Seeing this opportunity, Crow used it to run away instead of continuing to fight Kalin and Sayer. He had to go back to see how Kage was doing and also he didn't want to admit it but he was too hurt from Sayer's attack to fight back so he ran as far as he could to the open door while everyone was distracted.

"After him don't let him escape. Guards!" Sayer shouts for Crow to stop and not leave here alive especially with all the information that Crow learned which is suppose to be Top Secret stuff.

"We have guards?" Kalin looks at Sayer strangely and wonders who he was talking to. However Kalin was not going to let Crow get away so easily so he picked up a brick and threw it at Crow's head. "Sayer, will I be able to get a gun if you want me to work in your organization?"

Crow felt dizzy and fell to his knees when he was hit with a brick. "That was a dirty shot." However eventhough he was weak he could still duel. "What kind of real duelist would want a gun and I don't want anything to do with whatever is in Wheeler's book. One thing I will say to you both is that your new organization is a crime and will fail."

Sayer hearing Kalin's question decides to respond back and tosses a loaded sniper rifle for him to use. "Do you know how to use one of these things? Don't let Crow leave here alive especially with everything he has learned."


Yusei was also worried about Crow as this was very unlike him. "Do you think I should look for Crow? Where could he have gone?"