Word travels fast about the visitor Kage in the Satellite. No one knew where she was from or who she was. Only the dragon necklace and her KC mark provided clues. However is anyone smart enough to figure this out?

Soon Luna and Leo come in to see Kage as a helpful duel monster spirits has alerted many good people about the guest staying at the satellite at Rally's house. Luna tries to talk to Kage to learn more about her. "Hi. My name is Luna. What is your name? Where are you from? Are you lost? If you are then we can help you get home."

The girl rubs her neck, "if I told you my name you might kick me out. As for where I'm from I'm from Domino City, and I'm not sure if I'm lost or not yet" speaks politely sensing somthing different.

"Domino City? Don't you mean new Domino City?" Some little kid in the crowd said that who was curious as to what is going on.

Akiza suddenly gets a strong feeling that the girl Kage was not from around here and she was trying to figure out where she was from. "Would you like us to take you to New Domino city when you feel better? You look hurt. Were you in a duel with someone?"


Hamtaro stares at a big black duel runner bike and wishes that there could be a motorcycle that is hamster size. It would be so fun and a real dream for a hamster to ride a motorcycle and feel how fast it can go.

Kalin saw a small white and orange hamster staring at his black and blue duel runner. For some unknown reason he felt sorry for the little hamster and picked up the hamster with one hand and allowed the hamster to stand on the controls of the duel runner. Unfortunately the hamster was able to turn the duel runner on and rode off at high speed all the way across the highway before crashing in to Rally's house. When it passed by a newspaper with the date on it floated slowly to Kage's lap so that she could see and realize what year she was in.