Rally hears Kage ask about powerful dragons and knew about the perfect ones to tell her. "Yusei has a cool dragon called the Stardust dragon and Jack has one called Red Dragon Archfiend. Yusei, show Kage your Signer mark that is part of the Crimson Dragon. The Crimson Dragon is the strongest dragon I know."

Yusei hears Rally and shows Kage his strongest card the Stardust dragon card as well as the Crimson Dragon mark on his arm. "Would these help with anything? If we can get all the Signers together we can summon the Crimson Dragon for you."


Kalin waits to see what else Sayer would say as there was a huge part in Wheeler's book about Jaden. "Why would any one waste so much time talking about Jaden? He sucks no matter how they rephrase it. No one is more annoying than him. I remembering watching documentaries of Jaden singing and it almost killed my love for music." Kalin had a feeling that someone could be spying on them so Crow had better be careful and not make any sudden moves or he would report it to Sayer who could get paranoid over his new Wheeler book.

Sayer responds back to Kalin and greedily holds Wheeler's book. "If whatever is mentioned in this book is true than it must be true. Soon all my dreams will come true." Sayer was too preoccupied about the things he learned and read in Wheeler's book that he did not notice Crow's shadow who was watching over them.

Kalin agrees with Sayer and doesn't want to argue with him. Thanks to the visible shadow he was now sure that someone was spying on them and walks closer to the spy while talking to Sayer. "Wheeler's book has rewrote history and itself could be worth a million dollars at least. According to this book it is Joey that is the duel king and Jaden the close second. I wish I could have known this sooner and we mustn't let anyone else know about the secrets in this book. Isn't that right, Crow?" Kalin grabs and picks up Crow by his scrawny neck to pull him out of hiding and show to Sayer.


Yusei was happy to see his other friends arrive. "Where is Crow? I hope he is not in trouble but we should have him here if we are to summon the Crimson Dragon for Kage." In the meantime Yusei summoned the spirit of the Stardust dragon for Kage which he hopes can help. "Sorry none of us are worthy to own a Blue Eyes White Dragon."