These are the results of our old poll where the question asked "Who was the most entertaining character on this crazy site?"

The poll has now been retired and thank you everyone for participating.

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~ Most entertaining character on this crazy site ~

    -Dan with his extreme (and unmatched) love for Vega. I can't blame Dan but his blinded love for the bullfighter can't prevent him from doing the most stupidest things to impress Vega.

    -Sakura, because she is very energetic and is willing to become a great warrior such as Ryu.

    -I honestly think it's Ryu because he shows a different side of himself when I read one of the fics involving him and Chun-Li as his wife because sooner or later he had to find something more than just fighting for the rest of his life.

    -Dan he may be the weak fighter but he is funny.

    -That SuperBeast random stuff. It's kick-ass funny.

    -El SuperBeast.

    -All the characters are funny. Great site peeps.


    -Everyone is pretty funny.

    -Hakan is epic... just epic. If you ask me, his fighting style is hilarious and clever, and fits in perfectly with the "zanier" side of the original Street Fighter cast, plus he has seven daughters and a beautiful wife.

    -Ken, he made me laugh with his humor sense, charisma and his interventions. Sakura is also funny.

    -Dan and Vega. Dan is a funny man, and Vega's character is complex.

    -Vega cause he is a beautiful snob.

    -Dan is so stupid... hahahahahahahaha!!!!

    -This is a hard question.

    -Dan cause he's gay and stupid at the same time!!!

    -Ken he is cool. Ryu is cool too but not as cool as Ken.

    -They all are.

    -Vega, cause he's perfect! I slowly peel off the skin of bunnys and my friend is thirsty for blood! Perfect isn't he?

    -Dan but I'm glad he's not chasing after me.

    -...Vega. DO NOT WANT!!!

    -Vega he makes me drool.

    -Dan because it is funny seeing how much he loves Vega.

    -Ken and Ryu because they are the strongest Street Fighters throughout history.

    -Ryu because he's really a good fighter and I'll always use him.

    -Bison because he is psychotic and evil.

    -Cammy I like her tits.

    -Dan and Vega because it seems so wrong the way they do it.

    -Ryu cuz he's the best street fighter.

    -Dan because he is chasing the handsomest man in the world.

    -Chun-Li because she is a strong woman that can hold her own ground.

    -Vega. He is even more hot and sexy when he is being chased by Dan.

    -Ken. He should kill and get his revenge on Vega.

    -Chun-Li because she is so hot.

    -Chun Li. She is intelligent.

    -The most entertaining character is Dan.

    -Dan. Funny, cute fighting style, blabbering mouth.

    -Ken he is fast and physical... lightning kicks.

    -Chun Li 'cause she is a beautiful and powerful girl.

    -Vega, because he's very handsome, attractive and bello!!!

    -Dan, because he's such a cream puff.

    -Chun-Li. Cause of her sexy body & her big ass legs.

    -Dan.... Worries me sometimes...

    -Ken. He is kool but so is Ryu.

    -Ryu & Sakura because they are so related to each other. Both have the same arts of Shotokan or Anatsatsuken (just only that Sakura's self learn) & both of them have the same path of being the best street fighter in the world. They really can be a good couple or I can say husband & wife ^_^. Ryu & Sakura together will be a perfect warrior couple for not just only strongest man and woman but for the heart of fighting to improve their fighting abilities. True love is not from beauty but from heart to heart so that's why I don't think Chun Li is good for Ryu, Sakura is.

    -Dan because he is so powerful.

    -Cammy, she'll never get Ken.

    -Akuma because he has the best moves and he always says something cool when he wins.

    -Vega he is just so funny in the pictures.

    -Dan. Go pink fag.

    -Vega... I really don't know why he's entertaining I sometimes find everything entertaining.

    -Vega, he's gay with Dan.

    -Kaiba, he is not afraid to speak his mind.

    -Ken.... He's a rich boy gone bad. Need I say more?!

    -Dan, he's the funniest guy around the SF world.

    -Seto Kaiba because he always loses his temper and won't admit anything to others.

    -Dan Hibiki, because he is silly.

    -Ryu. All the bad guys fear him. Plus he's so damn dense. He doesn't get much of the s**t goin on.

    -Vega is psychologically the most interesting. He became mad since his father killed his mother, so I can understand his vices, especially his narcissism (the face as a memory from the mother). He's more bright and cultivated than the average, of course extremly hot. He has generosity deep inside (saved Cammy). But if he recovers from his melancholy (Chun-Li are you there), many of his fans will regret it. (This site definitely proves the importance of sadism in the making of erotic fancies)

    -Vega, he has a funny high pitched battle cry.

    -Vega for being such an ass.

    -Vega. He's the cutest thing going!

    -Vega because he is the roy jones of street fighter. Amazing hand speed and foot speed with unorthdox fighting skills.

    -Dan because pink isn't right.

    -Vega he's sexy.

    -Vega, he's just too hot for his own good.

    -Dan because he is so funny.

    -Dan, cuz he always takes things too seriously.

    -Chun Li is the most sane and prettiest fighting character of street fighter.

    -Kaiba is cool. [AND RICH!]

    -It can be Ryu or Vega. I like both. Ryu because of his attitudes, Vega because of his vanity.

    -Vega he's a multi dimensional character. He has the whole narcissistic thing with the mask, the claws and the tattoos making him an interesting character in Street Fighter.

    -I like Guile because I like his hair style.

    -Chun-Li. Because she's sexy, smart, strong & does the greatest kiss with Ryu.

    -Dan because he's the goof ball of the group.

    -Chun-Li because she is so much in love with Ryu. Chun-Li X Ryu forever!

    -Setsuna she's my favorite.

    -Setsuna her sense of humor is like mine. A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    -Vega because I like him.

    -Vega just because he is... Vega.

    -Vega because he is Dan's bitch.

    -Vega. His arrogance cracks me up.

    -Vega because he's SOOOOO HOT!!

    -Vega he is the handsomest man in the world!!!!


    -Ken because they make him so cool and fearless.

    -Ken because Ken rules and Vega f**king sucks!

    -Vega 'cause he's the real deal. He's handsome, acrobatic and is always hungry for blood and of cause he's member of Shadowlaw!!!!!!

    -Seto Kaiba, he's so sexy!

    -Ryu. Cause he beats bad guys(M. Bison, Akuma, & Gill) up for fun!!

    -Chun-Li.... Her Legs.

    -Chun Li because she kicks high.

    -Dan. Gay is funny.

    -Dan he is so fruity and out of control.

    -Setsuna she is my favorite Outer.

    -I like how my boy Seto is dissin' everyone on this site.

    -Um, I dunno really. I get a bit of a laugh from all three on the site here. If you mean Street Fighter characters then I'd have to say Jill from Marval vs Capcom, not just because she uses zombies, dogs, crows and other weird special moves, but she freaks out all the time. No, really, play it and see for yourself.

    -I'd have to say Dan. His antics and taunts speak for themselves.

    -Cammy because she has a cute ass and big breasts.

    -I would have to say that Dan is the most entertaining because he is hardcore gay.

    -Seto because he is mean and hates everybody.

    -Ryu because he is always seeking the next challenge and his fights with Akuma are just f**king spectacular.

    -Ryu because he reminds me of myself.

    -Mmm...probably Vega.

    -Not sure...probably Vega (even though I don't like him, but I guess he's entertaining for other people)

    -I don't know! But since I like Chun Li and Ryu (only), then I guess my answer is Chun Li & Ryu!!

    -Dan of course.

    -That would be........ ME (Hungry Hustler).

    -Vega. He's just the most original and interesting character. He's cool because he has long hair, a claw with a cool mask and snake tattoo. He's interesting because he is narcissistic and borderline psychotic, and he has some flashy moves.

    -Dan. He's extremely funny since he's extremely stupid.

    -Cammy, she is a beautiful girl.

    -Vega, he is the best, (I am Spanish), hehe, but nobody is better than him. And always be it!!!

    -They're all funny as hell but gay Dan is the funniest.

    -All of them.

    -Dan!!! Because of the pink, the beauty, the attitude, the power. A place where Dan's school of fags exists is a very nice place.

    -Vega, because it's pretty funny how in the stories Vega is always getting stalked by Dan the loser.

    -Setsuna cause she's the best!

    -Sakura because she's emulated a very static character and has become a very dynamic character in the process. Plus . . . She dances . . .

    -Vega because I love him and I think he should always have his mask and shirt off. Oooooooohh... Vega....

    -Vega because he's hot, hot, hot!

    -Dan Hibiki cuz he's cynical.

    -Vega because he's the coolest in the Street Fighter series.

    -That's hard to say 'cuz y'all funny as Hell.

    -Mileena because she has big teeth.

    -Setsuna because Sailor Pluto rules!!!

    -Ken and Ryu because they are so gay.

    -Vega because he's hot.

    -Goro because he's ugly.

    -Dan cuz he just so damn retarded!

    -Vega he's that wonderful perfect mixture of passion and insanity (evil laugh).

    -Vega cause he's such an ass.

    -None of them, because y'all are disturbing.

    -Vega because he's the sexiest!

    -Vega he's just funny.

    -Vega because well... he's hot, okay? ^^

    -Dan cuz he's an idiot.

    -Dan because he is so funny.

    -Setsuna... I dunno why, she's just funny^^

    -Setsuna because sometimes she's out of control.

    -Setsuna - oh so poor little weak Time Goddess.

    -Dan....just too damn funny.

    -Setsuna. I feel sorry for her. She should kill everyone else.

    -Vega because he makes Dan happy.

    -It would have to be Vega and Dan. Dan is just silly :P And Vega is... VEGA!! *swoons*

    -Ryu because he is number one and always will be.

    -Dan too freaking funny, but please get a better gi in the future.

    -Ryu because he is the greatest fighter and will kick the crap outta Jin Kazama and Liu-Kang ANYDAY.

    -Dan cause he's just an idiot.

    -Pluto she's got a potty mouth and thinks she doesn't.

    -Cammy because she likes Ken.

    -Dan because he's so horny!

    -Vega cause he's tight.

    -Sailor Pluto because she is nice and sweet.

    -Ryu, Ken and Akuma because they are the best fighters in any game.

    -Dan because he is so gay.

    -Cammy. She's hot =)

    -Vega because he's hot ok.

    -Vega because I love him :)

    -Vega because he's a pretty boy that cannot fight without a weapon.

    -Dan because he's so gay, it's funny.

    -Dan cause he's so crazy.

    -Vega because - need I say more, man?

    -Chun-Li (sexy).

    -Chun-Li her kicks.

    -Dan because he's on a hormonal rampage.

    -Vega he's sexy.

    -All of them.

    -Kairi he's an idoit.

    -Ken cause I SAID SO!

    -They are all entertaining in thier own way ;)

    -Ryu. He's kewl. Ken's an idiot and Ryu is totally kewl but he's kinda dense. I hate Sakura and Chun-Li should beat the living s**t out of her since Sakura tries to seduce Ryu.

    -Ryu. He's dense which is funny. Sakura should die.

    -Dan because he is plain stupid.

    -Setsuna because she is hilarious.

    -Sailor Pluto she's so pretty.

    -Setsuna. She's so bloody human; what with her lusts and all.

    -Ryu he is funny.

    -Dan beacuse he rapes men.

    -Ken because he does the most stuff.

    -Dan because he's kool.

    -Vega because he has lots a power and grace.

    -Cammy because she says the funniest stuff I have ever heard!

    -Chun Li cuz she's cute and original.

    -Pluto because she is just soooooooooo cooooool!!!

    -Ryu he knows how to kick butt.

    -Setsuna cause she's so goddamn insane! I love it!

    -^_^ Dan. 'Cause Capcom originally made him as a joke.

    -Liu Kang cuz he's always runnin' away from Setsuna.

    -Ryu cuz he is the best.

    -Chun-Li 'cause she is a beautiful girl.

    -They all seem to be entertaining.

    -All of them make me laugh.

    -Dan cuz' he's so horny and no man gets away from him!

    -Vega. He's violent but in an oddly charming manner.

    -Ken he just can't seem to stay alive for the entire strip.

    -Vega. He is just wicked.

    -Chun Li because she always gets the last laugh.

    -Setsuna she's funny!

    -Dan fear the pink fag!

    -Ken because he rules and he is the all american hero!

    -Dan because he has more taunts than actual super moves.

    -Vega because he's so agile and cool and the fact that almost every guy envies him.

    -Ken cuz he's always complaining about how this site is.

    -Chun-Li because she's really hot.

    -Ken because he fights with style and is quick with his moves.

    -Dan because he is a gay dumbass.... he he he

    -Would Have To Be Ryu With His Bringing Down Chun Li's Happiness With The Line "The Fight Is All"

    -All of them.

    -Ryu cuz he's funny.

    -Ken Masters because he's really attractive.

    -Ken b/c he's hot.