Chapter 1: The Wedding

The Wedding Chapel:

[A forced wedding is taking place for Vega and Dan. Vega was completely tied down with chains and his hands were handcuffed to his back.]

Dan: Now it is our turn, Vega, my love.

Vega: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I will never marry Dan Hibiki! Help me!

[Cammy hits Vega with the club she was carrying and forces Vega up to the stage with Dan. Dan was wearing a pink wedding dress and Vega was wearing a pink tuxedo. It was the perfect gay wedding. Vega tries to run away but Cammy grabbed Vega's chains and pulled him next to Dan. ]

Minister: Ahem. Do you, Dan Hibiki, take Vega to be your husband?

Dan: Yes, I do. A million times yes! I love my Vega so very much!

[Dan giggles with delight.]

Minister: And do you, Vega, take Dan to be your husband?

Vega: Fuck no! I hate Dan! I hate you all!

[Cammy smashes Vega's head with the club.]

Cammy: He says yes.

Minister: Then I now pronounce you man and husband.

Dan: We did it, Vega, my love! Come give your husband Dan a big kissy wissy!


[Dan cries a loud saikyo taunt for victory as he rolled all over the stage, stopping just inches away from Vega. Dan was so happy as he pulled Vega over and kissed him. Dan then turned Vega around and gave him the saikyo drill causing Vega to yodel his lungs out in pain.]

Cammy: Now now, you two. Save that for the honeymoon.


Shadowlaw headquarters:

[Bison taunts and laughs at Dan who is inside a dark cell. Bison stands outside the cell with his crew of evil scientists. ]

Dan: I want my Vega! Let me out of here! WAAAAHHHHH!!!!! I want my Vega!

Bison: You, Dan, are just the weapon I need to help Shadowlaw take over the world. When my plan is complete I will be invincible. No one will dare oppose me. Finally world domination shall be mine.

Dan: Vega!!!!!! My Vega will save me. Where are you, Vega, my love? Your Dan needs you.

Bison: Vega will not come to save you..... You belong to Shadowlaw now and you will do our bidding!

Dan: No! You lie! VEEEEGAAAA!!!!

Bison: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

[Dan cries and cries. His pink gi is soaked wet from his tears as he cries for his one true love Vega.]


Bison: Ha, ha, ha. Prepare the equipment! Operation World Domination is about to begin. With the power of Dan Hibiki at my command, nothing will stop me!

Dan: VEGA!!!!!! Where is my VEGA!!!!

Bison: Cry all you want for Vega. He can't hear you. No one can.

[Where was Vega? Vega was actually enjoying his freedom doing what he loves to do best. Bull fighting. Vega dances in the meadows with the bulls while celebrating being free of Dan. A bull gored Vega in the back but Vega felt no pain, just pure happiness from being free of Dan. Vega drops to the ground to look up at the sky, happily gazing at the floating clouds. Vega sighs peacefully and closes his eyes. However is this really the end of Dan or could there be something even worse in the horizon?]