Chun Li and Ryu renew their vows

Chun Li looks out the window of their humble home and watches Ryu leave for another fighting tournament. Chun Li sighs. Marrying Ryu had made her the happiest woman in the world but Chun Li just wishes that she could spend more time with her husband.

"Oh, Ryu. Today is out anniversary and you had to spend it at the fighting arena. Is the fight that important to you? Is the fight more important than me?"

Chun Li wishes that Ryu would be more committed to their marriage. There are times when Chun Li believes that all Ryu cares about is the fight and the fight is the only thing that matters. Chun Li continues looking out the window waiting for Ryu to return. Hours pass, still no Ryu. Night appears and a tear slowly slid down Chun Li's cheek.

"Ryu, how could you forget about our anniversary?"

Chun Li goes to the dining table and lights two candles. She sits down on one chair and looks across the table at the empty space where Ryu was suppose to be. Chun Li fell asleep and didn't hear the door bell ring. Ryu used the key to open the door and closed it quietly. He walks to Chun Li and slowly wakes Chun Li up with a soft kiss on the lips. "Wake up, sleeping beauty."

"Ryu?" Chun Li lifts her head and sees Ryu. Chun Li becomes speechless at what she saw. Ryu was carrying a huge bouquet of roses, a box of chocolates and a small jewelry box. "Ryu, you remembered our anniversary!"

"Of course I remembered the most important day of our lives. I love you, Chun Li. I love you so very much." Ryu places the roses in the water filled vase and the box of chocolates on the table. Ryu opens the jewelry box and shows a gold heart pendant locket inside. "I hope you like it."

"Oh, Ryu. I love you too. I'm so happy." Chun Li opens up the heart pendant and saw a mini photo of their wedding picture inside along with an inscription that said you will be in my heart forever. Chun Li is overjoyed. "I don't know what to say."

Ryu kisses Chun Li slowly and passionately. A kiss that seemed to last forever. Ryu broke off the kiss and spoke to Chun Li. "For the rest of the week we are going to act as a true husband and wife in love. I got two tickets to your favorite violin composer, I know how you love classical music."

"But don't you have a fighting match with Guile tomorrow?" Chun Li was a little confused.

"I don't care. Chun Li, never doubt my love for you. I cancelled the fight with Guile. Nothing is as important to me as spending quality time with my wife. Chun Li, I love you much more than the fight." Ryu held Chun Li's two hands in his own. Finally Ryu told Chun Li the words that she wanted to hear since day one. That she is more important to Ryu than the fight and he meant it from the bottom of his heart. "You are my life, Chun Li, you are so much more important than some meaningless fight."

"Oh, Ryu! I love you, so much!" Chun Li jumped up in Ryu's arms and hugged Ryu tightly. Chun Li couldn't be happier.