This site owes a lot of thanks to all the special people that has helped keep this place alive. Thank you for your contributions to this site. We can't thank you enough.

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People that we need to give thanks to for their kindness, generosity and support are listed right here. However every single person that visits this site is considered special to us.

Mad Cat: For his custom made pictures that he created just for this site and for all his great fics. Especially thanks for helping out with the forum with his SIN fics that everyone loves.

Mike the SuperBeast: For his poems, fics, reviews, his RPG, his Hell Reinvented section and for everything else that he has done to help bring this site in to existence.

Zane: For being the main admin and doing the majority of the updating on the site. For helping out with the site when everyone else is too busy or lazy to do so and especially for updating the Commissions section which he receives directly from Setsuna.

Deadeye: For all her Narrations, Vega fics, all the various Street Fighter pictures of her collection that she shares with us here and for keeping the forum alive.

Setsuna: For scanning her doujinshi books, comics and cards to be used in the picture galleries also for paying for the art commissions, site hosting and all the other related bills.

KaibaMan/Seto: For keeping the Yu-Gi-Oh fun alive in the forum with his great RPGs and ideas.

Kunzite: For currently helping out to manage the forum and site. Previously known as Dark Kingdom Assassin in the forums.

Kalin: For being a former admin in helping out with this site in managing the forums and doing the updates on the site involving the fics and galleries before he retired.

That Man: For writing a huge amount of fics and allowing them to be hosted here. Also for the technical help and his showcases in the forum.

Adam Kasugano: For being a true friend that we can always rely on for help. For his expert knowledge on EVERYTHING and for his pictures of Travis and Nancy, a HUGE amount of his Street Fighter photos that he created himself that amazed us all and along with his professional RPG fics.

Trutenor: For his Ryu X Chun-Li fics and for the idea to have Interviews.

Phoenix: For her idea to have a Pet Gallery here.

Mystic Darkness: For her awesome Cammy/Ken fics and for her Cammy artwork.

Slasher: For sending over yaoi pictures for the Dan's school of fags.

Nini: For donating all her talented Vega art work here.

Iwa: For being so generous in sending over all those extremely rare Vega pictures from her SF collection so that others can enjoy.

Sanzo: For donating all her wonderful Chun-Li art work here as well as entertaining the people on the forum with her fics. For helping out and protecting the admins.

ShinGaruda: For his entertaining Dan X Vega fics.

Nina L Sterling: For her Vega art work that has made Dan and other Vega fans so happy.

Hamtaro:For all his hamster pics in the Setsuna's pet hamster section.

Pharo Kage: For entertaining everyone in the forum with her Yu-Gi-Oh expertise, her Darkus Corp, RPGs and for writing a huge amount of fics that can be added up here.

Haruka: For being the original site owner here. Sadly Haruka has left us all due to depression and suicide. She is sadly missed by those that remember her.