Aura Chapter 2

~A week or so later Cammy was still mad at Ken~

Ken looked around his empty house wishing Cammy was there with him he looked at the phone and decided he should try to call her again he went to the phone dialed her number and hoped she would pick it up.


Ken waited


The phone stopped ringing "Hello?"

"Cammy it's Ken"

Cammy frowned "Why are you calling me?"

"Cammy I-"

"Ken I told you already leave me alone" Cammy said cutting him off

"Cammy would you please just listen to me?"

Cammy started to get angry "No Ken you listen to me, you have no idea how much courage it took me to make myself that vulnerable to you"

"Cammy I'm sorry it's just-"

Cammy cut him off again "Just what Ken? Am I not attractive enough for you? Is that why you looked at me as if I was a complete lunatic when I came on to you?"

"Cammy you're more than attractive enough for me it's just when I saw you I-"

Cammy ignoring everything he just said cut him off once again "Ken I don't have time for your bulls**t, I told you once before and I'll tell you again don't call me anymore" she said angrily and hung up the phone

Ken hung up the phone "How the hell am I supposed to apologize to her if she keeps hanging up on me?" He asked himself angrily he stood up got dressed picked up his keys went to his car and drove to Cammy's house.

When he got there he went to her door and rung the bell Cammy came to the door with her hair let down wearing a mini skirt and a halter top when she saw Ken she frowned "Why are you here I told you t-"

"Cammy I'm sorry if I hurt you"

"Sorry? All you can say is your sorry you don't know the pain you put me through"

"I already said I'm sorry Cammy, what more do you want from me?"

"I want you to realize that you hurt me Ken, you made me feel like an unwanted slut that only has her body to offer" Cammy said feeling her tears come to the surface

Ken reached over to Cammy and embraced her tenderly "Cammy I never meant to make you feel that way I'm sorry. I know me saying sorry is never going to take that pain away from you but I swear to you I would die to keep you from feeling that way ever again I love you can you please forgive me?"

Cammy started to cry into his chest "Ken I should be the one saying sorry to you I over reacted and I shouldn't have so yes I will forgive you because I love you too much to live with out you anymore" Cammy said between sobs.

Ken slowly pulled Cammy away from him wiped her tears away then kissed her affectionately they broke this kiss a few minutes later

Cammy looked at him and realized they were still standing in the doorway "Do you want to come in?"

Ken followed her into her house and looked at her outfit again "Why are you all dressed up?"

Cammy looked at her clothes "I'm supposed to go somewhere with Chun-li" Ken looked at the floor


Then the phone rang Cammy picked it up

"Hello?" Cammy waited

"Yeah I'm on my way now"


"Bye" Cammy hung up the phone and Ken was still staring at the floor thinking / I wonder if sh- /

"Ken?" Cammy said interrupting his train of thoughts

He looked at her

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah" He looked around "I guess I should go now"


Ken turned around and left his mind still somewhere else. Cammy looked after him when he left / What was that about? /

Ken got in his car and drove home then he went to the phone and called Ryu


"Ryu did you know Cammy has a dark aura?"

Ryu thought for a minute "No it never came up how do you know about it?"

"Cammy used it a week ago"

"On you?"


"Did she attack you?"

"No she wanted me to sleep with her"

Ryu stopped "Hold on a minute what?"

"Somehow she knows how to control it"

"And she wanted you to sleep with her"


"Did you?'

"No that's why she wasn't speaking to me"

"Well you know we all do have them"


"Dark auras"

"You know how to control yours?"

"No but I know how to bring it out"

"So how do you change back?"

"I sleep"


"It's just that when I use it I can't be around Chun-li because I don't know what'll happen if I do"

Ken thought for a minute "Have you two slept together yet?"

Ryu turned red "N-no"

"Do you want to?"

"….what do you think?"

"I take that as a yes"

"Why is this important?"

"Well dark auras are evil right?"


"So when you're around her in that form you might…."

"Might what?"

"…rape her"

"….that's true"

Ken thought again "Teach me to control mine"

"How I can't even control my own yet"

"True but if we train together it'll be easier"

"…..alright when do you want to start?"



"Alright" They hung up