"A Very SuperBeast Christmas"

T'was the night before Christmas, on a dark and snow filled night. Someone who lived nearby, had a house full of delight.

Mike: Who wants cocktails!?

Everyone: Yay!

A party was going on, to celebrate the coming of St. Nick. Nobody had enough courage, to be a fucking jackass prick.

Bison: Not even I'm gonna risk getting coal in my stocking. I tell you, Balrog, I even held back on that little village in Guam, you were there!

Balrog: Yeah, boss. You didn't have the squads rape and kill anyone! I was wondering why.

Laughter was shared, along with tasty hors d'oeuvres. Everyone got along, despite getting on each others nerves.

Dhaslim: Vega, shut the fuck up.

Fei-Long: Dhalsim, you're drunk again!

Dhalsim: Fuck you! What you gonna do about it, liverlips?

Fei-Long: I kill you!

T. Hawk: Hey, break it up, goddammit!

Music played, urging everyone to get on their feet. Everyone was in rhythm, except for the party host, who danced like he had two left feet.

Mike: Shit! Fuck! Sorry!

Cammy: How is it that you can kick ass in extreme quantities yet you can't shake your ass on a dance floor?

He couldn't keep up with the beat.

Mike: I was never a dancer!

The tree was lit up bright, like fireworks that light up the night. Applause was spread, for the decorator of the tree, the guests all asked Mike who did such a wonderful job, in which he responded...

Mike: Sure as hell wasn't me.

E. Honda saw the table, full of food. There was one true feeling he had always felt, and it always involved food. He grabbed as much as he could, preparing for his usual binge. His table manners however, made the crudest being cringe.

Guile: Honda, aren't you on a diet?

E. Honda: No...I start tomorrow!

Guile: Okay, but tomorrow's Chirstmas.

E. Honda: Uhhh...fuck you. (CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP!)

Honda gorged himself greatly, with lots of chicken and steak. But when he was finished, he had a great big stomach ache. He was warned, by all the guests of tonight. A chill ran down his spine, when he thought of his toilet rotting with a stench that could serve up some fright.

Mike: Back it up, tubby! Not my bathroom you're using!

Cammy: Guys, it's 11:00! Christmas comes in an hour!

Vega: Like my face, tomorrow morning will look beautiful.

Guile: In the meantime, let's party!

Ken: Anyone want refills on their cocktails?

Guile: Cocktails are for puss--

Charlie calms Guile's temper, placing his hand over his mouth. He didn't want everyone's mood to go into the far south.

Guile: I mean, I'd rather have a beer.

Charlie: That's better.

Our party host had led the grandest shindig of all sort, yet he still had time to reach for his pack of Newport.

Mike: Ahh, my one true love...

Cammy: Excuse me?

Mike: Huh? I mean, my one true love who helped me plan this party?

Cammy: Yes?

Mike: How about another drink?

Cammy: Hit me.

The good time was spread like fire, everyone wishing for that one gift they all desire.

Dee Jay: I hope I get some new turntables!

Vega: I can see my reflection in that brand new claw I'm wishing for.

Sakura: I'm dying for a Wii!

Karin: A Wii? I have ten of them! Plus, a new crate of Playstation 3's!

Sakura: Unfair!

Karin: Well, t'is the season...

Karin reaches into a bag, while watched closely by Sakura's suspicious eyes. Karin pulls out a gift for Sakura, as an early Christmas surprise.

Karin: Merry Christmas, Sakura.

Sakura: A Nintendo Wii? Oh, thank you so much, Karin!

Karin: Merry Christmas.

Rivals become friends around this time of year, as Cammy whispered something into Mike's ear.

Cammy: Mike, look down.

Mike looks down to his feet, and what a sight he had. It was a young blonde haired boy, looking for his dad.

Mel: Uncle Mike, where's my dad?

Mike is wearing a slight grin, with hands at his sides. He picked up the little boy, and wiped the tears from his eyes.

Mike: Come on, Mel, let's go find daddy.

The pair searched high and low, with every moment of looking Mel felt even more blue. They had a change of luck as they found Ken talking to Ryu.

Ken: And that's how I got stuck on Dr. Light Boulevard.

Ryu: Really?

Ken: Yep, Eliza had to pick me up while the car got towed away.

Ryu: Wow, tough break, Ken. Hey, look who it is!

Mel: Daddy! Uncle Mike helped me find you!

Ken: Come here, you little rascal! Thanks, Mike. I think it's past somebody's bedtime, we should get home soon before Santa passes our house!

A father and son reunite with big hugs, making everyone smile. However, the time was near, and Christmas was on the arrival. A sound of a chime rings out, as everyone looked around and about.

Cammy: It's midnight! Merry Christmas everyone!

???: Ho ho ho!

Mike: Very funny, Akuma.

Akuma: Mike, I'm right beside you. That sounded like it came from the other room.

Mike: It's probably Dhalsim, he's pretty loaded.

Cammy: Everyone, look!

All the attention was drawn to the living room, and what a sight they had seen. A jolly old man in a red suit, with cheeks rosy as can be.

Mike: No way...Cammy, I'm not seeing things, am I?

Cammy: I'll do a head count.

Santa: No need to. It's really me. Who's in charge of this party in my name?

Everyone looks on in disbelief, as it was really him. Then all of their fingers point to Mike, as Santa sports a big grin.

Mike: Yes sir, I'm in charge.

Santa: You've been a good boy, Michael. Saving the city, entertaining them with your athleticism, and preventing all those boys and girls on my naughty list from getting rid of this peaceful place. For that, all that I have here in this bag is for you. Merry Christmas.

Mike receives the bag, wondering what it could be. He opens it up, his face is smothered with glee. It was the one present that he thought would fit him best. New studded bracelets, and a lifetime supply of cigarettes.

Mike: Oh my god...

Santa: Merry Christmas, Michael! Now, if you will excuse me, I have a lot of boys and girls to go visit. Ho ho ho!

The party was over, ending on the highest of notes. Santa went high up the air on his sleigh, still shouting out his "ho ho ho's." Mike had shown everything he had to offer up his party sleeve, and got a very heart warming comment from the last person to leave.

Vega: Mike, I want to say one thing. Thank you for a gorgeous time!

Mike: (Whispering to himself) Where have I heard that before?

People left Mike's house, in an orderly fashion...However for Mike, he had to prepare himself for some Yuletide action.

Cammy: I have a birthday present for you upstairs, baby. Ever seen mistletoe panties before?

Mike: Hmm?! This is gonna be one hell of a Merry Christmas...

This is how our story finishes, now everybody knows, it ends with everyone smiling, and Mike and Cammy with no clothes. May this story be with you always this time of year, making it a holiday trend. Now it's that part that you all feared would come. This is the end.

Merry Christmas from your friendly neighborhood SuperBeast.