Ryu clones

"How could he?" Sakura is in her room crying. She had just found out that Ryu dumped her for Chun Li. Sakura punches the wall and cries even harder. On top of the drawer was a photo of Ryu inside a mini picture frame. Sakura picks up the photo and throws it on the floor as it breaks, shattering small pieces of glass all over the floor, just like how her heart has been shattered. "Damn you, Chun Li!"


At Ryu and Chun Li's engagement party, Chun Li is very happy to be wearing Ryu's ring. Sakura storms in to the room holding a rolled up newspaper. She uses the newspaper to slap Chun Li across the face. "You slut bitch! How low can you go? Now you have announced your marriage to MY Ryu on the newspapers so the whole world knows about this sin?" Sakura cries and grabs on to the front of Ryu's Karate uniform. "Ryu, please don't do this to me! You've been my idol and true love since I was a little girl. What has Chun Li got that I don't? So what if she is much older, more beautiful, more intelligent, more caring, more nice, more honest and a much more better person than me."

Ryu pushes Sakura away from him. "I love Chun Li, I always have and I always will. Chun Li is the only one for me." Ryu pulls Chun Li in for a deep kiss to show Sakura just how much he loves Chun Li. Sakura bursts in to tears and throws a temper tantrum. "Sakura, I knew that you would act this way so I have a surprise for you." Two Ryu clones walk out of the crowd of fighters to Sakura. Ryu introduces the two clones. "This is Ryu2 and Ryu3. I had myself cloned and Ryu2 belongs to you, Sakura." Sakura blinks in disbelief.

"I was created to serve and love you, Sakura." Ryu2 kisses Sakura who drops the newspaper in her hand. Sakura smiled happily, she closes her eyes and enjoys her long awaited kiss with Ryu. Finally her dreams have come true. She has a Ryu. A clone of Ryu but it is still Ryu and this Ryu is all hers.

"Ryu, I don't understand this? I know you created one clone of yourself for Sakura but who is the other clone, Ryu3, for?" Chun Li looks at Ryu3 in confusion. Ryu hugged Chun Li gently but did not answer her question.

"I can explain that." Ken smiled as he holds Ryu3's hand.

"I was created to be Ken's bitch." Ryu3 smiled back at Ken as he squeezed Ken's hand tightly and affectionately. Ryu3 bends over for Ken as everyone looks on in shock. "How's this?"

"Perfect and what's everyone looking at?" Ken starts to have fun with his new love Ryu3. Dan gives his thumbs up approval for Ken and Ryu3. Now both Sakura and Ken have their very own Ryu, but Chun Li owns the original Ryu. Everyone is happy for now.