Innocence chapter 2

~The next morning~

Ken woke up first the sun shining in his face he used his hand to cover his eyes he looked down at their naked bodies he sat up and pulled the sheets over them. He turned over and the sun was directly in his eyes

"Damn" Ken got out of the bed and closed the curtains he climbed back in bed again he lay back down and most of the rose petals had fallen on the floor. He looked at Cammy's still sleeping figure he kissed her on her forehead

/ is now my wife /

Cammy turned over and lay down on his chest Ken moved some of her hair from her face

Cammy woke up and opened her eyes / ....last night was amazing / she looked up at Ken who now had both arms around her

Ken smiled "Hey beautiful"

Cammy smiled back "Hey" She sat up slowly using the sheets to cover herself

"Where are you going?" He asked

"To take a shower" Cammy smiled "Care to join me husband?"

Ken grinned "Of course"

They both climbed out of bed and headed into the bathroom the bathroom looked like a mix between a shower and a Jacuzzi. / Ow / Cammy thought stepping into the shower Ken stepped in after her Cammy stood there looking at the shower

"What's wrong?"

Cammy looked at him " do you turn this on?"

Ken looked at it also "....I think" Ken reached for a knob "This"

The water turned on but it was cold and since Cammy was directly under the nozzle it hit her first she jumped and backed into Ken

He laughed "Sorry"

"Wow that water is cold"

Cammy reached for the other one and it turned on the hot water since the cold was on the water was now warm she walked under it then she turned around and wrapped her arms around Ken's neck

"How about I wash your back and you wash mine?"

Ken grinned "Sure"

Cammy looked at the water falling over his face "Hey does this seem familiar?"

"Of course it does"

Cammy grinned "We were something like this when you first told me you loved me"

"Yeah except for the fact that we weren't naked or in a shower"

Cammy laughed "Or married"

"Yeah can't forget that" Ken leaned forward and kissed her "You like it here so far?"

"'d you get the fireworks yesterday?"

"I paid this guy who works with fireworks to do it for me"

"Thank you Ken"

Ken smiled "Hey I'm supposed to do something for my wife on our wedding night other then stealing your do you feel now anyway?"

"Sore, happy and different"

" too.....except for the sore part"

Cammy laughed "So hun what other surprises are you planning for me today?"

"I don't know.....want to go to the beach?"

"Sure....wanna see me in a bathing suit?"

"Of course......wait what does it look like?"

"Don't worry it's not too revealing"

Ken smiled "Oh....okay"

Cammy smirked "For you"


"I brought like four of them"

"What do they look like?"

Cammy smiled "Okay Ken how about you pick out which one I'll wear?"


"Now let's get out of this shower"

"Hold on I wanted to try something"

Cammy raised her eyebrow "On me?"


"In the shower?"


"Okay. What do I have to do?"

"You have to try to stay standing up okay?"

"Okay sounds easy"

Ken reached down and rubbed her clit gently

Cammy turned red "T-this is what you going to do?"

"Yes you just have to try standing up through it"


~Two minutes later~

Cammy was trying to steady her breathing and her legs. Ken's hand was covered in her juices but he continued. Cammy lay her head on his shoulder it was getting harder for her to stand up she closed her eyes / oh god....I don't know what he's doing but its sure working / Cammy tried to stand up but her legs were getting weak from the pleasure she lifted her head off of his shoulder and put her back against the wall Ken went with her he did it harder and faster. Cammy's eyes were still closed she turned her head to the side one of her hands was holding onto the towel rack and the other was in her hair. She couldn't handle it anymore

"Uhhhhhh" Cammy's legs gave out she slid down the wall and sat down in the tub she sat there her eyes closed. Ken looked at his hand which was glistening with her juices. He licked his fingers and crouched down next to Cammy her eyes were still closed

"How do you feel?" Ken asked

Cammy turned her head towards him her eyes slowly opened "......exhausted..."

Ken smiled

".....w-what did you do?"

Ken kept grinning but didn't answer

"....I don't think I have the strength to move anymore"

"Okay" Ken reached over and squeezed the excess water from her hair then he picked her up he brought her into the bedroom again and laid her on the bed. He got a towel from the bathroom and dried her hair

"Do you want me to find you something to wear to sleep?"

Cammy's eyes were closed again "....I'm too tired to put it on"

"Do you want me to put it on for you?"

Cammy turned over "I don't care"

Ken went to her bags and got out a blue nightgown and matching panties he got himself dressed first and went back to the bed where Cammy was now sleeping he sat her up carefully and pulled the nightgown over her head, he made sure to take all of her hair from under her. He lay her back down. He then put her panties on for her Ken laughed to himself / I never thought I would have to dress her like this / when he was finished he pulled the cover over her. He kissed her then stood up he went down to the kitchen and started to cook.

~Thirty minutes later~

Ken walked upstairs with two plates he set them down on the bedside table He looked at her sleeping / I'd hate to wake her up but she has to eat /

He leaned forward and kissed her "Cam"

Cammy was still sleeping

He gently shook her "Wake up Cam"

Cammy slowly opened her eyes and looked at him "Hey" she moved her hair from her face

"What time is it?"

Ken looked over at the clock "10:34"

Cammy slowly sat up and leaned back against the pillows "How long was I sleeping?"

Ken reached back for the plates "About a half an hour" He handed a plate to her

Cammy looked down at it "Wow you cooked this?"


Cammy kissed him "Thank you"

They ate and when they were done Ken took the plates and put them in the kitchen.

"So you still want to go to the beach?" Cammy asked


Cammy climbed out of the bed looked down at her clothes then back at him "Ken you dressed me while I was sleeping?"


"Did you do anything else to me?" Cammy asked with fake suspicion

Ken grinned "Why? Did you want me to?"

Cammy leaned back over the bed and smiled seductively "Maybe"

Ken leaned over and kissed her. Still kissing him Cammy climbed on top of him.

~An hour later~

Cammy climbed off of him out of breath and pulled the sheets over their bodies she looked up at the ceiling and wiped away the hair that was sticking to her face from perspiration.

"If we *pant* keep this up *pant* we'll never get *pant* to the beach"

"I *pant* know" Ken sat up slowly "Okay *pant* now we can *pant* leave if you want"

Cammy sat up and caught her breath she used the sheets to cover her chest "Okay" They got up and went into the shower again Cammy turned on the water. Ken began to run his hands slowly over her wet body. He gently squeezed her breasts then he kissed her neck he slid his hands down her body and between her legs he started to massage her clit gently

Cammy closed her eyes in pleasure "....ahhhhhh...y-you want to again?"

Ken kissed her ear ".....yes"

Cammy wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him again. Cammy felt his erection pressing against her lower stomach she reached down and ran her hands along it Ken picked her up and Cammy wrapped her legs around him Ken slid inside her. Her cunt was extremely tight around him in this position he slowly thrust inside her. Cammy moaned into his mouth. Ken pressed her back against the wall he did her harder and faster. Cammy's nails raked his back. Ken slid his tongue inside her mouth. They kept kissing as Ken went faster. The pleasure was unbelievable

Cammy screamed in his mouth. Ken went faster and harder he ignored her nails digging in his back. Ken pulled his tongue out of her mouth needing air he kissed her neck and continued to thrust inside her as hard as his body would let him

Cammy screamed again. Ken felt himself burst inside her feeling as if his cum went all the way to her womb. Cammy let him go and Ken slowly pulled out of her.

They got out and finally went to the beach

~At the beach~

Cammy sat down on the towel they had put in the sand "I didn't know it would be so crowded out here"

Ken sat next to her "Well yesterday was the Fourth of July and it is sometime in the afternoon"

Cammy shaded her eyes from the sun and looked at the water "That's the way when are we going home?"

Ken looked at her "Wow tired of this place already?"

Cammy laughed "No it's just I wanted to know"

Ken wrapped his arms around her waist he kissed her neck "Whenever you want to"

Just then Ken got hit in the arm with a beach ball Cammy laughed Ken picked up the ball and a little girl that looked no older than four ran up to him

"I'm sorry mister"

Ken tossed the ball to her "It's okay"

She caught it and smiled "Thank you" She quickly ran off

Cammy smiled

"What?" Ken asked

Cammy kept smiling "Nothing"

Ken kissed her lovingly then another ball hit him in his head he broke the kiss and looked at the ball then saw the same little girl running towards him but she tripped and fell in the sand she started to cry Ken let go of Cammy and helped her sit up

"Are you okay?"

The girl kept crying and shook her head "m-my knee hurts"

Ken looked at her knee and saw she had skinned it on a broken shell that was lying in the sand


Ken looked around "Where is your mother?"

The girl pointed across the beach to a small family

Ken looked at Cammy "I'm going to take her to her parents okay?"


Ken looked at the little girl "Can you walk?"

She slowly stood up "Yes"

Ken stood up and the girl reached up for his hand he took it then picked up the ball and walked away

Cammy smiled / ....he's good with kids....I wonder if he wants any of his own..... / Cammy looked over to a crowd of people and noticed something strange in between them she thought she saw a guy wearing a mask watching her then someone walked pass him and he disappeared

Cammy was confused "What the-"

Ken came back and saw her looking in that direction "Cam?"

She looked at him "Yeah?"

He sat down "Are you okay?"

"I'm's the girl?"

"She's okay but her family didn't even notice she was missing"

Cammy frowned "Really?"

"Yeah she could've drowned or something and they wouldn't have know she was gone until it was too late"

"That's not good for her family not to pay attention to her like that"

Ken looked towards the water "I know.....when we have kids I'm sure not going to be like that....."

Cammy smiled "Aw...."

Ken looked at her "What?"

"You want kids......"

Ken grinned "Of course I do I've always wanted them"

Cammy kissed him "Well I'm willing to grant your wish"

Ken smirked "How many are you prepared to give me?"

Cammy raised her eyebrow "Let's start with one and see how that goes"

Ken wrapped his arms around her "So when should we start?"

Cammy smiled and leaned back against his chest "Whenever you want to"

Ken leaned forward and kissed her deeply.

They slowly broke it "Ken we can't have sex on the beach...with all of these people here"

Ken grinned and kissed her again "Let 'em watch"

Cammy looked at him "I don't know about you but I don't want people watching us have sex" Cammy smirked "The only person who needs to know how good you are at it is me....and there are kids here"

"True....but they can just go home"

Cammy looked at him

Ken laughed "I'm kidding besides we're not having sex we're making out"

"Oh and that's so much better to do around kids" Cammy said sarcastically

Ken grinned "Hey their parents do it and if not well....they need more action in the bedroom"

Cammy turned red and playfully hit him on his arm "Ken!"

"Sorry but its true"

"Maybe but you didn't have to say it"

"Okay...hey you want something to eat?"

Cammy thought for a moment "Why are you hungry again?"

^-^' "Kinda"

Cammy laughed "Okay c'mon" Ken stood up and helped Cammy up also

(Cammy was wearing a two piece that was light blue and had a scarf that ties around her waist)

Cammy looked down at their things then up at Ken

"Should we leave our things here or do we bring them?"

"I think would be better if we brought them"

"Okay" Cammy crouched down and picked up the things. They started to walk when Ken stopped


Cammy looked at him "What happened?"

"I left something I'll go get it and if you want you can go ahead to the shop"

"Okay....just tell me where the shop is"

Ken pointed straight ahead. In the distance Cammy saw a shop "It's right there okay?"

"Alright" Ken gave her a quick kiss and went back and Cammy continued to the shop then she heard guys whistling at her

/ Oh boy..... /

"Nice rack babe"

Cammy tried to hold her temper preventing her from attacking them both / remember it's your honeymoon....don't attack anyone.... /

"I wouldn't mind tapping that ass"

Cammy was getting angrier / they're just perverts who have nothing better to do /

"Hey I'll teach ya how to ride this"

/ That's it / Cammy turned around and was shocked to see they were already in the sand holding their faces and Ken was walking to her

He smiled "Come on" He put his arm around her waist kissed her and they walked, with him still holding her waist.

They went into the shop and Ken ordered

"You hit those guys?"

Ken looked around for a table "Yup" he said coolly

Cammy smiled "Protective"

Ken found a table they sat down and he looked at her "Of course I am I'm not going to let assholes say things like that to my wife"

Cammy smiled "You're so sweet" Just then a little boy that looked three came up to Cammy

He tapped her leg

She looked down at him

"You're pwetty"


The boy smiled and ran back to his table

Ken laughed "Well that's one bold little boy"

Cammy looked at Ken "I know he walks up to a person he doesn't know and tell them their pretty"

The waiter brought their food

"Well I can tell you one thing" He picked up his drink "He knows what he's talking about"

Cammy laughed. They ate and Ken got up and put their things in the garbage Cammy looked out of the window and noticed the same guy wearing a mask

Cammy frowned / why is that freak watching me..... /

Ken walked to her "Cam?"

She looked at him

"What are you looking at over there?"

"This weird guy in a mask keeps watching me"

Ken frowned / in a mask.... / "Where is he?"

"He's over there" Cammy pointed in that direction and he was gone "What....he was just there"

/ ....damnit / "Don't worry about it come on" Ken took her hand and they went home