Aura Chapter 1

Cammy paced around the room nervously / I don't know if I should do this…. /

She sat on the bed then stood up again /alright….if I ever want this to happen I have to do this now…..I just hope it's the right thing to do… / She closed her eyes concentrated then open her eyes again feeling a little more confident.

"Okay…" She said aloud to herself and walked out of the bedroom door then looked over the stair railing at Ken she didn't want him to see her just yet so she moved back "K-ken could you come up here for a minute?" She said sweetly she heard him stand up then she turned around went back into her room and closed the door a crack.

Ken walked up the stairs / I wonder what's going on? / He thought then he walked in her room and froze at what he saw. Cammy was half sitting and half lying in the bed with her legs crossed wearing a very small red silk nightgown that hardly covered any of her body he stopped moving completely and began to stare at her. Cammy had an aroused look on her face that was turning him on Ken started to walk towards her but he stopped suddenly /wait….something is different about her…. /

He let out a small gasp when he realized what it was / Cammy is in her dark aura form…. / Cammy who was becoming impatient stood up and walked over to him. Ken was still staring at her in shock / I didn't even know she had a dark aura… / Cammy looked at him for a long time and Ken could see that she was getting angry because he was just staring at her Cammy stood on her tiptoes and pressed her lips against his lightly. Ken who was still in shock didn't move or kiss her back / I don't think I should do this while she's in this form…. / Cammy wanted him now and him standing there wasn't going to do anything to please her she started to crouch down so that she could put him in her mouth. When Ken saw what she was about to do he jump and backed against the wall which was only two steps behind him. Cammy straightened up and anger spread across her face she closed her eyes concentrated and the dark aura came off. Ken was even more shocked / she can control it? /

"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?" Cammy screamed forgetting that Chun-li and Ryu were in the next room sleeping

He continued to look at her

"Why won't you f**k me?" Ken opened his mouth to respond but no sound came out

"Is my body not good enough for you Ken?"

"Ca-" the rest of his words were stuck in his throat.

"Do you want me Ken?"

Ken tried to say yes but it didn't come out

Tears of anger started to fill Cammy's eyes "I guess that's a no" She whispered feeling hurt then she walked away from him and went into the bathroom. She came out ten minutes later fully dressed then she started to open the drawers where her clothes were and put them all in her bags. Ken watched her / S-she's leaving….. /

She finished then brushed pass him and left the room. Ken followed her and somehow got his voice back "Cammy you don't have to leave"

She ignored him and continued making her way to the door /now he talks…. /

Cammy walked to the door and Ken lightly grabbed her arm "Cammy it's three o'clock in the morning please at least stay until tomorrow I don't want anything to happen to you"

She snatched her arm out of his grasp "Like you'd give a damn" she snapped bitterly then walked out the door and slammed it behind her.

Ken stood there staring at the door feeling insulted / She thinks I don't have feelings for her…. / He heard Cammy's car pull off and he felt as if she took his heart with her. Ken slowly turned around and began to stare at the floor. He didn't notice Chun-li come down the stairs she put her hand on his shoulder

"Ken are you okay?" she asked him softly


"What's wrong?" He slowly lifted his head up and looked at her and she saw that he looked shocked, confused and hurt all at the same time

"…..Cammy just left me…." he said hardly whispering

Chun-li felt saddened for him she wrapped her arms around him Ken slowly hugged her back still in shock because it all happened so fast.


Cammy drove home with tears in her eyes she got out of her car locked it and went into her house she took her keys and threw them angrily in the corner of her bedroom then took out the ponytail that she had put in earlier and collapsed on her bed and started to cry / why doesn't he want me….Is it meant for me not to be wanted? / She asked and cried herself to sleep.


Ken let go of Chun-li and she looked at him "Are you okay now?" she asked gently

"…..not really but I'll be fine" / I hope… /

Chun-li knew he wouldn't be but she decided not to push him further "…Okay" she turned around and began to walk upstairs then she looked back at Ken who was still standing in the same spot looking at the floor. / Cammy how could you do this to him….. / Chun-li thought and went back into her and Ryu's room and softly closed the door. Ken made his way to the couch and sat down he frowned then got up and went into his room that Cammy was staying in, he looked around then walked over to the bed and laid down / Cammy….. / was the last thing he thought before he dozed off to sleep.