All star dueling tournament: Part 5

Kaiba reaches in to his pocket and throws a huge wad of cash at Zane enough to make him shut up and happy for awhile. He starts to be suspicious that Zane probably has a very bad drug addiction since he is always asking for so much money but it doesn't matter Zane was a good body guard and with him here no one has bothered Kaiba for a duel or anything that was a waste of his time.

Genesis searches for his name on the list hoping that he could have a fight against someone like Sephiroth or Zack, someone that would be a worthy opponent because he would feel bad about beating up a little kid with cards.

Sephiroth sees Genesis at the tournament and many other faces he knew. He checks his name on the list of fights to see who his opponent was and smiles as he knew that his opponent is going to be very easy to defeat. Sephiroth watches Ken leave the stage and looks forward to fighting Ken in the finals as he was going to destroy Ken's over confidence and put an end to his winning streak.

Hamtaro's match was next and when he saw that his opponent was a duelist named Joey with a big mouth, the hamster jumped up at Joey and shred his cards to pieces. Hamtaro continued biting Joey until the human ran away scared making Hamtaro the winner. The hamster wipes his face with his paws to look cute for Setsuna.

"Long time no see, my friends. Hope I get to fight you both in the tournament to see who is the strongest soldier of them all." Zack hugs both Sephiroth and Genesis from behind with a cheerful smile, catching them both off guard. This tournament was like no other he has seen but he loved the challenge because if he was unable to use a sword he would adapt by using those cards that he seen some of the people carrying. Only thing is he didn't know how to use those cards but he was a quick learner.

"Congratulations." Setsuna picks up Hamtaro and gives him a congratulations hug for beating Joey. She watches Zack hug Sephiroth and Genesis and smiles at the happy reunion among friends. "The toughest person that everyone has to look out for is Vega because his claws are sharp and his speed makes him a hard target to hit."

James pushes a trolley with a bbq grill out of the cafeteria of Kaiba Corp and to the stadium where the tournament was being held. He sees a floating Kuriboh and throws it in the grill, while sprinking it with a dash of weed, turning it in to a duel monster hamburger to sell to his waiting customers. "Monster weed burgers. Come and get your monster weed burgers. Only 5 dollars."

Zane waits patiently as he watches the matches before him end in brutality. He shakes his head in disgrace at some people's lack of honor. Zane sees Yugi and then realizes that he would have a duel with the legendary king of games which made him happy since Zane always wanted to test his dueling skills with the one that was a legend among duelists. "Yugi, our match is up next and I am going to find out if you really are as good as they say you are. You were able to slay the Blue Eyes White Dragons of Kaiba with ease but can you do the same with my Cyber Dragons? I don't think so because I've studied your moves inside out."