All star dueling tournament: Part 13

Sephiroth observes Vega and Ken's fight. This was no doubt what everyone here was waiting for. The fight was furious and the cage was not able to hold on much longer, if the cage breaks then Vega could lose his advantage. Hamtaro hisses at Ken wanting Vega to win because he remembers Vega's kindness when he was a little hamster for giving him some seeds when he was a young homeless ham.

"Shoryuken!" Ken punches Vega in the chest so hard that he slams Vega to the cage and the cage breaks. He drops down to the ground and cracks his knuckles waiting to punch Vega again until the crowd was getting very angry at what he just did to Vega.

Uria senses the violence and anger among the Vega fans. If Vega doesn't have a victory they could destroy the place apart. Genesis also felt the fear as Vega fans spoke of death threats to Ken and shouts in support of Vega's victory. There will be great consequences if Vega does not regain his honor and win.

Ken was started to get worried of the crowd but would not give up on the fight. He wanted to win. Dan shouts loudly to offer his support for Vega to win. He hoped to get on Vega's good side so that he could help him advertise his Saikyo dojo. "Vega, fight back gainst Ken! You can do it. I get punched all the day and I always manage to stand back up and continue the fight."

Vega laughs behinds his mask at Ken. He feels so much more confident now that he knows the entire crowd was supporting him. With a loud yodel, Vega rolls and does some fancy claws slashes at Ken till he was dizzy enough to faint. When Vega was victorious, he stands over Ken and removes his mask. Vega yodels loudly to celebrate his victory.

Zane packs up and leaves the tournament. It was over. Vega was the champion of the tournament by decision of the crowd. No one can argue with the huge army of Vega fans about that. Feeling that there was nothing else he could do here, he leaves to go to another city where there could be other duels that he can fight and improve himself on. When he comes back Zane plans to make Setsuna his.