All star dueling tournament: Part 9

Zack fought next against a mystery fighter, luckily for him it was a newbie and Zack was able to win easily in under ten minutes. He shook the hand of the person he fought with to thank him for a good fight. Zack's fight was the last of the preliminaries and now the finals can begin as many people are looking forward to Joey and Pharo Kage's fight.

"It's okay. It's all up to Hamtaro now to win the tournament because I really want that trophy." Setsuna pats Sephiroth's head to comfort him as she knew losing the fight to Genesis must be difficult and humilating for him.

"TIME FOR ME TO SHOW U UR PLACE U MUTT!" Kage and Joey start the duel. Joey goes first and pulls off a combo to get Red Eyes on the field, then Kage draws and make a beter combo to get Blue Eyes Shining Dragon, Uria and Mirror Force. In one turn Kage beats Joey all in a single move, Joey falls to his knees as if bowing. "Too easy u make Weevil look like a pro league duelist. Joey, I don't know who is worse, u or that weakling midget friend of yours Yugi "shorty" Muto . Kage raises her hand up as a sign of victory.

James who was with Seto Kaiba cooks up his favorite gourmet seafood dish. As he hands him over some shrimp balls covered in fresh weed he talks to the CEO of Kaiba Corp, greatful to have a job working as his personal chef. "Why don't you fight Zane? You know make a bet with him that if you duel him and win then the debt will be over!"

Hamtaro hisses angrily at Sephiroth for his failure and he promises Setsuna that he would win the tournament. To make sure that he is champion, Hamtaro runs to see Seto Kaiba and hears him and James talking about fighting Zane. Hamtaro climbs up on the desk and offers Seto to fight and shred Zane to pieces if Seto doesn't want to be bothered with fighting Zane.

Zane would love to have a duel with Seto Kaiba, to humilate him and also to prove that the Cyber Dragon is more powerful than the Blue Eyes White Dragon. He listened to James talk to Kaiba and ignored the mad hamsters. "I agree to those terms, Kaiba. If you win then you will no longer owe me any more money and I'll be your body guard for free. BUT if I win you hand over your company to me."

When Genesis regains consciousness, he awakens very angry as he thinks he has lost a fight to Sephiroth again. The pain of humilation was worse than the pain from his body until someone tells him that he won the fight and Sephiroth lost for breaking the rules. Smiling, Genesis stands up and points a rude finger at Sephiroth. "Loser! At last I finally got the victory I deserve."