If you would like to be interviewed here by Vega then just send one of the staff here a message and a description about yourself in order to have suitable questions relevant to you. If Vega thinks you are an ideal candidate, he'll ask you all the interview questions.

    You don't need a site to be interviewed but it is preferred if you are a Street Fighter fan since it will be easier to ask the questions.

Today's interview is with Pharaoh Shadius! Shadius, how long have you been a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh?

<Shadius> Since it came out.

Do you have a favorite card/duel monster? What is your deck like?

<Shadius> My fave card is the Blue Eyes Shining Dragon and my deck is mainly dragons as well as dangerous ones. No one has beaten me for years.

Do you have a favorite duelist?

<Shadius> Seto Kaiba of course.

Who would you like to have a duel against out of all the Yu-Gi-Oh characters?

<Shadius> Well Kaiba because he is the best and Yugi so I can claim my Slifer back.

How annoying do you think Joey Wheeler is? Would you beat him up, physically or in a duel if you have the chance?

<Shadius> He is annoying and mean, he yelled something mean at Kaiba in the Dawn of the Duel series. I would love to duel him and trash him and take his REBD as my prize.

Who do you think is the better duelist? Yugi, Jaden or Kaiba?

<Shadius> Seto Kaiba (as you can tell I am a fan of Kaiba and can win any argument about him).

Do you have any dueling advice or secrets?

<Shadius> It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game. Never give up and if at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again (Seto Kaiba does this a lot).

Since you are a Pharaoh do you have a millennium item or would like to have one?

<Shadius> I have the millennium pyramid of light, I will tell you of it if you like.

Do you have anything to say to all your fans?

<Shadius> Hello for starters and never let losing get you down. Don't give up and I am always willing to talk to them no matter what. They can always ask me anything.
PS I would not be where I am if not for my fans and my site would not be a success without my members so thank you.

That's all the questions I have for you. Thank you for participating in the interview!