"Tell me do you fancy a cup of tea? I will tell you of my plans on how I can rebuild a bigger and better Arcadia Movement to help me take over the world. Come with me to New Domino City. I know of a site where there is treasure hidden underground that can provide me with the money to do so." Sayer has never been the same since his Arcadia Movement was destroyed and he was tossed from one mental institution to the next until he finally escaped.

"Since I have nothing better to do..." Kalin follows Sayer to listen to him rant and go on about a new Arcadia Movement. Unfortunately where he followed Sayer was to the underground nuclear reactor in the wastelands of Satellite which wasn't a very good place to build a base. "Tell me how long has it been since you went crazy."

Yusei knows where Kalin and Sayer are hiding but right now he wants to go and check out where Kage is at the hideout to see if she made it okay and what else she may need help on. Not many people now where Kage is not hiding so she will get her privacy.

"Why does everyone think I am crazy? I just have big dreams!" Sayer punches his hand on the wall until his hand was bleeding and a ton of bricks fell on top of him.

Kalin just watches Sayer trying very hard not to laugh. "Are you okay? Do you need to go to the hospital?" He then begins to wonder if Sayer really does know anything about Kaiba's power, cards or money. Perhaps Sayer was just crazy and doesn't know what he is saying or doing.


Carly couldn't find where Kage was and began crying. She lost Kage and also her chance of getting the biggest story to make her the most famous reporter in the world. She twirls her purse around and begins taking out her anger on Crow and Rally because they were the closest one around her. "Life is so unfair! At least I could have gotten Kage's autograph and sell it for 10 million dollars. Am I doomed to being poor forever?"

"Help. Save me from this crazy woman." Rally tries to shield himself with his arms the best he could from Carly who was looking for a scapegoat to beat up. At least with this distraction, Carly would give up on bothering Kage and when she does they could all meet up with Kage to see if there was anything that they could help out with.