmasters for wanting to interview me. *bows humbly* Now let's all come back to my place and have a ramen party!!!

That's all the questions I have for you. Thank you for participating in the interview!