Carly manages to use her reporter instinct to get all kinds of useful information from the crowd as she fought to the front of the line to see Kage talking to Crow and Rally. Without wasting any time, Carly immediately got out her camera and began taking pictures of Kage in hopes that her boss will like.

Rally was upset at seeing Carly here and taking pictures at Kage. He tries to grab the camera away from Carly. "Hey! No pictures. Kage's visit here is suppose to be a secret until we can all find out how to help her out with her mission here."

Jack grabs Carly's camera. "Didn't you know it's against the law to take pictures of people? And for your info Carly this is our friend Raiga. She is getting ready for a cosplay convention in a few hours." Jack lies convincingly since he knows that Carly's boss will think Carly faked the photos or took photos of a cosplayer since Kage shouldn't exist in their time.

"My camera! Give me back my camera!" Carly freaks when her camera was taken away. She had extra cameras in her car but her intuition tells her that this cosplay person was suppose to be some one important. "Something tells me that there is a big scoop here. I am not leaving here until I get to the bottom of this and get my big story for my boss."


Kalin arrives and parks his duel runner at the old hideout in the B.A.D. area. He had to walk the rest of the way by carrying the injured cat and hamster in his arms. He didn't like the huge presence of the Sector Securities or the crowd of people near Rally's house but whatever it was he went over to check it out, looking to see if there was a vet or anyone who could care for the cat. "What the Hell is going on here? Who or what is inside?"

Trudge was in a bad mood because of a failure to still get another promotion despite all his hard hard working in law enforcement. He was with the group of Sector Securities and decided to take out his anger on some weird looking guy with a cat and a hamster. "You! Scram. Take your flea bag pets and get out of here or you will be arrested for trespassing. I don't what has the crowd so excited but I am here to keep things orderly which means that trash like you will need to stay out."