Innocence chapter 9

~Five months later September 13th 7:43pm~

Cammy was asleep with Kathryn on her chest sleeping also. Ken went into the room her tried to pick Kathryn up but Cammy wouldn't let her go

"Cam its okay I have to put her in her crib" Ken said to a still sleeping Cammy. Cammy's grip loosened and Ken picked Kathryn up and placed her gently in the crib he looked at Cammy

/ She's been like this all week / He watched her sleep "I wonder what's bothering her"

Cammy suddenly woke up "W-where's Kathryn?"

Ken went to her "Cam she's in her crib"

Cammy let out a sigh of relief and put her head in her hands Ken wrapped his arms around her

"Cam what's wrong?"

"I-I had a nightmare" She said her head still in her hands

"What happened?"

Cammy put her head in his chest "S-someone was trying to take her away from us"

Ken held her tighter "Its okay one will take her away from us"

Cammy closed her eyes then the phone rang Ken reached over and picked it up


"Chun-li is in labor"

"Okay we'll be there in five"

They hung up Ken looked down at Cammy



"Chun-li is in the hospital"

Cammy sat up "In labor?"


Cammy got out of the bed she went to Kathryn's crib and picked her up and Ken went to get the baby bag they went to the hospital.

~At the hospital~

Chun-li was in the room trying to steady her breathing


Chun-li squeezed her eyes shut Ryu was watching just as shocked as Ken was before; he watched a small head come out

/ ....oh my god...t-this is awkward /

Chun-li gripped his hand

Ryu had no idea what to do he kept looking from Chun-li's face to between her legs Chun-li squeezed her eyes shut she tried to steady her breathing while the doctors continued to tell her to push twenty minutes later Ryu heard the cry of a small baby he looked at Chun-li who was still covered in sweat . She had laid her head back and looked relieved and exhausted at the same time. Ryu cut the umbilical cord. The doctors had covered the baby with a small blanket and cleaned it off slightly

Then handed it to Chun-li "You have a beautiful baby girl"

Ryu grinned and looked at Chun-li

Chun-li smiled

~In the waiting room~ (Kathryn is six months)

Ken had Kathryn in his lap and she was standing on her own Ken was holding her hands and she was slightly wobbling trying to steady herself she stopped wobbling and laughed

Ken smiled and kissed her on her cheek Kathryn smiled at him and blew a spit bubble

Cammy laughed "She's pretty happy"

Ken looked at her "Yeah probably because she knows she has a best friend on the way"

Kathryn started to make baby noises

Ryu then came out grinning stupidly

Cammy looked over at him "Hey what'd she have?"

"A girl" Ryu said still grinning

Ken looked at him "Congrats"


Kathryn then leaned forward Ken turned his head and was met with a slobbery kiss on the lips Kathryn blew another spit bubble and laughed

Cammy reached into the baby bag and pulled out a tissue. Laughing she wiped the drool off of Ken's mouth then off of Kathryn's

He smiled at her "Thanks"

"I guess she wanted to give her daddy a kiss"

"Yeah a slobbery one"

Cammy looked at Ryu "What'd she name her?"


"With a K or a C?" Ken asked

"With a K"

~Three months later December 16th 3:17pm~ (Kathryn is nine months)

Ken walked into the room and saw Cammy on her side lying on the floor on a blanket and Kathryn was crawling

Ken laughed

Cammy looked back "Oh hi hun finished training?"


"Okay" Cammy turned towards Kathryn and saw she was gone she stopped "Where'd she go?"

Ken crouched down "She's right here" She said picking up Kathryn who was crawling to him

"Oh I guess she wanted to go to her daddy"

Ken laughed then sat next to Cammy, Kathryn then started to cry

"What's wrong?" Ken asked

Cammy looked around "She's teething and I guess her gums hurt now...where is it?"

"Her teething ring?"


"I think it's on the bed"

Cammy went to the bed


She looked back at Ken and saw Kathryn was biting on his lip she laughed "I guess she made up for her missing teething ring"

"...I guess but this hurts"

Cammy stood up "I'll have to get her other one from the kitchen I'll be back okay?"

"Alight but she's drooling in my mouth"

Cammy laughed then went downstairs into the kitchen she opened the refrigerator and got her teething ring then walked back upstairs Ken was laying back and Kathryn was still biting his lip Cammy carefully pried her from his mouth and Kathryn started to cry again. She put the teething ring in her mouth and Kathryn stopped crying. Kathryn held it on her own and Cammy held her and she lay on her chest biting the ring happily.

Ken sat up and wiped the drool from his face he rubbed his lip "That hurt"

Cammy leaned over and kissed him "Don't worry you'll be okay"

Ken looked down at Kathryn "...she's asleep...that was fast"

Cammy looked down at her " should be she's been up all day" Cammy carefully lifted Kathryn off her chest and handed her to Ken "I have to fix her crib hold her for a sec"

"Okay" Ken laid Kathryn down Cammy got on her knees and reached for Kathryn's toys that had gone under the bed

Ken grinned "....heh heh"

"Ken you're supposed to be holding your daughter not staring at my ass"

Ken grinned "But I'm doing both"

Cammy backed up from under the bed "forget it"

Ken grinned and reached out with his unoccupied hand and grabbed her butt Cammy jumped and laughed "Ken stop"

Cammy slapped him in the back of his head playfully with Kathryn's toy

"That hurt" Ken said pretending to pout

Cammy started to fix Kathryn's crib "Oh stop being such a baby, you have one you shouldn't be acting like one"

Ken grinned "I'm not a baby"

Cammy walked to Ken and he handed her Kathryn Cammy put her in the crib. Ken stood up and walked to Cammy he wrapped his arms around her waist then kissed her neck and rested his chin lightly on her head

"I love you Cam"

Cammy turned around in his arms and hugged him "I love you too Ken"

They stood there holding each other Cammy had her head in his chest. Then the phone rang Cammy slowly let him go then smiled and kissed him deeply standing on her tiptoes. The phone rang again they slowly broke their kiss then gave one quick kiss again. Cammy went to the bed sat down and picked up the phone


"Cammy its Chun-li please help me"

"What's wrong?"

"Kristina won't stop crying I've tried everything and it's driving us crazy so I decided to call you since you went through this already"

" did you feed her?"

"Yes twice"

"Is her diaper changed?"


"...hmm....what time was she asleep last?"

"This morning"

"Okay I know what's wrong"

"Please tell me and what I can do to stop her from crying?"

"Well she's tired"

"I know but she won't go to sleep, she just keeps crying"

"Don't worry"

"How do I put her to sleep?"

"...let's give her a bottle of warm water with one fourth of a teaspoon of sugar, take her into whichever room is quiet and turn off the lights lay her on your chest so she's drinking the bottle and can hear your heartbeat um....if you hum or sing or something would help"

Chun-li let out a breath of relief "Thank you so much sorry if I bothered you"

"Don't worry about it you didn't bother me I had just put Kathryn to sleep"

"Oh okay....thanks anyway though"

"No prob. What are friends for?"

"Thank you again Cammy I guess I'll speak to you after she's asleep"

"Kay bye"


They both hung up Ken looked at her "What was wrong?"

"Chun-li was having baby problems and needed my help"


Cammy stood up and went to the dresser

Ken watched her "....what are you doing?"

Cammy pulled her jeans on "Kathryn ran out of milk and I want to get some before she wakes up"

Ken watched her button her pants then pull her nightgown over her head Cammy reached into the drawer

"Do you want me to get it?" Ken asked watching her put a different shirt on

Cammy looked at him "Do you want to?"

"Well she is my daughter of course I want to"

Cammy sat on the bed "If you were going to go get it why did you wait until I was finished getting dressed?"

Ken smiled "I like watching you get dressed"

Cammy laughed "I thought you liked watching me get undressed"

"Actually I like watching you get dressed more because" Ken grinned "I like undressing you myself"

Cammy smiled and walked to him she stood on her tiptoes and kissed him "Go get your daughter's milk"

Ken kissed her back "Alright let me change first"

Ken went into the bathroom and changed he came out and Cammy was tying her boots.

"I thought I was going"

Cammy stood up "You are it's just we're coming too"

"But Kathryn's asleep"

Cammy gestured towards the crib as she walked towards the bathroom "Not anymore"

Ken looked in the crib and Kathryn was wide awake biting on her teething ring Ken went to her

"That was the shortest nap you've ever took"

Kathryn looked up at him and smiled Ken noticed she had small dimples he smiled

Cammy came out of the bathroom with her hair in a ponytail and two strands hanging in her face

"Hey Ken could you get her dressed?"

"Sure" Ken picked Kathryn up Cammy took out Kathryn's baby bag she started to put her things in it. Ken got Kathryn's clothes changed her then dressed her


Cammy closed the bag "Yeah"

"Did you notice Kathryn has dimples when she smiles?"

"Yeah I saw that while you were in the bathroom"

"Where'd she get that from? Neither of us have dimples"

Cammy grabbed Kathryn's coat "I don't know"

Ken put her coat on then they put theirs on and left.

~At the supermarket~

Kathryn was sitting in the shopping cart biting on her teething ring looking around. Ken was on Cammy's right side then he slid his hand in her left back pocket.

Ken looked around the store "How much milk does she need?"

"A lot, I told you she'll eat just like you do"

Ken grinned

Kathryn started making baby noises

Ken looked down at her "See she's protesting she doesn't eat a lot....yet"

Cammy laughed

Cammy started to feel Ken's hand roaming around in her pocket "Ken, what are you doing?"

"Cammy, do you have on any underwear?"

Cammy raised her eyebrow "Of course I have on underwear. Why?"

"Because it doesn't feel like it" Ken took his hand out of her pocket then slipped it inside the back of her pants

Cammy jumped "Ken stop we're in the middle of a supermarket"

Ken felt her underwear "Oh....sorry Cam" Ken pinched her butt Cammy jumped again and laughed Ken took his hand out of her pants and put it back inside her pocket. They started shopping.


Ken looked at her

"Could you go back to the last aisle and get Kathryn another pack of diapers?"

"Alright" Ken gave her a quick kiss took his hand out of her pocket and went to the last aisle. While he was there he heard

"Aw look at daddy picking out his kid's diapers"

He turned around and saw Sean grinning

Ken just looked at him "Why are you in the baby aisle?"

"I was going to get more drinks for another get together when I saw you so I decided to drop by"

"Oh" Ken went back to what he was doing

"So how's it been since you broke Guile's nose?"


"By the way, where's wifey?"

"Cammy's in the next aisle" Ken looked at the two brands of diapers and was confused

/ What's the difference? / He picked them both up and went back to Cammy leaving Sean standing there


Cammy turned around

"Which one should I get?"

"....get this one because it's the one she normally gets"

"Okay" Ken put the one Cammy selected in the shopping cart and went to put the other one back Sean was still standing there looking at something. Ken put he diapers back and turned to Sean

"Are you enjoying staring at my wife's ass?"

Sean looked back at Ken "Oh sorry, don't take this the wrong way but Cammy has one hot piece of ass despite the fact she just had a baby and all"

"Yeah I know, but that doesn't give you the opportunity to stare at her ass"

" you're lucky...don't mind me asking but when's the last time you two....did it?"

Ken looked at him "Why are you asking me that?"

"Well it's just I figured since you two have a kid and all you don't really have time out if you know what I mean"

"...this morning"

Sean grinned "I see you still have an active lifestyle"

"Yeah well what can you expect?" He grinned "I'm Ken"

Sean shook his head "Even after having a kid you're still full of the way did she have a girl or a boy?"

Ken started to walk towards Cammy "You can come see if you like"

Sean decided to go

Ken walked up to Cammy who had taken Kathryn out of the shopping cart and was holding her on her hip while she picked up two gallons of milk with one hand and put them in the shopping cart easily as if she was putting in chips. Sean watched her slightly amazed / even after having a baby she's still incredibly strong /

"Cammy?" Ken said as he approached her

She reached for something else and put it in the cart "Yeah hun?"

"Sean wants to see the little one"

"Okay just bring him over" Cammy said still not looking at him

"Hey Cammy"

Cammy turned "Oh sorry, hi Sean"

Sean looked at Kathryn who was eating a cookie looking at him brightly "Wow she looks like a female version of you Ken"

Ken grinned "Yeah I know"

Sean kept looking at her then glanced up at Ken and Cammy "She has pretty eyes"

"Thank you" Cammy said

Kathryn laughed

"Hey do you mind if I hold her?"

"Alright" Cammy handed Kathryn to Sean he started to tickle her and Kathryn laughed Sean looked at Cammy

"....can I bring her to the other guys?"

"....where are they?"

"In the soda aisle"

"If you do I'll come with you" Ken said

Cammy looked in the shopping cart "I guess I'll come too this aisle is finished"

Ken looked in the shopping cart "No it's not"

"What am I missing then?"

Ken reached over then dropped a can of whipped cream in the shopping cart. Cammy smiled. Sean didn't notice because he was too busy playing with Kathryn

Ken looked at him "Hey Sean, your not trying to take my daughter hostage are you?"

Sean looked at him "Oh sorry" He handed Kathryn to Ken then they continued to the soda aisle where Yun, Yang and Charlie were. Yun and Charlie were arguing while Yang looked annoyed

Charlie: "What are you crazy? No one likes that crap!" Yun: "Well I do"

Charlie: "Because you're a stupid immature kid"

Yang: "Actually you both sound like immature kids"

Yun: "I'm not immature! Don't get mad because you're like three hundred years old"

Charlie: "I'm not three hundred just because I don't like my food with cartoon characters on it!"

Yun: "You sure act three hundred! Old man!"

Sean cleared his throat loudly "Ahem! There's a baby over here"

Everybody looked that way

"What baby?" Yun asked

"The one Ken's holding you two year old" Charlie grumbled

Yang walked to Ken "That's your daughter Ken?"


"She's cute"


Yun noticed Cammy "Hey Cammy!"


"Wow I haven't seen you in a while"

Cammy laughed "Yeah well can't really travel much taking care of a baby" Cammy smiled "And Kathryn"

Ken looked at her "Hey"

Cammy laughed again

Charlie looked at Cammy also " look really...really good"

Ken gave Charlie a look

"T-to have a kid I mean" Charlie said noticing the look Ken gave him

Ken handed Kathryn to Cammy and grabbed something off of the top shelf then put it in the cart

Cammy looked back in the cart at it "Don't we have some of that at home?"

"No. The last bit was used yesterday remember?"

"It was? On what?"

Ken smiled slightly

Cammy reddened slightly "...oh yeah"

Just then Guile walked in the aisle "Why would you leave me over there without saying something?" He said to Charlie

"I thought you were smart enough to figure it out like the rest of us did"

Cammy frowned "Ken hold Kathryn"

Ken knew what Cammy was about to do and he took Kathryn. Yun, Yang, Charlie and Sean watched Cammy walk up to Guile with an evil look on her face.