Chapter 3: Pink Gi Day

Back on Earth:

[All the men were indeed wearing pink gis. Dan prances around and sings Saikyo songs to the very terrified Vega. Cammy is having a big party at her house for Dan.]

Ken: Dan is going to kill all us men and you women think it is funny.

Cammy: All you men are like mice when you see Dan. What do you see Dan as? A rabid pitbull?

Vega: No, more like a gay poodle in a pink dress that just won't let go of my ass!

Dan: Vega! Time for Dan to chew and kiss your cute assy wassy!


Dan: Dan is so very very happy! Yes, Dan is! Vega, my love, hold Dan's hand and sing with Dan! Dan just loves Pink gi day! Don't you too, Vega, my love?


[Dan tries to hold Vega's hand but Vega runs as fast as he can away from Dan until Cammy fires a tranquilizer gun to slow Vega down. Cammy grabs Vega and tosses him back to a happy Dan.]

Cammy: I wonder if I can ask Setsuna to make time stand still so that every day will be Pink gi day!

Setsuna: I can gladly do that.

Vega: Don't you dare! I will fucking kill you if you do so!!!!!

Dan: Dan would like that very much! Vega, my love, kiss your Dan!

Vega: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Why do you all hate me so much?

[Zangief who did not seem to have a problem wearing the pink gi confesses a big hidden secret.]

Zangief: I like wearing the pink gi.

[Silence. All eyes were on Zangief.]

Ken: Dude, are you gay?

Zangief: Yes........ And, Dan, I want to join the Saikyo dojo. I think the pink gi looks cool.

[Dan's eyes burst in to tears as he began crying loudly in Saikyo fashion. Vega tried crawling away but Cammy kicks him back to Dan.]

Dan: Dan is so very happy today. More people expressing their love for the pink gi and soon everyone will want to learn my Saikyo style karate! ROSHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

[Dan shouts his loud Saikyo taunting cry. His eyes were streaming with tears, his fist was shaking up in the air and the pink gi was glistening in the sunlight. The sound that all men fear. As everyone was distracted, Vega tackles Guile to the ground and took control of his gun.]

Vega: Good bye, cruel world, and most importantly good bye, Dan! Time to end this now!

[Vega points the gun towards his own chest and pulls the trigger to commit suicide. But something went wrong. The bullet froze in midair and the air all around began to get cold and lifeless.]

Setsuna: No you don't, Vega! Don't be so foolish to take your life away because Dan loves you very much and you are doomed to an eternity of loving Dan.

[Setsuna had stopped time right before the bullet could hit and kill Vega. She grabs the bullet in midair and then lets time flow and return back to normal.]

Cammy: Setsuna, good work!

Setsuna: Free yaoi porn... The entertainment just doesn't get any better!

Cammy: You really do have a one track mind.

Vega: You goddamn fucking bitch! I'll kill you!

[ Dan grabs Vega by his long braided hair and pulls him in for a big hug.]

Vega: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Why won't you all let me die?

[Dan puckers up his lips hoping to get a big kiss from Vega.]

Dan: Vega, my love! You've been very bad and need your spanking.


[Dan slaps Vega's ass with his Koryuken and Saikyo drills Vega putting on a good yaoi show as always.]

Zangief: Can I try that on Vega too, Master  Dan?

Dan: Master Dan? I love the sound of that!

[Dan drilled Vega even harder, Vega screams in pain even louder and blood poured out of Vega's ass even faster.]

Setsuna: Rape Vega harder, Dan! And please, Vega, scream with more feeling. I want to see more blood coming out of that feminine ass! Work that ass harder and with more passion! Vega, you better be screaming Dan's name really loud tonight or else you will disappoint all your yaoi fans.

[Vega yodeled his painful, high pitched scream so loudly that everything made of glass in Cammy's house shattered and broke.]

Setsuna: It's so beautiful. I need a tissue. Sniff. Cheers to Dan and Vega, and for many more years of happy yaoi ass drilling to come!

[All the other men were sighing with relief, glad that they were not Vega and hoping this Pink gi day will end soon.]

Dan: Vega, my love! Give me a big hug!

Vega: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!

[Dan happily does his Dan-ku-kyaku on Vega's ass. Vega screams with fright.]

Cammy: Awwwww.... That's so cute. Look at how much Dan and Vega are in love.

[Dan happily does his Ko-ryu-ken on Vega's ass. Vega cries out in bloody pain.]

Sakura: Awwwwww... How adorable. Dan and Vega are perfect for each other. That is real true love.

[Dan happily does his Gadouken on Vega's ass. Vega cries for mercy.]

Cammy: Awwwwwww..... Isn't that sweet. Look at how strong Dan's feelings for Vega are. Dan just hates to be separated from Vega's ass.

[Dan happily does his Hisso-buraiken up Vega's ass. Vega begs to be killed.]

Setsuna: Awwww... Here comes the famous Saikyo drill! Will you look at that! Dan just disappeared up Vega's ass. Oh? Dan just came out of Vega's ass! Look at him go! He's repeatedly shoving himself up Vega's ass with his Ko-ryu-rekka! Go, Dan, go and flatten Vega like a pancake!

Cammy: Oh, dear. I'm going to have a hard time using a plunger to unclog Dan from out of Vega's ass. But for now, everyone enjoy the yaoi show and cheers for Vega and Dan!

[Glasses of red wine were poured out and given out to everyone as a toast was made to Dan and his Vega.]