All star dueling tournament: Part 6

"What beautiful matches. Do any of the losers want to be my student? I can make you in to winners!" Dan shouts at all the defeated contestants who are in the hospital recovering. He shouted, danced and showed examples of Saikyo style karate until the nurses picked him up and threw him out of the hospital.

Hamtaro hisses loudly at Zane and Yugi for talking too much as no one wants to hear about them talking about their cards. If they start the match, Hamtaro will attack them both and shred all their cards to pieces.

"Stop wasting everyone's time!" Ken slaps both Yugi and Zane as he was so pissed at having the two of them talk about their cards when they should be fighting that it made him very mad until Ken realized that he slapped Yugi too hard. Yugi was lying on the ground and bleeding from the head. Ken stares closer, kicking him a bit to make him move. "I think he's dead."

"Jee jee jee." Vega laughs as he saw Ken punch Yugi in the head. It was the funniest fight he has ever seen. Now Vega hopes that the next fight will be worth his time watching.

Zack looks at Sephiroth and Genesis and realized that they haven't fought in the tournament yet so the next match would probably involve one of them. Zack would like to fight Genesis but he would be okay to fight Sephiroth too in a sword fight for old time's sake. He just didn't want to fight a duelist because he doesn't have the heart to fight them like how Ken did.

"Do you have something to complain to my face?" Ken glares angrily at the duelists and duel monsters that were talking about suing and having him banned from the tournament due to his perceived cruel treatment towards duelists. "I thought so." Ken saw them all go silent and walks off stage as the clean up crew prepare the stage for the next fight.

Hamtaro looks at Sephiroth and believes that he would fight next. He had better not shame the team by losing to the punk Zack or a duelist because only after a few more matches the final will take place. Hamtaro smiles like a happy hamster as he was glad that Ken has the same attitude of dealing with duelists that he does too.

The next fight was being announced and Genesis was happy to hear who was going to be fighting in the next match. Genesis was going to fight Sephiroth and he smiled as he flicked his sword. "Soon I will prove to everyone that I am the best SOLDIER fighter in the world and what better way then by defeating you." Genesis walks to the center of the fighting stage where the match was about to take place and waits for his opponent. He couldn't wait, all his life he wanted to fight and defeat Sephiroth but was never able to beat him. Now could be his chance hearing that Sephiroth has been slacking off.