Innocence chapter 11

~Cammy's mind~ 7:43pm

Cammy looked around she was walking in a dark tunnel she was alone and cold but then she saw a figure in the distance

"W-who are you?"

The figure looked at her Cammy noticed it was the same masked person she saw on her honeymoon at the beach

"Why do you keep watching me?"

He went towards her and grinned evilly under his mask " know who I am..."

Cammy backed away from him suddenly feeling frightened "...s-stay away from my family"

He started to laugh to himself

Cammy frowned "Leave me and my family alone" she screamed

The figure backed away and vanished

The tunnel suddenly lit up in a bright light Cammy covered her eyes then the light dimmed Cammy was watching the day she and Ken first met. Then the scene switched it was the day Ken took her out the first time, it switched again, when Ken first told her he loved her, when Ken proposed, their wedding night, the night they made Kathryn, when Cammy first told Ken she was pregnant, Christmas when they found out Chun-li was pregnant too, when Cammy found out her DNA was altered and Ken held her, Cammy giving birth to Kathryn, them finding out what color Kathryn's eyes were, Chun-li having Kristina, Kathryn biting Ken's lip, while they were at the supermarket, Ken feeding Cammy.

The scenes kept flashing in front of Cammy faster and faster making her dizzy Cammy was confused

"What does this mean?" She asked herself "Why are the happiest times in my life flashing before me?"

Then a final scene came up it was a picture they took recently. Ken was behind Cammy and had his arm wrapped around Cammy's waist and his chin was resting on her neck, Cammy was holding Kathryn and Kathryn was laughing Ken was holding up Kathryn's hand making her wave at the camera, Chun-li was next to Cammy turned to the side slightly and Ryu had his arm around her waist and her arm was around his waist, Ryu was holding Kristina who was blowing a spit bubble and laughing and Chun-li was holding her too. They were at an amusement park and every one of them was happy

Cammy smiled, that was her favorite picture then it disappeared

The tunnel turned black again and it was completely dark the only sound Cammy heard was her own terrified breathing suddenly she felt something hit her hard she hit a wall she didn't know what was there and felt like her body was covered in fire she touched her stomach and could feel she was bleeding uncontrollably she carefully stood up in pain and wiped the blood from her mouth

"Why is this happening to me?" Cammy saw Ken and Kathryn in the distance she started towards them but they turned away and started walking she tried to get them but it felt like she wasn't moving

"Ken...Ken please...d-don't leave me"

Ken looked back again then started to vanish

"No" Cammy felt herself start to weaken "Ken h-help me"

Cammy started walking toward him again when she got to him he vanished ""

Cammy looked ahead and saw she was alone again she slid down the wall feeling weaker

"...w-why would you leave me here to die Ken...."

She heard a voice "Because he doesn't need you anymore"

Cammy shook her head " t-that's not true"

"None of them need you anymore...."

"No....y-you're lying" Cammy stood up "K-KEN LOVES ME!"

"It was all lies..."

"No" Cammy screamed

She saw Ken in at the beginning of the tunnel he was reaching for her still holding Kathryn

Cammy ran as fast as she could to them but it felt as if they were getting father away "No...Ken d-don't leave me!"

Then the masked figure came up behind her again "You'll never see them again"


"They'll forget about you"


Just then the figure pulled Cammy back "No, let me go to my family"

He touched her head and Cammy started to get dizzy again then he dropped her Cammy looked up weakly and saw them start to fade away


Ken kept reaching for her and Kathryn started to cry and she started reaching also Cammy slowly got up using all of her strength she weakly went to them she reached for Kathryn's small hand but she noticed they were both covered in blood Kathryn stopped reaching and went limp


Ken looked up at Cammy he opened his mouth to say something when he started to bleed from his mouth Ken looked down weakly Cammy looked down also and saw Ken had claw-like objects through his torso

Cammy screamed in horror


Cammy's eyes shot open and she was sweating cold sweat she looked around and it was dark

"Kathryn" she called

Ken who was holding her the whole time she was asleep looked at her "Cammy" He said softly

Cammy looked at him then hugged him tight

Ken hugged her back "Cammy what happened?"

Cammy's face was buried in his chest she shook her head "I love you Ken" She said shakily

Ken gently stroked her hair then kissed the top of her head "I love you too Cammy"

Cammy didn't want to let him go. Ken could tell she was terrified. He held her at least another twenty minutes

"....w-where is Kathryn?"

"She's in her crib"

Ken started to get off of the bed. Still holding Cammy, they walked to Kathryn's crib where she was still asleep. Cammy let Ken go reluctantly and picked up Kathryn. She kissed Kathryn on her cheek then hugged her then she went back to the bed and Ken followed then Cammy crawled in Ken's arms. Ken held Cammy close to him and she fell asleep again.

Ken looked down at her holding a still sleeping Kathryn / I don't know what she dreamt about but I hope she'll be okay.... /