Chapter 1: A Princess for Vega

At Sailor Pluto's lonely, dark and mysterious castle, an Asian woman dressed in black and white sits at her desk looking at photographs. All her so called friends had abandoned her giving her lots of time to mess with other people's lives eventhough her intentions are good. After it was announced that Pluto was no longer a planet she lost her status as a Sailor Senshi and was fired by Sailor Moon also known as Neo Queen Serenity. Even Chibi Moon stopped seeing her. Everyone had moved on with their lives. Haruka and Michiru got married and adopted Hotaru as their child. There was even a peaceful truce between the Moon Kingdom and the Dark Kingdom. They said that Queen Beryl had changed but Sailor Pluto was suspicious and when she dared to say something 'profane' she was banned from ever setting foot on the newly established Moon Kingdom. Sailor Pluto still continues to wear her old senshi uniform to this day. Looking at two photos at her desk, Sailor Pluto starts to speak out loud.

Pluto: Ryu and Chun Li. These two would make such a perfect couple but if only Ryu wasn't so shy and obsessed with nothing but the fight. All Chun Li wants is dinner and a movie with Ryu but Ryu is so dense not to notice Chun Li blushing next to him. Then there is Sakura....

Sailor Pluto then picks up a photo of Vega. Vega is well known to be the handsomest man in the world. He is a matador by day and a clawed caged street fighter by night. Every where Vega goes, there are sure to be many screaming female and male fans after him.

Pluto: But who would be worthy of your love? Where is your princess? Who is your princess?

A knock on the door is loudly heard and a tall man wearing a dark general uniform with long bluish white hair walks in. Kunzite drops a huge brief case full of cash and sits down in a chair in front of Sailor Pluto's desk.

Kunzite: Queen Beryl wants to buy more of those drugs. She says that it is helping her get what she wants from Endymion whatever that means.

Pluto: I am sorry but I am all out. Sakura came by and bought them all. She says that she needs a year's supply in one night and plans to have a very hentai night with Ryu. Now I am feeling guilty for my part. My magic should not be used for evil and what Sakura has planned for Ryu is very evil but why do I have the urge to watch and burn DVDs...... Forget that you heard that. Later on when I go to work at Shadaloo I can pick up a bottle of pills from their pharmacy there. I can't wait to go to work later on because today I get to do some dissection on the failed clones there all in the name of science.

Kunzite: So it is true that you have gone insane ever since you've lost your planet status.

Pluto: I shall also send some naked pictures of Tuxedo Mask for Queen Beryl's enjoyment as an apology.


Pluto: Sakura sends me all these pictures because she has a good network of connections. When I sell the photos I give her half of the profits.

Kunzite notices a lot of photos on Sailor Pluto's desk and noticed that she must be playing matchmaker again. A very dangerous hobby especially for the victims involved.

Kunzite: There are lots of out of control fans out there that like to pair certain characters together but you are the worse!

Pluto: Huh? You think so? Then give me one good reason why Ryu and Chun Li should not be together.... Besides Sakura.... And the fact that Ryu is hottest sex object to ever exist.

Kunzite: ..........

Sailor Pluto finds herself unable to stop staring at the photo of Vega in her hand. She just had to find a way to help Vega out for all the misdeeds that she did to him in the past with Dan.

Kunzite: What's a Dan?

Pluto: You don't want to know. However if you can dye your hair blond, braid it and learn how to yodel like a girl.... Then Dan can get his Saikyo back on. How are you with climbing fences?

Kunzite: ??????????????????????????

Pluto: Is it really wrong to use Dan as a secret weapon like this because even to this day all the men in Shadaloo shivers at hearing the man in pink's name.

Sailor Pluto could not help herself for smiling and staring at Kunzite which made him feel very nervous especially since he saw the large pair of scissors that she had on her desk. He had heard rumors about Pluto's recent insanity and nervously crossed his legs hoping that he would not lose something important to him down below.

Pluto: Why do you look so scared? I am not going to bite and do not believe what other people say about me. You have my word that you will leave here in one piece.

Kunzite: Sorry it is just that..... AM I EVEN SAFE TO BE HERE?!?!?!

Pluto: You think I am crazy? You should see Bison and all his twisted daily plans of world domination. Now that's crazy. However I don't question what he does as long as I get my fat paycheck for working as a mad scientist in his sinister psycho lab. This is must better than doing charity work when I was working as an Outer Senshi and getting beaten up for free. But enough about me. Tell me something, Kunzite.... Have you ever thought of becoming a matador and taking yodeling lessons? You really would look better in tights, with a mask and as a blond with braided hair.....

Kunzite: ??????????????????????????

Sailor Pluto couldn't resist and had a crazy idea in the back of her mind at how she can turn this man in to the next 'Vega' chew toy for Dan. It will be a glorious day to see Dan rise again to taunt, smile, stretch, drill and burn Saikyo love. Of course Kunzite would be killed instantly but as long as Dan is happy then that is all that matters. It will take a lot of work but Sailor Pluto would love to try out the new experimental drugs that she had recently developed to help speed up the process. Suddenly a photo from Sailor Pluto's desk drops to the ground which snapped her out of her trance. Sailor Pluto picks up the photo and as she looks at it an even bigger smile lights up her face. She quickly takes out a pack of cards from her pocket. Hoping that this could be the right one she slowly levitates one card out of the deck and smiles at the result.

Pluto: This is it! I have finally found her! The perfect match for Vega.

Kunzite: Are you crazy? You think Chun Li is the perfect match for Vega? Ryu X Chun Li fans are going to kill you!


At Ryu's dojo, Ryu is meditating in a pond of water as he prepares for the next fight. Sakura sneaks up from behind and bashes his head with a baseball bat knocking Ryu unconscious. Sakura giggles with delight as she then shoves a bunch of Viagra and rape pills down Ryu's throat. Sakura aggressively kisses Ryu on his lips that cuts off his air circulation and then slowly drags him inside the dojo.

Chun Li: What's going on here? Sakura, you little flat chested whore! What did you do to Ryu?

Chun Li points a fully loaded gun at Sakura.

Sakura: Leave me and my man alone, old lady! Go iron out the wrinkles in your face and get the cataracts in your eyes checked because it is plain as day that Ryu loves me!

Sakura turns around and quickly whips out a roundhouse kick at Chun Li's hand to knock the gun away. Sakura leaps at Chun Li but Chun Li kicks Sakura back with her lightning kick and the two continue fighting over Ryu as Ryu slept peacefully in his drugged coma.


Chun Li finally gets the upper hand and used one of her strongest attack move to throw Sakura out of the dojo. Exhausted, Chun Li quickly runs over to an unconscious Ryu. The back of Ryu's head was bleeding and his breathing was shallow. Tears continued to run down Chun Li's bruised cheeks as she drops down to her knees and hugs Ryu in her chest to keep him warm in her bosom.

Chun Li: Oh, Ryu. I am so sorry. This is all my fault. It is because of all this fighting between Sakura and I that you are like this. Please forgive me, Ryu.

Still unable to stop crying, Chun Li took off her jacket and rolled it up to be used as a pillow for Ryu to rest his head on. Chun Li managed to find a blanket nearby and used it to cover Ryu up as she sat next to him, waiting impatiently for him to recover and wake up. Chun Li could not stand to see Ryu hurt as she has loved this man the very first day that she laid eyes on him. Chun Li had no idea that soon they would all have to work together as a team because Bison is again plotting his latest world domination scheme this time more sinister than before.