"Hey! Let me go! If something happens to me you will have to answer to Jack and Yusei!" Crow did not want to stop Sayer and Kalin with their stupidity in being brain washed to think about how great a duelist Joey Wheeler and Jaden was but he had to think of something fast to out smart them so he can go back to where Rally was having a meeting with Kage.

Sayer was angry to see Crow here spying on his plans for world domination as he greedily hugs Wheeler's book so that no one will take it from him. "What do you want? The treasures of Wheeler is all mine. However I could always use new mind slaves to help do the dirty labor work. If you refuse then I just might have to kill you."

"And you had better make your decision wisely, Crow." Kalin tightens his grip around Crow's neck and then began to wonder if he was just another one of Sayer's mind slaves. "Hey! Sayer, since when do I start taking orders from you?"

"I couldn't care less about your new Arcadia movements. Why don't you both start acting like a true duelist and settle things in a duel? What do you say my Blackwings against your Psychic warriors? If I win I get to go free?" Crow smiles and wasn't the least bit afraid. As long as Kage is safe and being left alone then he knows that he is doing his job.

"You take orders from me because I am the one with the brains around here and I am the leader." Sayer hits Kalin on the head really hard with Wheeler's book. He turns to look at Crow and was very disappointed with his answer because if he had a dungeon he would throw Crow there. "You Crow are not a worthy opponent. However I will show you the power of a psychic duelist of my calibre to show you just how weak you are." Sayer used a Meteor of Destruction card and began calling forth fireballs to hit Crow.

Crow wasn't prepared for Sayer's Meteor of Destruction cheap and dirty trick that he was knocked down and even hurt by the fire balls however he tried not to show any pain. "So that's the way you want to play it?"

"Watch where you are aiming those things?" Kalin had to let go of Crow and jump out of the way to avoid being hit by those fireballs. However now Crow was free to either run away or fight back.