These are the results of our old poll where the question asked "What would you like to see more of here?"

The poll has now been retired and thank you everyone for participating.

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What would you like to see more of here?

    -I want more Vega and Chun-Li stuff but I would not mind if you add some Sakura x Ryu stuff too.

    -Chun Li x Vega - because in-spite of the rivalry between them, they have equal strength and beauty. Although, Vega wanted to kill Chun-Li first, but he has mixed emotions whether to destroy her or keep her as his wife.

    -I would like to see more Ryu and Chun-Li fanfics. I honestly believe that they were made for each other. Sakura is more likely to be his sister if anything else.


    -I want to see Dan dead. Also no yaoi cuz that's faggish.

    -More Vega x Chun Li. Less of Dan.

    -Hmm...that's tuff, you guys seem to have it all.


    -Maybe a wallpaper section, since some people are impatient about searching... IDK


    -More Ryu x Chun Li fics (lemons are included too xD).

    -I want to read fics about the relationship between Dan and Vega are more than just humor.

    -Vega, Vega and more Vega.

    -More Chun Li and Ryu fics and photos ^^

    -This is a great site. Hey maybe there should be a "How to draw ___(character)" section. That would be reallly great.

    -More Pics of Vega and Chun Li. More stories of Vega, and maybe he should have his own web page where he can talk to his fans and his own talk show.

    -More stuff on Ryu and Chun-Li.

    -More stories of just Vega, cause he's awesome. More hand drawn pictures of Vega or anyone. More links to sites about Vega.

    -Keep on updating the Street Fighter galleries.

    -More Vega pics more....more.

    -Just got here!

    -Vega x Ken buttsecks! :0

    -Hot Vega pics!

    -More Dan and Vega hilarious antics.

    -Lots more Street Fighter pictures please.

    -I can't think right now got a headache.

    -Cammy and Chun-Li hentai.

    -Bison taking over the world.

    -Some girl on girl action.

    -Street Fighter fanfics cuz there's not a lot of them anymore.

    -More RCL!

    -Lots more of Vega please.

    -I hate Vega.

    -More Vega.

    -More pictures. Especially of Chun-Li.

    -I would like to see more pictures of all the characters doing weird things.

    -More Ryu and Chun Li please. Fanfics, pictures, gifs, etc coz they are such a cute and romantic couple... The best!!!!

    -I would like you to update the new pictures and galleries as much as you can. I love to look at your shrine, it is cool!


    -More + Vega, - Chun Li and Dan!! Ok?

    -I'd like to see a little more of every character, from the pics to the fics.

    -M. Bison switching bodies with Chun-Li so he can get even with my boy Ryu.

    -DAN + VEGA!!

    -Ken and Cammy f**king. Ryu and Chun-Li f**king.

    -I would like to see Ryu & Sakura as a couple because they learned the same style of martial arts & both have the ambition to become the strongest street fighter in the world or I can say a true warrior? Hey don't get this wrong because capcom didn't change Sakura's outfit while she was over school age. If capcom really put a good ending story for Ryu & Sakura it would be them getting married at Ryu's finals. I don't think capcom is stopping this game, it is still going on to make Street Fighter New Generation for the new journey of Ryu & Sakura to journey to the world to meet all fighters and fight again (because every fighter who meets Ryu really wants to challenge him again and again (=.=)). If capcom can make this story more interesting maybe Ryu & Sakura can have a son the same as Ken (^_^) both their child will be trained to follow their father & continue with the power of Hadou!!! If capcom really do decide that Ryu & Sakura can be together then the street fighter story will be more exciting since the main character gets the happy ending. ^_^

    -More Dan X Vega.

    -Cursor and actual icons not avatars.

    -More Akuma/Shin Akuma stuff.

    -Jupiter and Pluto. The coolest scouts.

    -Ken getting his revenge on Vega!

    -No, this site has mostly everything I like on it!

    -Ryu f**king Chun-Li and Cammy because they deserve sex from him.

    -Actually everything is kick ass. Keep up the good work.


    -Ryu - Chun-Li romance. Capcom just doesn't do justice with these two characters.

    -I would like to see more of the dolls. Especially the underrated ones. (Enero, Sataki, Marz, Decapre etc.)

    -More pics from Yugioh, please.

    -More Vega pictures, because he's hot.

    -What do I want to see? More of the damn fanfic that brought me here. I'm addicted to it. I love it. But it ain't been updated in forever. Please write more. That chapter of Ryu chooses Chun-Li was kinda weak. You can't leave it on that note. You must continue.

    -More Chun-Li and Vega together. Can help if you want.

    -Nothin, l love ur site it's awesome! I guess SNK characters would be funny.

    -Add Vegeta and Tenchi and it will be on them!

    -I like to see Vega and Ryu fight because both of them are the best fighters in the world.

    -The live-action Street Fighter movie of course! I will not rest until I avenge the day my brother pressed the mute button!

    -I wanted to know if Vega is just as popular as the poll said.


    -Mo' Ryu x Chun Li!

    -More Ryu & Chun Li pictures.

    -More Vega art! Anything Vega!

    -Ryu and Chun-Li romance fics.

    -A fanfic with Seto, Mokuba, and all the street fighters.

    -Different characters, especially putting Morrigan Aensland as a main character bcuz she is an amazing character... More Ryu X Chun Li, and Cammy coming 2 her senses lol.

    -Kaiba pictures.

    -I would like to see many Yaoi Pictures, especially the couple Ryu X Ken, because pics are really, really rare.

    -More Vega pics because I think he's a very very good looking guy.

    -Keep the pics coming.

    -I want to see Guile on this web page because I am a big fan of Guile.

    -More romantic pics & fics of Ryu & Chun-Li. Because they're my favorites.

    -More pictures of Nash instead of just chibi or card like.

    -More Sailor Pluto pictures please. Thank you!

    -More Ryu X Chun-Li please. They rule!

    -Some lil bit of hentai comics.

    -I'd like to see more images of Vega, especially screenshots of him from SFV.

    -More Vega and Chun Li (cute not hentai) romance... And action fics... Where Vega and Chun Li kick Dan's a$$! And I think that Chun Li would enjoy kicking the crap out of Dan... Just 'cause he's annoying.

    -A Vega X Dan lemon.

    -MORE KAIBA!!!! He is SO HOT!!!!

    -Pictures of Vega and Chun Li together! :-D

    -MORE VEGA!!!!!


    -I would like to see more Ken and Ryu pics along with Vega, Guile and Chun Li.

    -Ken beating the worthless sh*t out of Vega. Ken rules!

    -Um... Maybe some full comics, like the Vega, Ken + Eliza Udon...

    -More Vega pictures. Definitely. More Cammy pics wouldn't be too bad either. No real reason, I just like those characters a lot.

    -Street fighter III peoples.

    -Yes! More Kaiba pics! More!

    -Ryu & Chun Li. I wanna see pictures and stories about them.

    -I like watching Dan rape Vega all the time. Very funny.

    -Hopefully y'all can hook up with some Megaman & Transformers sites and see what kind of crazy sh*t could happen.

    -I'd like to see a little more of everything, really.

    -More Cammy !! ^.^ She's soooo cool.

    -Sailor Neptune getting killed or something, I hate her!

    -I like seeing Vega as Dan's whore. It's classic!

    -More Sailor Pluto. I'm glad to find a Sailor Moon site that is still updated.

    -Mo' of Ken,'cuz he's a big Rick James fan. I'm Rick James, Bitch!

    -Show some girl on girl action with Cammy and Chun li!

    -Hmmm, characters from the RP. I dunno if they count, but Travis and Rebecca, Travis and Nancy, Travis and Rei, Travis and Jun, or if you want to go in that direction, Nancy and Rei and Nancy and Jun would be good to see what your fertile imaginations could come up with.

    -Chun Li and Cammy pics because they are hot!

    -I want to see Vega and Dan become man and husband.

    -More fanfics, they're so funny... More Bloodrayne, I love her.

    -More of not Dan because nobody wants to see Dan.

    -More Cammy and Setsuna tea times, they are funny.

    -Vega and Chun-Li because you don't see many of these at all (let alone any good ones), and I think that they belong together. I mean, come on, would he really stalk her that much unless he loved her? Chun-Li just needs to realize her true feelings, and accept Vega's love. Besides, they look really cute together. ^.^

    -Although my FAVORITE COUPLE is Ryu x Chun Li, this site sparked an interest in Ryu x Setsuna. I would also like to see Ryu x Cammy because I never saw it before. The higher the rating (pg-13 or higher) the better.

    -Depends. If it's a fight pic, Vega and Zangief. If it's a more romantic sorta thing, Rose and Vega.

    -Chun Li and Bison because it's cool, original, and it's just so darn cute! Opposites attract you know!

    -I'd like to see a Vega/Chun-Li fic because I've been looking around for a good one for a long time, and have found that they are very rare.

    -Ken and Cammy because they are two of the hottest people around and they don't get the attention they need. Cammy needs a hot guy to give her some good lovin' and Ken is the perfect guy for the job! Cammy deserves some sex from Ken anyway!

    -Ryu and Chun Li so they can talk about their marriage and the fight with Akuma.

    -Chun Li AND Ryu all the way because alot of people see them as a good couple and even those that don't would still read secretly. Tell people to never forget about Ryu and Chun Li.

    -Chun Li & Ryu: because they are the cutest anime couple around!

    -Ken and Ryu. They're identical.

    -Ryu and Chun-Li: Cuz they are the ideal couple, and probably the BEST anime couple of SF, or ANY anime for that matter! They are the 'original' couple... even though change is good, but NOTHING beats the original! So RYU & CHUN-LI 4EVER!!!

    -Chun Li & Ryu (DUH)! Cuz they are so perfect for each other! They are like the most popular character pairing in SF!

    -Me, in my other alter ego, Dizzle & Cammy 'cuz she got an a$$ I wouldn't mind poundin'.

    -Vega of street fighter vs Ryu Hayabusa of dead or alive and ninja gaiden.

    -Ryu and Chun Li. They go perfectly together and besides he is the strongest man while she is the strongest woman.

    -Vega and Rose.

    -Chun Li and R. Mika because they are the best heheheheheheheheheeheheeheeheh!!!!!!!!

    -Vega and Cammy, of course. They are so gothics and beautiful.

    -Vega and Cammy or Cammy and Ken.

    -Chun Li and Ryu because they are sooooo cool together.

    -Ryu and Ken, see the animes and games, they were more than pals in their youth!

    -Rose and M. Bison, because I think both of them have little in common. Don't know why I think that but that's just me.

    -Chun Li and Makoto. Because Chun Li is wanting to teach the new generation the beauty of martial arts, while Makoto is trying to accomplish to gain respect for her fathers dojo. I would also like to see Gouken (or Shen Long, I'm confused) and Gouki. I wanna see what happened w/ them.

    -Vega and Ken because opposites attract.

    -Vega and Cammy because Cammy should have a cute boyfriend.

    -Vega/someone other than Dan.

    -Guy and Ibuki. They're both ninjas and in the Pocket Gem Fighters, Guy seems to be charming towards Ibuki; they are soooooo sweeet! Two clans to be combined as one would make the clan an ultimate one... I can't really describe it, but I guess that the idea of them together will bring a whole new meaning to the Street Fighter's ninjitsu world.

    -Cammy and Ken cause they're both blonde.

    -Ryu & Sakura. They both know Shotokan style, have similar moves & they both Japanese too, but that's 2nd to Ryu & Chun Li.

    -Ryu and Chun Li, because they look so cute together.

    -Ryu and Chun Li, because they belong together.

    -Vega and myself, because he is mine. So screw off Dan!

    -Ryu and Chun Li, because they rock.

    -Ken and Chun Li, because of their tender scenes in SF2V.

    -Ryu and Chun Li, because Ryu/Sakura makes Ryu seem like a child molestor.


    -Dark/Evil Ryu and Dark/Evil Sakura. HA! Take that!

    -Ryu and Chun Li, because I have always pictured those two together.

    -Maybe Ryu and Juni.

    -Charlie and Chun Li because they work good together.

    -Ryu and Chun Li. If the relationship between them did occur in a comic or movie (I'm not really talking hentai), then it wouldn't be bad - remember Ryu discovers his evil side because he has nothing else in life but the fight. It consumes his soul. Whereas Ken has something else, his love for Eliza - Ken doesn't face the complications Ryu faces.

    -Ryu and Chun-Li. I think that Ryu is the best fighter in the series. He is the perfect blend of all elements. Ken is ok but to me his power is limited and more focus was placed on his "style points."

    -Vega and Karin.

    -I would like to see Cammy and Ryu paired together.

    -Guile & Cammy.

    -Ryu & Chun Li. End of story.

    -Ryu and Sakura. Reading about Ryu and Chun Li makes me want to vomit.

    -I Would Like To See A Vega And Rose Fic Although That Along With My Choice Of Felicia And Vega Would Only Happen In A Parallel Universe.

    -M. Bison and some other female. Why? Because this guy gets no play. How about some M. Bison related stories? He *is* one of the best bad guys ever.

    -Ryu and Chun-li. This is because they are both Asian. Also I had always wanted to see them together.

    -Ken and Chun Li! No reason.