Aura Chapter 3

~Chapter three~

*Six months later they learned not to kill each other when they trained but they still couldn't fully control it and to take it off was the same at this time they were all in Ken's house since it was bigger. Ken and Cammy were married and so were Ryu and Chun-li. At this time Ryu and Ken were on their way downstairs and Chun-li and Cammy were sitting in the kitchen talking because they had already finished in the training room which was located in the basement of Ken's house. Chun-li also discovered hers but she never used it and Cammy only used hers that once.*

Ken and Ryu walked passed the kitchen then turned around and went back to the door

"Can you two stay up here becau-"

"We know because you don't know what'll happen if we were in the same room with you two while you were in your dark form"

Ryu smiled and kissed his wife and Ken did the same then they went downstairs

Chun-li looked at her arms and her hand "Oh great I left my bracelets and my ring down there" She stood up to get them but Cammy stopped her

"I think you should wait"

"I know but they'll be down there for hours"

"I know I left mine too"

"Maybe they won't be in their dark aura form if we go now" Chun-li stood up and went to the door and Cammy was right behind her

Chun-li then turned around "….maybe we should wait…"

"Yeah" They walked to the living room and sat on the couch Cammy thought for a minute

"Have you ever actually seen them in that form?"



~Three hours later~

Chun-li sat back on the couch "Don't think I'm crazy but I kinda miss my ring"

"I know so do I…." They heard the door to downstairs open then close Chun-li looked back

"Are you finished yet?"

No one answered

Chun-li stood up then looked at Cammy "Let's go"


Chun-li walked around the couch "Yeah"

Cammy stood up and walked next to her they made their way to the room and looked around Cammy stopped "I have a bad feeling about this…."

Chun-li who didn't hear her continued walking she looked around "Where did I leave them…." She said aloud to herself

Cammy slowly walked next to her feeling nervous then she noticed their rings "Chun-li they're over here" she said as she walked over to them Chun-li went to them and they both put them on they turned around to leave and stopped. Ryu and Ken were standing in front of them in their dark aura form their skin was slightly tanned and they looked stronger their eyes were a reddish brown. Chun-li and Cammy felt slightly frightened. They looked them in their eyes and saw pure evil in them.

/ Oh my god we should've stayed upstairs....... / Chun-li and Cammy both thought.