Rally still had more questions to ask. He wanted to know a lot more but there was now a huge crowd and line up to talk to Kage. "One last question. How was Seto Kaiba's Duel Academy like? I heard that there was student named Jaden Yuki there that was stuck there for a very long time due to poor grades."

Crow quickly tosses a book in the garbage can that had bad rumors and lies about Seto Kaiba writen by Yugi fans that he knew would upset Kage. "Did you know that the entire Satellite here are Kaiba fans? But you have to be careful outside in the big city where there are Yugi fans. Not many but there are a few who are dangerous. Don't worry we will all protect you from them."

Kage laughs. "Jaden was worse then that ,he was more annoying than Weevil Underwood not to mention he tried to get me to date him and wouldn't leave me alone even after I told him that I did have a boyfriend already." Kage looks at Crow, "I'm rather new to this time so I know very little but I'm here for a reason it seems otherwise I'd be back in my time."

"Reason? What could that be?" Crow starts to worry that there could be trouble coming soon however he and all his friends would be willing to help Kage. "If you need help we are all on your side. We may not look like much but we are an unbeatable team."