Innocence chapter 10


Just then Guile walked in the aisle "Why would you leave me over there without saying something?" He said to Charlie

"I thought you were smart enough to figure it out like the rest of us did"

Cammy frowned "Ken hold Kathryn"

Ken knew what Cammy was about to do and he took Kathryn. Yun, Yang, Charlie and Sean watched Cammy walk up to Guile with an evil look on her face.

~End review~

Cammy went to Guile

"Oh hi Cammy"

"Don't fucking hi me, what the hell is wrong with you?"

Guile looked confused "What are you talking about?"

"Don't play stupid. Why the hell would you say me and my daughter could burn in hell?"

Guile didn't say anything

"What, did you think Ken would let it slide? Did you think I wouldn't ask him what was wrong when he came home that night?"


"Well you thought wrong" Cammy said cutting him off Guile was also taller than Cammy but he felt small "I don't know what was going on in that empty head of yours or what the hell you were drinking that night to make you say something like that, did your brain melt or something? What made you think that neither of us would do anything?"

Guile still didn't say anything

"I'm not even wasting anymore of my time talking to an asshole like you I just want you to know you didn't insult me, because I don't give a damn about what you think about me, but you insulted me and Ken's daughter who wasn't even born at the time. What kind of person would say that about an innocent little girl?"

"For saying dumb shit like that you just put yourself low, lower than the shit horses spit up and you better hope and pray and do whatever the fuck you can that you won't drop dead tomorrow morning"

Guile looked at her speechless

Cammy turned and walked back to Ken who was holding a sleeping Kathryn "We should finish shopping and put her to bed"


Charlie looked at Guile who was still standing there looking like an idiot he burst out laughing

"Hahahahaha You got told off! Hahahahaha"

Yun started laughing like a little kid and pointed at him "Hahahahaha I bet you feel like an ass hahahahaha"

Yang just stared at both of them laughing Sean wanted to laugh too but he held it in

Cammy took the cookie out of Kathryn's hand and put her pacifier in her mouth, she looked at Sean and the others "If you still want to see her you can come over later"


Yang looked at Cammy "It was nice seeing you two again and meeting your daughter"

Cammy gave him a small smile "Thank you, it was nice seeing you four again also"

Charlie kept laughing at Guile "Hahahahaha she didn't even include you! Hahahahaha"

Yun was holding his stomach "Hahahahaha no one like's to see you! Hahahahaha"

Yang just stood there and Sean started snickering

Ken and Cammy left the aisle they finished shopping and headed home.

~Ken and Cammy's house~

Ken and Cammy had finished putting the food away Kathryn was laying in the crib and Cammy was in the shower

Ken walked into the bathroom and pulled the curtain back slightly watching Cammy shower


Cammy looked at him

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?"

Ken watched soapy water slide down between her breasts then on her stomach and between her legs "It's just that thing with Guile"

Cammy put her wet hair behind her "No that didn't bother me actually I feel better now"

Ken looked at her "You do? Why?"

Cammy reached over and turned off the water "Because. I wanted to say something to him about that every since you told me, besides he needed to be confronted....again"

Ken took the towel off the rack and wrapped it around Cammy as she stepped out of the shower

Cammy held the towel around her "Thanks"

Ken gave her a small kiss on the lips "No problem"

"Be back Cam" Ken said walking out of the bathroom


Ken left the bathroom and went into the bedroom to Kathryn's crib. She was awake and playing with her teething ring he picked her up and brought her downstairs. Then the doorbell rang. Ken went to answer it

Sean, Yun, Yang and Charlie were there

Sean grinned "Hey!"

Ken just looked at him "....wait a minute how did you know where we lived?"

Yun grinned "Called information, everyone knows where the famous Mr. Masters lives" He added sarcastically

"Hey can we come in or what?"

Ken looked at Kathryn who happened to look back at him he shrugged "I guess"

Ken let them walk into the house them they went into the living room and sat down

Yang looked around "Where's Cammy?"


"Ken, where's Kathryn?" Cammy said from the steps she walked into the living room unaware that the others were there

Cammy was still wearing only a towel and she was holding her hair in a ponytail

Ken looked back at her "I have her"

Cammy saw everybody else and turned red "Oh sorry I....I didn't know you where here yet"

"Hi don't worry about it"



"...damn" Charlie whispered looking at Cammy only in her towel

"Ken could you come to the bedroom when you're finished?"


Cammy turned and left, still holding her ponytail as she walked up the stairs

When Cammy had went back in the bedroom and closed the door Sean looked at Ken "Doesn't her hair get in the way during sex?"

Ken gave Sean a weird look and so did everybody else Kathryn even stopped what she was doing which was drooling on Ken's shoulder

"Why do you keep asking me about our sex life?"

"Sorry it's just I figured it would be hard since well her hair is down to her thighs"

"Why would it be hard? I mean come on her hair is movable"

"So where do you put it?" Yun asked

"It depends" Ken stood up

"On what?"

Ken wiped Kathryn's mouth "The position we're doing"

Everybody silenced

Sean laughed " I was right..."

"About what?"

"Cammy being a freak in bed"

"Yeah" Ken turned and went upstairs he opened the door to the bedroom and Cammy was putting on a shirt

"You needed me Cam?"

Cammy looked at him taking the hair out of the back of her shirt "Yeah, could yo-"

The phone rang

Cammy, who was closer, picked it up


"Hiya Cammy"

"Hey Chun-li"

"I was kinda wondering if we can come over because well I need to ask you about something and....I can't do it over the phone"

"Okay are you coming over now?"

"Um....yeah it would be better"

"Alright see you in a few"

"Kay bye"


They hung up

"What happened?" Ken asked now sitting on the bed with Kathryn crawling across it

"Chun-li and Ryu are coming over"

"Okay" Ken looked down but Kathryn wasn't there "Where'd-"

"She's up there" Cammy said pointing to the top of the bed

Kathryn started laughing

"She moves fast"

"Yeah wait until she starts walking"

Ken put Kathryn back in the middle of the bed "Yeah then we'll never find her"

Cammy laughed

"By the way, Sean thinks you're a sex animal"

Cammy turned red "....what made him think that?"

"I don't know downstairs he asked me if you were a freak"

Cammy was still red "....what, do I look like I can ride you for three hours or something?"

"I don't know...but..." Ken grinned but didn't say anything else

Cammy looked down still blushing knowing what he meant "...yeah...I remember"

Ken laughed then started to change Kathryn's diaper

Cammy went to the dresser and got out more clothes for her when Ken finished changing her diaper Cammy started to dress her.

"Ken did you forget about them downstairs?"


Cammy finished dressing her then picked her up they went downstairs on the way down Ken's hand had taken refuge in Cammy's back pocket Cammy didn't mind she was used to this by now

Yun grinned "Aww look at the parents"

Cammy and Ken laughed Kathryn looked up at them not knowing what was going on wanting to laugh also she reached up and gripped Cammy's hair which Cammy didn't notice since it was so long anyway. Kathryn made a loud baby noise Cammy looked down at her blue-green eyes Kathryn smiled up at her, her small dimples showing then laughed. Ken and Cammy sat on the couch

Charlie kept glancing at Cammy watching Ken take his hand out of her pocket and Cammy sitting next to him.

Yun looked at Ken "Ken you still fight?"

Ken pulled Cammy closer to him "Of course"

"Oh I just thought since you have a wife and kid now maybe you didn't anymore"

"Well I still do"

"With who?"

"Cammy, Ryu and maybe Chun-li"

Yang grinned "Soon we'll have to do a match to see how strong you really are"

"Fine, one day we will"

Kathryn stood up in Cammy's arms and gave Cammy a kiss

Ken smiled

"That's so cute" Yun said

Sean pretended to wipe away a tear "Yeah *sniff* a Kodak moment"

Ken and Cammy laughed then the door bell rang.

Cammy, still holding Kathryn, stood up "I got it hun"


Cammy walked to the door and answered it



Cammy looked at Kristina which Ryu was holding. Kristina was playing with a cookie "Aw that's a cute outfit"

Chun-li smiled "Thank you it took us long enough to find it"

Cammy stepped aside to let them in "Well you two can put your things upstairs"


Cammy walked pass the living room and to their bedroom Cammy put Kathryn in her crib then she put Kristina next to her they started playing.

Ryu and Chun-li put their coats in the closet when Cammy had told them to Chun-li pulled her ponytail out the back of her shirt and it rested softly on her shoulder blades

"Ryu did you bring Kristina's baby food?"

Ryu smiled "Yes you kept reminding me it's impossible to forget"

Cammy laughed then picked up Kathryn. Chun-li picked up Kristina and they went downstairs.

When Charlie saw Chun-li he stopped / she looks completely different.... /

Sean saw Chun-li "Hey Chun-li and Ryu are here"

"Hi" Chun-li said cheerfully

"Hey" Ryu said

Yang spotted Kristina "I see you both had girls"


Kristina was looking around silently her light brown eyes looked at Ken and smiled then she laughed

Ryu noticed "Looks like Kristina's happy to see you"

Ken laughed "Well I'm happy to see her too"

The couch Cammy and Ken were sting on is only big enough for two people so Cammy stood up

"Chun-li, Ryu you can sit here"

Cammy then went to Ken and sat on his right leg Ken pulled her closer and wrapped his arm around her waist. Chun-li and Ryu did the same thing

Charlie felt a twinge of jealousy

~Two hours later 6:39pm~

Cammy looked down at Kathryn who was laying on her chest then she looked at the clock


He looked at her

"Hold Kathryn, I have to make dinner"

"Okay" Ken reached for Kathryn

"...can...I hold her?" Yang asked nervously

Ken glanced at Cammy who glanced at him Ken sat back again and Cammy picked up Kathryn she walked to Yang and handed him Kathryn

Yang looked scared out of his wits

Cammy laughed "Yang don't be nervous she doesn't bite"

Ken looked at Cammy "Yes she does"

Yang glanced at Ken who looked serious about the biting thing

Cammy smiled "Even if she does bite you it won't hurt becau-"

"Yes it will" Ken said cutting her off

"Ken, shut up"

Ken laughed "I love you too"

Cammy looked back at Yang "She's teething so she'll start crying before she tries to bite you okay?"


"Why are you so nervous?"

Yang looked down at Kathryn who was drooling on her thumb which she was biting "It's just...I've never held a baby before"

Cammy gave him a soft smile "Don't worry Kathryn won't act up she's a good little girl" Cammy tweaked Kathryn's chin and Kathryn laughed

Yang put on a nervous smile

Chun-li looked at Cammy "I'll help you too"


Chun-li handed Kristina to Ryu then stood up

Chun-li and Cammy walked to the kitchen and started talking

Every eye in the room glanced at them two then back at each other but Charlie's eyes kept watching

" need a girlfriend" Sean said seeing Charlie watching them walked away

Ken and Ryu looked at Charlie "And fast"

Everybody laughed

Kathryn started to cry and Yang jumped startled "w-what am I s-supposed to do?" He asked Ken nervously

Ken handed him Kathryn's teething ring "Give this to her and watch your fingers"

Yang took it and handed it to Kathryn she started biting on it and stopped crying he let out a sigh of relief

..::.. In the kitchen

Chun-li and Cammy had started dinner

Chun-li looked at Cammy "Cammy"

Cammy started washing out a pot "Yeah"

"Um...about what I wanted to ask you....

Cammy took something out of the refrigerator "Go ahead"

"Well Kristina is four months and I was kinda do"

Cammy stopped what she was doing and looked at Chun-li she let out a small laugh "Have sex without her waking up in the middle of it right?"

Chun-li blushed "....yeah"

Cammy turned on the fire under a pot "Don't worry I had to go through the same thing"

" do you do?" Chun-li asked nervously

Cammy sat down at the table " I did was play with her all day so that when it's time for bed she'll be too tired to wake up in the middle of the night"

Chun-li sat in the chair opposite from her "Are you sure that'll work?"

Cammy smiled "Positive"

..::..Living room

Sean leaned back "So you expect me to believe that you can touch Cammy anywhere and she wouldn't care?"

Ken was annoyed "She wouldn't care because she actually likes when I do that to her"

Yun looked at Ryu who was holding a sleeping Kristina "And you can do the same to Chun-li?"

"I'm not in this conversation" He said without looking at him

Sean glanced at him then back at Ken "I don't believe it"

Charlie looked at him also "Yeah prove it"

Ken leaned back "Why should I prove to you people that I can touch my wife anyway I want?"

Sean smirked "You just don't want to because you know Cammy would break your fingers"

Ken just looked at him

Yang looked down at Kathryn whom he was still holding "Uh...Ken?"

Ken looked at him

"...s-she's asleep...what should I do?"

Ken reached for her and Yang carefully handed her to him. Ken took her and laid her gently against his chest

Sean looked down at Kathryn then up at Ken again "Now back to the earlier conversation"

Ken sighed frustrated "Why do you care where Cammy let's me touch her?"

"Because I still can't believe someone as big-headed as you could marry someone as sexy as Cammy" Sean said jokingly

Charlie and Yun laughed

Ken frowned "I'm not big-headed"

Yun smiled "Yes you are"

Ken smirked slightly "Hey even if I am, Cammy still wants me"

"She may want you but you still can't touch her anyway or place you want" Sean said

Ken raised his eyebrow slightly then Cammy came into the living room

"Are you guys going to stay for dinner?"

Charlie looked up at her " guess"

Yun grinned "Of course!"

Sean smiled "Okay"

Yang glanced at her "I suppose...thank you"

Cammy looked at Ken who looked slightly annoyed "What's wrong hun?"

Sean glanced at Ken with a small smirk on his face annoying Ken even more

Ken looked at her "Nothing"



"Alright well, dinner will be ready in a few okay?"


Cammy saw Kathryn asleep she reached down for her Ken handed her to her Cammy picked her up then looked at Ryu who (as usual) looked deep in thought

"Ryu, if you want I'll put her in the room"


Chun-li came out of the kitchen "Hey Cammy can I use the bathroom?"

Cammy looked back at her "Yeah, you don't have to ask"

Chun-li looked at Ryu who had stood up she went to him "You put her to sleep?"

Ryu looked down at her "Yeah. I was about to bring her upstairs"

Chun-li stood on her tiptoes and gave him a quick kiss "I'll do it"

Ryu handed her Kristina then sat back down

Cammy turned around to leave Ken reached out and pinched her butt Cammy jumped laughed and kept walking

All four of them looked shocked while Ryu looked bored

Charlie was most shocked "All she did was laugh..."

Ken held in his laughter "Like I told you she likes when I do that to her"

Cammy came back downstairs with Chun-li "Dinner is ready"

Yun practically jumped off the couch "Alright!"

Charlie looked at him "Why do you always have to be so greedy?"

Yun glared at him "Why do you always have to be so desperate?"

Charlie turned red from anger

They went into the kitchen got their plates and went back into the living room

Ken noticed Cammy didn't fix herself any "Cammy?"

Cammy looked at him

"Why aren't you eating?"

Cammy put her hair behind her ear "I have a headache and I'm not hungry"

Cammy turned to go back into the kitchen Ken put his plate on the table and gently took her hand

"Cammy you have to eat"

Cammy turned back to him "Ken, I'm not hungry"

"If you don't eat it'll make it worse"

Cammy let out a small sigh "....fine I'll go eat"

Ken kept hold of her hand "I know you Cammy, no you won't"

"Ken could you ju-"

She was cut off by Ken pulling her onto his lap "Cammy you're going to eat in here"

Cammy sighed "...fine"

Ken picked up the plate again and he started to feed her

Cammy leaned back in Ken's arms and laid her head on his shoulder when they were finished

"Now I know what Kathryn feels like" Cammy said in Ken's ear

Ken laughed

Sean looked at them ""

Ken looked at him

"I was wondering...could we...maybe get some drinks?"

"You know where the kitchen is" Ken said

"I don't mean...those types of drinks"

Yun looked at him "You mean alcohol?"

Sean glanced at Cammy who had her eyes closed then looked back at Ken "Yeah"

Ken brushed some of Cammy's stray hair off his neck "'d have to ask her"

Sean looked at Cammy again who still had her eyes closed "Um...Cammy?"

Cammy slowly opened her eyes and looked at him

" we"

"I heard you" Cammy said her headache feeling worst "Since Kathryn and Kristina are sleeping you can"

Cammy closed her eyes again "Just not too much okay?"

"Alright thanks"

Sean stood up "We'll go get it"

Yang looked at Cammy still on Ken's shoulder she looked really sick "Cammy do you want me to bring something for your headache?"

"....thank you"

They turned and walked out

Ken moved some of Cammy's hair out of her face "Cammy you should lay down"

"....okay" Cammy stood up and Ken took her hand then looked at Chun-li and Ryu "We'll be back"


Ken helped Cammy up the stairs and they walked into the bedroom Cammy suddenly felt dizzy she stopped walking to steady herself

"Cammy what's wrong?"

"I-I'm dizzy"

"Are you okay?"

Cammy looked at him "Yeah it passed"

"...okay sit down for now alright?"

Cammy sat on the bed

Ken had no idea what to do "Do you want me to get Chun-li?"

Cammy nodded

Ken gave her a small kiss on her forehead then went downstairs "Chun-li?"

She looked back "Is she okay?"

"I don't know but she wants you"

Chun-li stood up holding onto Ryu's hand and they went upstairs Ken went into the kitchen to bring Cammy water

Ten minutes later Chun-li came into the kitchen looking terrified "K-Ken, Cammy just fainted"

Ken went upstairs and Cammy was laying back on the bed he went to her and picked her up he felt her head was extremely hot

He lightly shook her "Cammy"

Ken was starting to panic he looked back at Chun-li and Ryu who both looked shocked and frightened at the same time "Could you get ice?"

Ryu left to get some

"W-what do you want me to do?" Chun-li asked

Ken started taking Cammy's shirt off "Could you go into the bathroom and get a washcloth and put some cold water on it?"

Chun-li went into the bathroom

Ken laid Cammy down gently on the bed he started to remove her shoes and pants he reached into her drawer and gave her more comfortable clothes

Chun-li came out of the bathroom and handed him the washcloth then Ryu came upstairs with a cupful of ice

"Is she okay?"

Ken put Cammy under the covers and put the washcloth on her head "I don't know...I hope so"

Ken stayed next to her he looked at Chun-li and Ryu "If you want to you two could go back downstairs when the others come back I'll stay with Cammy"

"Do you want us to tell them to leave?" Chun-li asked

"I d-"

Kathryn started to cry and woke up Kristina in the process

Ken looked back at the crib "...Kathryn can sense when something is wrong" Ken said more to himself than anyone else

"I got it" Ryu went to the crib and picked up Kristina Chun-li went and picked up Kathryn

Ken moved Cammy's hair from her face and noticed she looked as if she was having a nightmare

He gave her a small kiss / please Cammy be okay... /