Dan's Disgusting Craving - Chapter 3

Vega barely managed to escape Dan's grip. When he did, he started slicing Dan over and over.

Dan: Ooooohooohooo..... Wanna play it rough eh? TIME FOR FOREPLAY! COMMON!!!


*blacks out*

Vega woke up slowly, finding himself in his bed at home again. Was all this a dream?

Nah, the pain in his ass was realistic alright. How he got back home, he didn't know. While he was thinking about it, he felt a little "kick" in his butt.

Vega: OW!!!! What the--!

He went to the bathroom to inspect himself and what was wrong with his ass.

He noticed it was bigger, and moved it around with his hand. He then noticed that there was a squirting sound when he did so, and then pushed slightly to feel something hard.

Then, the object kicked his hand.

Vega: Oh my god. This might mean that I am...

At the doctor's office...

Doctor: I have no other logical explanation besides this... your ass is... ahem... pregnant.

Vega: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Doctor: Oh, and your intestines are tangled. We're going to have to surgically fix it.

Vega: F**K.

Dan hears this news from the doctor.

Dan: Oh boy!! My love is going to have little pink Dan Hibikis!