Innocence chapter 6

~Two months later February 20th 12:55pm~

Cammy woke up from the alarm she reached over and turned it off then she sat up carefully she looked at Ken who was still sleeping

She shook him gently "Ken wake up"

He turned over

She shook him again "Get up"

Ken opened his eyes sat up then kissed her

"We have to get a sonogram today"

Ken looked at her "I know.....what time are we supposed to be there?"


"Okay" Ken got out of bed then helped her out Cammy walked to the dresser and Ken went into the bathroom. When he came out she was dressed then she went into the bathroom and he got dressed they both finished and went downstairs

"Ken what do you want to eat?" Cammy called from the kitchen

Ken walked in and wrapped his arms around her "Whatever you eat"


Ken kissed her neck and let her go "I'll check the mail okay?"


Ken went outside and got the mail then came back in he went into the kitchen and sat down he opened the letter and read it

"......oh great"

Cammy set his plate in front of him "What happened?"

Ken looked at her "Sean, Yun, Yang and some of the other guys want me to come to some party they're having"

Cammy carefully sat down "Are you going to go?"

Ken put the letter on the table "No"

"Why not?"

"You're pregnant I don't want to leave you here alone"

Cammy put her hand to her stomach "True but I'm only seven months pregnant I won't give birth anytime soon"

"I know but-"

Cammy smiled "Don't worry hun I'll be okay I'll have Chun-li to stay with me since Ryu probably got one also"

Ken looked down at his plate "....I guess I'll think about it"

Cammy picked up her plate and slowly stood up she put her plate in the sink washed it then looked at the clock on the wall

1:46pm "Ken we should get going now if we want to make it on time"

Ken stood up and washed his plate also "Alright"

They got their coats and left.

~At the doctor~

Ken and Cammy were in the waiting room then the doctor called them Cammy lay on the table and they took the sonogram

Ken looked at it "Wow..."

Cammy smiled "Yup there's our daughter"

Ken grinned "Yeah...."

The doctor came back into the room and Ken's phone rang he looked at it then Cammy

"It's Chun-li and Ryu I'll be back okay?"


Ken kissed her then left

The doctor looked at Cammy

"Okay Mrs. Masters......."

Cammy looked at her "What's wrong is my baby okay?"

"Yes your baby is perfectly healthy"

Cammy let out a sigh of relief " what's wrong?"

The doctor looked at her "Well...."

They started to talk


"Yeah Cammy is in with the doctor"

"Is she okay?" Chun-li asked

"Yeah she's fine she just got a sonogram"

"What is she having?"

"She didn't tell you?"


"Yeah well I thought she would have told you already"

"She probably didn't because I didn't really ask her"

Ken laughed "Oh okay"

"Well when she's finished can you tell her to call me?"



"No prob see ya"


Cammy came out of the room after he hung up she was looking at the floor


She looked at him

"Are you okay?"

Cammy gave him a weak smile "Yeah I'm fine...let's just go home"

Ken looked at her again and walked her to the car then they drove home

Cammy sat on the couch holding her stomach and Ken sat next to her

"Cammy I know something is wrong, please tell me what is it?"

Cammy looked at him "Ken remember when the doctor came back into the room and you left?"


"....she told me that my DNA was altered somehow"

Ken looked at her shocked "A-altered how?"

"I don't know somehow somewhere somebody altered my DNA making me like this, making me stronger and faster than I'm supposed to be"

"It's okay Cammy yo-"

Cammy shook her head "No Ken you don't get it do you? My DNA was changed that's not even supposed to be possible"

"I know that but there is nothing wrong with you you're just stronger and faster than normal"

"That's the thing Ken, I not normal I'm some kind of experiment for someone and I don't even know anything about my past"

Ken put his hands on either side of her face "Cammy don't say that you are normal you can hurt, cry, and laugh just like anybody else you aren't an experiment you're my wife and I love you for you not your strength or speed"

Cammy looked at him "....w-what if our daughter comes out with something wrong with her Ken? Then it'll be my fault because I'm not nor-"

"Cammy stop it. You are normal and nothing will be wrong with her I promise you"

"But what if-"

"No Cammy you're perfectly normal and so is our daughter if something was wrong with her we would know"

"...she could have something that they can't detect yet"

"Cammy listen to me there is nothing wrong with our child she's fine now and always will be so stop thinking about it okay?"

Cammy looked down

Ken lifted her face to his "Please Cammy don't think about this anymore she's fine and so are you"

Cammy looked at him again ".....o-okay"

Ken hugged her "I love you Cam just....just don't think about this anymore please Cam"

Cammy hugged him back and lay her head on his chest "...I-I'm so sorry Ken it's just...I-I'm afraid of what could happen to her because of this"

Ken hugged her closer "I know Cam"

They continued holding each other Ken felt something again he looked down at Cammy

"See she's fine she kicked me again"

Cammy smiled and put her hand to her stomach "...I hope so...."

Just then the phone rang since Cammy was closer she reached over and picked it up


"Hey Cammy"

"Hi Ryu how's Chun-li?"

"In the kitchen raiding the refrigerator again"

Cammy laughed

"Is Ken there?"

"Yeah hold on"

She handed the phone to Ken then got up and went to the bathroom


"I was wondering if you got that letter from Sean and the other guys"

"Yeah I got it are you going?"

"I don't want to but Chun-li said I should"

"I know Cammy said the same thing to me"

"I don't want to leave her here alone while she's pregnant"

"Me neither because Cammy's seven months pregnant and she told me that if we do happen to go her and Chun-li will stay together if it'll make us fell better"

"I don't know about you but that won't make me feel any safer because they're both pregnant"

"I know" Ken laughed

"What's so funny?"

"Isn't it kind of awkward that those guys just mail us out of nowhere asking us to come to some party?"

"Yeah when you think about it, it is I mean come on we've been away from them for a long time and now all of a sudden they want us to come and our wives just happen to be pregnant"

"Yup...they don't know we're married do they?"


"Yeah I wonder how they knew where we lived anyway."

"I don't know....I guess we should go then ask them"


"Alright so I'll see ya"

"So we're going to go right?"

"I guess"

"Fine....see ya"

They both hung up Ken stood up "Cammy" He called

She came out of the kitchen holding her stomach and eating ice cream "Yeah hun?"

He laughed

She took the spoon from her mouth "What?"

Ken went to her leaned forward and gave her a kiss "We decided that we would go"


".....are you sure you two will be okay by yourselves?"

"Yeah when are you two supposed to be going anyway?"

"I think the paper said tomorrow at five"

Cammy walked to the couch and sat down "What time does it end?"

"I don't know....hold on"

He went into the kitchen then came back out and sat down holding the letter " says"

"In the morning?"

Ken looked at her "Yeah"

She leaned back "Okay"

"You're fine with this?"

Cammy adjusted herself "Of course why shouldn't I be?"

"I just thought maybe you wouldn't want me to be out that long"

"Yeah well I don't but since I'll know where you'll be I'm okay with it"