Sephiroth just looks back at the Dark Signer with no emotion. He gets his sword ready to fight whatever monster that was going to be called forth. This was a lot easier than expected and if there are no worthy opponents to fight or slaughter then he will leave soon.

Jaden really wishes that Kalin would stop using this Shadow Duel because it was even scaring him to watch. He hopes that Sephiroth can win soon so that Jaden can show everyone how to really duel like the king of games.

Kalin decided to try something different. He decided to use a machine duel monster card to see if Sephiroth can survive long enough before being sliced up or burnt up. "I summon Malefic Cyber End Dragon."

Bad memories came up in Crow's head as he remembered how the Dark Signer almost destroyed his home in the Satellite but his anger turned to laughter as he saw how scared and how big a clown Jaden was. "You are so hilarious, man."

Joey offers to help Jaden in a tag duel to face the ones that want to challenge him to a Shadow Duel because he wants to prove that he is a better duelist than Kaiba that he fears nothing.

Sayer continues smiling and observing Jaden as he knows that Jaden would be easy to brain wash. Also he would be interested to see what Joey has planned for a tag duel and if Kalin's Shadow Duel will claim more souls.

Zane was surprised to see a malefic evil version of his favorite card and all of a sudden this duel got very interesting to watch. "Good choice. Perhaps this Kalin is much better than he looks. If Jaden is still around I would like to duel him next to get revenge. I was the top student at Duel Academy yet I was never treated as nice as Jaden was by all the professors when I was there."

Sephiroth twirls his sword around and jumps out of the way just as the large three headed metal dragon shoots fire at him. He keeps dodging and waits for an opportunity to get a clear shot. "You are so weak if you need others to fight your battles for you."