Street Fighter Tournament Chapter 2


Ken woke up having the sunlight shining in his face he grumbled and turned over only to fall off the couch / this is ridiculous /

Ken stood up and closed the curtains then went to Cammy's room and, without knocking, he opened the door

Cammy was sitting up in bed watching t.v. wearing a big T-shirt with a teddy bear on it and eating chips she saw Ken come in

"Good morning" She said cheerfully

Ken walked to the bathroom "....maybe for you" Ken grumbled and closed the door

Cammy looked at the closed door shrugged her shoulders and continued watching t.v. Ken came out of the bathroom frowning

"Your hair is in the sink"

Cammy looked at him "I'm not the only one with blonde hair"

"....shut up"

"Wow you sure woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning"

Ken went to the bed and laid back "If I had a bed"

Cammy looked back at him "Geez sorry, you can stay in here tonight then....but if I wake up with that (she pointed to his manhood) anywhere near here (she pointed between her legs) I'll neuter you"

Ken grinned and closed his eyes "With what?"

"A kitchen knife"

"Ha you'll need more than that to cut this baby off"

Cammy punched him playfully "You're disgusting"

Ken grinned "I know, it helps me in bed though"

"Oh shut up"

"Don't worry one day I'll take you for a test drive"

Cammy slapped him gently "In your dreams buddy"

Ken opened his eyes and smiled "Why? Because it's already happening in yours?"

Cammy reached in her chip bag and sprinkled crumbs in his face "Don't flatter yourself"

Ken quickly sat up wiping the crumbs off of his face

Cammy laughed

Ken reached in the bag and did the same to her

"Wait that's not fair"

Ken laughed "Yes it is babe"

Cammy started wiping the crumbs from her face

Ken leaned over and licked her cheek

"That's disgusting!"

"Why? I though I was your best friend" He licked her other cheek "Consider it a compliment"

Cammy was wiping her face "I don't care don't lick me its nasty"

"Aww come on I'll let you lick me"

Cammy punched him in his arm "I don't want to lick you"

Ken licked her cheek again

"Arghh! Stop it!" Cammy scrambled off of the bed and went into the bathroom to wash her face

Ken laughed and took over the chips Cammy came back and saw him eating her chips

"Those are mine you thief"

Ken ate more "Ha ha"

Cammy climbed on the bed and snatched the chips from him only to find the bag was empty

"You pig! You ate all of my chips" Cammy jumped on him and pretended to strangle him

"I thought you women worried about your weight and other stupid stuff like that"

Cammy reached up and grabbed the pillow "I don't gain weight you nincompoop"

"How is that possible?" Ken asked trying not to get hit with the pillow

"My DNA was altered so it's impossible for me to gain weight"

Cammy covered his face with the pillow "Don't eat my chips anymore understand?"

Ken nodded

Cammy climbed off of him then the door bell rang

"Room service"

Cammy happily hopped off of the bed "Finally" She said as she dashed out the door Ken stood up and followed her

A bell boy walked through with three pizza boxes "We had to order these"

Cammy took them from him cheerfully


Cammy stopped then turned to Ken with a puppy dog type look on her face "....Ken?"

"You just tried to smother me why should I?"



Cammy smiled "Thanks"

Ken paid the guy and he left Cammy was in the bedroom with the boxes

Ken walked into the room and saw Cammy was opening the first one

"Want some?"

Ken walked to the bed and sat next to her he reached for a slice. Cammy picked up two he watched as she put one slice on top of the other and take a bite then look at him


Ken laughed "Never mind"

Cammy shrugged and continued eating

Ken looked at Cammy who was on her second double pizza

"Cammy can I ask you a question?"


"Do you ever plan on having kids?"

Cammy thought for a minute "Someday, when I find the right guy and get married, why?"

"I was just thinking....if you can't gain weight how is it possible for you to have kids?"

"Well I really don't know but I know I'm still able to get pregnant if that's what you mean"


"What made you ask?"

"Nothing really I was just wondering"


Ken looked down "...Cammy, all jokes aside..."


" in a few years or so...neither you nor I am in a relationship um..."


"If I asked...would you....carry my kid?"

" mean...have your baby?"

"...yeah...n-not through sex I mean"

"Artificial insemination?"


Cammy started to think "....well...I guess I would...depending on the circumstances"

Ken looked up at her "Really?"

Cammy took a bite out of her pizza still thoughtful "Yeah why not I mean it's not like you're a stranger I've known you for two years now"

Ken smiled "Thanks"

Cammy smiled "No problem"

Ken took some sauce off of the pizza with his finger then wiped it on her face

"Why'd you d-"

Ken licked her cheek again

"Stop it!" Cammy started wiping off her face

Ken laughed "Wait your spreading it let me help"

"No" Cammy tried to escape

Ken pulled her back by her shirt making her lay down then he climbed on top of her and licked her face again

"Arghh I told you to stop that"

"I'm helping"

"No you're not you're drooling on my face"

"Sorry" Ken laughed again then licked her face

"If you're sorry stop licking my face you idiot!"

"No" Ken licked her again

"What are you a dog or something? Stop it"


Cammy tried to push him off "If you don't let me go I'll make you go numb for a week"

Ken licked her "And how are you supposed to do that?"

Cammy tried to kick him

Ken hopped off of her "...hey I need that!"

Cammy sat up wiping her face "Lick me again and I'll make sure you won't use it anymore"

".....sorry wonder woman"

Cammy threw the pillow at him making him fall off of the bed

Ken lay there "...why do you keep doing that? Are you trying to kill me before we get a match?"

Cammy laughed then looked over the edge of the bed at him "Of course not but if you keep licking me I might consider it"

Ken stood up and looked down at Cammy who was still laying on the bed and put on a hurt face

" would actually want to kill me?"

Cammy turned over on her back and looked up at him "You're my best friend why would I kill you?"

"...hey you said it not me"

Cammy stood on her knees on the bed "I'm sorry I didn't mean it"

Ken looked at her " still made me feel bad"

Cammy went to him and hugged him "I'm sorry"

Ken hugged her back then smiled " women are emotional"

Cammy stopped and looked up at him "So you were just toying with my emotions"

"Not really...that really did make me feel bad"

Cammy let him go "I already said sorry"

Ken grinned again then climbed back on the bed he took another slice of pizza

"I know I just like to bother you"

Cammy poked him in his ribs "Well don't get use to it or you'll be sleeping under the mattress tonight"

Ken laughed

Cammy took two more slices of pizza and put them on top of each other "Laugh now when you find yourself coughing up mattress dust don't say anything"

Ken bit his pizza and grinned "If I go under the mattress you're going with me"

Cammy grinned "That's what you think"

Ken looked at one of Cammy's braids "Why don't you ever leave your hair out?"

Cammy licked sauce off her finger "Because it's hard for me to move around or do much without it getting in the way"

Ken lifted up her braid "I want to see what you look like with it out one day"

Cammy looked at her braid in his hand "Well if it's a special occasion I'll leave it out for you okay?"


"Since we don't have to fight for two weeks maybe we should go sightseeing or something"

Ken looked at her "You really want to?"


"Alright we can go today then"

"Okay I'll call Chun-li"

Cammy reached over and picked up the phone it rang twice


"Hi Chun-li, Ken and I were wondering if maybe you and Ryu would like to go sightseeing"

"We still have to finish unpacking"

"....oh...well okay then maybe tomorrow"


"See ya"


Cammy hung up the phone and saw Ken was topless looking for a shirt in one of the drawers

"Put a shirt on" Cammy said laughing

Ken looked at her and grinned "You know you like it"

"In your dreams"

Ken laughed and put on a red, button down shirt

Cammy looked at his pants "Wait a minute when did you change your pants?"

Ken looked down at his black pants "While you were talking to Chun-li"

Cammy got out of the bed "Oh okay"

"By the way what did she say?"

Cammy pulled out a pair of pants and a shirt "She said she couldn't come because she had to finish unpacking"

"So I guess it's just you and me then"

Cammy smiled "Yup"

Ken watched as Cammy walked into the bathroom "Don't take too long in there okay?"

"Sure" Cammy said and closed the door