Kage leans against a wall. "Nah go ahead ask me anything. I don't mind questions, it sharpens the mind after all."

As Crow watches Rally get books on Kage's historical duel with Yugi, he was extremely happy to see Kage look stronger and even agree to answer questions for all her fans here. "Please tell us every detail on how you defeated Yugi. Did he cry when you beat him? What was Seto Kaiba really like because I read that he was cold hearted. Was Joey really as annoying as they say he is?"

Rally really wanted to join Crow in asking all sorts of questions at Kage because he was a fan too as he remember hearing that Kage grew up in a poor area too just like the Satellite. Trying not to waste time, Rally took a duelist history book from Crow and gave it to Jack to read up on Kage as he wanted to go back and talk to Kage.

Jack rolls his eyes and offers the book to Kage. "Here this might help you recall the details to things they ask. Rally asks a lot of questions constantly." He speaks in a polite tone still unable to believe he was looking at a legend and about to hand them a book.

Kage laughs. "Oh Joey is more annoying than people speak of. Not many got to see how annoying he really was. As for my duel with Yugi, I never got hiis thoughts on it. He collapsed and went in to a coma straight after his life points hit zero and died an hour later." Kage frowns when asked about Seto's heart. "Now that is a lie, he never was cold hearted in fact if it wasn't for his kind heart I wouldn't have lived to be the duelist I am. Not to mention he taught me everything I know. I hate it when people say my twin brother was cold hearted."

Unknown to Satellite a reporter wearing thick glasses named Carly was snooping around looking for a story to help her get an article that her boss will like in order for her to keep her job. If she found out that Kage was here and if she could get an interview with her it could make her the most famous reporter in the world. "That's strange there is a lot of people over there. I got to get closer and get a scoop."


Kilala's broken leg still hurt and she held on tightly as she thought that the duel runner was going to fast. She was a unique cat that could understand what humans were saying and it sounded like they were going to Satellite and she just hoped that there could be a kind vet there.

Because of all the commotion and attention in Satellite at Rally's house, a security office on patrol duty went over to spy while taking pictures which would be sent over to headquarters to show people that can give them an excuse to tear down the entire Satellite area and turn it in to a tourist resort.