If you would like to be interviewed here by Vega then just send one of the staff here a message and a description about yourself in order to have suitable questions relevant to you. If Vega thinks you are an ideal candidate, he'll ask you all the interview questions.

    You don't need a site to be interviewed but it is preferred if you are a Street Fighter fan since it will be easier to ask the questions.

Today's interview is with James! James, no doubt you heard about what Wobbuffet said about you and your team in his interview. Are you mad?

<James> I'm not one to hold a grudge. I did however thank that dumb blue blob with a fist to the face but unfortunately he used Counter and I hit myself with my own fist.

Why did you join Team Rocket? It seems that your friends Jessie and Meowth are always bossing you around.

<James> I joined Team Rocket because I couldn't find any other job. I had no education, no skills and no talent. Of course I wouldn't call being a member of Team Rocket a job because I never get paid.

Do you have a favorite Street Fighter?

<James> Vega. I consider him my role model and hero when I was a lad. I even carry a rose in my mouth like he does. I love how he is able to get away with the crimes he commits for Shadowlaw not just because he is a good fighter but because he is so charming. Of course I or anyone else can never be as handsome as Vega even with plastic surgery.

Did you use to have a site? Are the rumors true about you being gay?

<James> Yes I did but it is gone now. I didn't have the patience, time, ideas or motivation to run a site.
I am not gay! I am just a nice guy that is always taking advantage over by my other team mates. It is true that girls can beat me up or I have to wear dresses as disguises but that's because I have a poor status at Team Rocket.

Is it true that you have now quit Team Rocket?

<James> It is definitely true. No more will I have to suffer from the abuse of Meowth's sharp claws, Jessie's constant yelling and a little yellow rat that always thunderbolts me. Instead I have been successful with my latest new job. I am a proud cook and owner of my new restaurant where everything on the menu consists of freshly slaughtered pokemons. So come in and eat a Pikachu just the way you like it. Fried, spicy, boiled, raw, Italian style, Chinese style.... I'll cook it any way you like it. I'll even kill the pokemon right in front of you to show you just how fresh the food is.

Do you have anything to say to all your fans?

<James> I have no fans but thank you for letting me have an interview so I can speak my mind.... KILL ALL PIKACHUS!!!!

That's all the questions I have for you. Thank you for participating in the interview!