All star dueling tournament: Part 11

Ken stares at the ridiculous amount of security for this tournament and thinks it is really unnecessary for a simple card game. He hopes the fight between Seto and Zane will be over soon so he can fight Vega next. "If this is going to be a long match I'm going to find a place to sleep and conserve my energy to my fight with Vega."

Hassleberry was very excited to see Kaiba duel because at the yellow dorm there was great talk about his legendary dueling skills and to go up against Zane would he be a worthy opponent like Yugi was. Dan sees Seto Kaiba and shouts loudly hoping that he can be heard. Dan wishes that Kaiba could be his student because someone as famous as he is can bring a lot of attention to the Saikyo dojo.

Setsuna hoped that Kaiba would not need their help however if he was in trouble she will do her job as a guardian and protect him from Zane.

Genesis was going to enjoy every moment of his victory as all these many many many years of hard training fueled by his anger, jealousy and determination he finally defeated Sephiroth. He didn't have much interest in continuing in the tournament much farther as all he wanted to do was defeat Sephiroth in battle in front of the world and he did it.

"My deck has been modified since the last time we met Kaiba. It is a lot more powerful and ready to take you down." Zane draws a card and then sets one trap card face down while summoning his new Cyberdark Edge. But this was no ordinary Cyberdark Edge. It had a new special effect that forced Kaiba's Blue Eyes White Dragon to be transferred to the grave yard and then had its life sucked out by the Cyberdark Edge. "How do you like that Kaiba? I bet that you are now powerless without your precious Blue Eyes."

Sephiroth noticed the powerful monster that Zane had summoned and he saw it destroy and put Kaiba's favorite Blue Eyes White Dragon at its mercy. He looks at Kaiba from behind waiting for word to act as if he gets the order to, he would be the one most capable to commit murder and kill Zane as Setsuna and Hamtaro probably have a conscience and would think twice before acting.

Hamtaro sits quietly and eats sunflower seeds. He wasn't the least bit worried, if he was told to by Setsuna he would shred up the cards and duel monsters in under a minute. He was a much more vicious hamster than any human can imagine.

Seto instead of looking scared or angry just smiled as he wasn't worried about Zane's move. In fact he expected Zane to attack and destroy his Blue Eyes White Dragon knowing of Zane's hatred towards his dragons. He thanks his sister Shadius for the new cards but wanted to try other strategies first before he activated a virus trap card that destroyed all of Zane's monsters on the field. "So you are modifying your cards? That's cheating and that is pathetic."

"Less talking and more fighting." Ken raised his voice loudly at the crowd as he saw that Seto finally made his move and hopefully this card duel will end soon so he can fight Vega next and win with his flaming shoryuken.

Lucario watches the fight with his sharp vision and he believes that Kaiba must have some tricks up his sleeve against Zane. Perhaps Zane is too young and foolish to challenge Kaiba. Hamtaro eats sunflower seeds as he watches the fight. He saw Seto Kaiba taking control of the duel as if he doesn't care what happens to the Blue Eyes White Dragon showing that he was cured from his obsession with this card. "Maybe Kaiba doesn't need our help after all."